Burn Back Fat Fix Posture FAST Effective Beginner Back workout No Equipment

Hi everyone, I am April First let's do some Warm-Up Move your shoulders and arms in this way You can do it slowly and make the circles big until you feel a stretch in your back All right, please raise your hands above head like this Turn your shoulders backwards Then lower elbows to go behind your back and squeeze You can imagine there's a piece of thin paper between your arm and body you need to hold it by squeezing Please remember to move the elbows behind your back and then squeeze hardly All right, take a 10-second break The second exercise, please extend arms to the side Turn your shoulders backward, squeeze your back and get elbows going behind your back Don't swing your arms to do the action It's the back squeezing that gets the arms going behind you back This 5 Min exercises can not only burning fat But also correct your posture very effectively Like Hunchback posture, Forward Head posture, The Round Shoulder and Tight Upper Trapezius All right, take a 10-second break Then we are going to pull the towel up and down If you can't bring it down behind your back you can do it in front of your chest also Please keep the towel straight throughout the process When get the towel all the way down behind your back Please squeeze your shoulder blazes together hardly Why do some of you have the posture issues ? Mainly because of the muscles in your backs The Middle and Lower Trapezius, Rhomboids and Erector Spinae muscles are weak Today's exercises will train these muscles very well And correct these posture problems effectively Okay, rest for 15 seconds Then let's move to the mat and do the following exercises Girls can put a pillow under the abdomen to get extra space for chests First of all, extend your arms straight in front And elevate them off the floor Then bring your arms back to the sides of the hips Be sure to squeeze both shoulder blades without shrugging The toes should be perpendicular to the floor This can help to train our lower back better If the toes are pointed The focus will be distribute to your legs You can have a try and then you will know You can rest your forehead on the towel Which can keep your neck relaxed Okay, rest for 15 seconds The next exercise is Back and Booty Blasters This is a good exercise for our hips, legs and back Especially the lower back Lay flat on your stomach, interlacing your hands behind your back move your hands towards your heels Lifting your chest up and arching your back Keep squeezing shoulder blades together and engaging your glutes The main function of the Erector Spinae muscle of the lower back is maintain upright posture and the stability of spines So it's a very important muscle Today's exercises targeting the lower back maybe make you really tired, but please don't give up easily Be sure to do your best Hold on, fight! All right, time for rest And then we're going to do Plank Shoulder Taps You can also do it kneeling, which is much easier Please keep your core engaged Don't collapse your hips Plank, you all know that It is a very good whole-body exercise When adding shoulder taps to a plank You will get extra benefits for your upper back, chest and arms So please work hard to finish it Challenge yourself a little bit Although I know maybe you are very tired now But you have to hold on Come on, you can do this Okay, rest for 15 seconds The next exercise is Superman Straighten your arms and legs, tighten glutes and lower back Lift your upper body and legs off the floor The toes should be perpendicular to the ground, not pointed It can train your lower back better Don't hold your breath When Lift your arms, exhale like blow out a candle and move your belly in Inhale when you put your arms and legs down Do the exercises with the rhythm of your breath You can do the exercises slowly and controlled, no rush Okay, rest for 15 seconds Please hold on and don't give up This coming one will be the last exercise Put your hands on the sides of the chest like this Lift your upper body up, hold for 2 seconds then go back to the starting position Don't shrug when you're pushing up Keep turning your shoulders backwards And adduct both of your elbows Then the shoulder blazes will be squeezed naturally And stop you from shrugging I know you're very tired now But these exercises won't only burn your fat But also fix your posture problems So please hold on and don't give up All right, exercise's over, you did it! Now let's do some Cool-Down stretch First, stretch your arm for about 10 seconds All right, switch to the other side And then stretch the shoulder Please stretch it gently All right, switch to the other side Okay, please lean over and stretch your back muscles Stretch as far as you comfortably can Take a few deep breaths slowly, relax You can feel the stretch in your back All right, that's all for today See you soon in the coming video Bye bye