Buyer Agent Scripts Real Estate Headshots and a Luxury Listing Vlog 45

[Music] the effort that Jacob put seen that we all fit in here in this lifting department we're all working on this 100% every single day where we're doing right now we have our photographers he's coming in you kind of take all this that's none of our space and we're just planning out some themes that we're gonna do for some of our marketing materials for the next season we have media day twice a year basically do everything that we need for the next two seasons for our founders mag for our website for postcards everything like that listing presentation we're just planning it all out today right now you know so I mean that's one way of looking at it you could you could keep wanted to you can really come in here yeah with one shot right one thought one image so otherwise here you know I mean I think we were just trying to move toward that direction of being softer yeah a little bit more focus and I think that's kind of the direction that we go to shoot again whatever we need to get there [Music] [Applause] [Music] what's up so today we have our media day media day we do it twice a year and it's just the day where we take all of our photos and do videos and everything for our next season of marketing just to knock it all out at one time so everybody is in the office we're about to have our photos today because last time we did photos and videos are the same thing it was just a lie and your fighting was exhausting so today we're just gonna do photos yeah it's going to be a fun day the shoes on bro [Music] [Music] I'll be the actual agent you're the client you ready call me a way by ring ring ring hey is this Thomas yes penny Thomas this is chase miles found a terrific exp how you doing hey Thomas real quick I'm just calling I saw that you were looking at a property on my website did you want to take a look at that okay I was just looking around where you were you looking for yourself where you were looking for someone else I was just looking for myself but just kind of like I like to just look on since a hobby it's just a hobby where you currently live I live here in the area in Garland okay how long have you been up there I'm here my whole life 20 years 20 years Wow Wow so what has you thinking you want to move outside of Garland it was a change a change of scenery yeah yeah yeah are you in a lease right now or do you currently have a house you have to say not I live with my family okay okay so you're not tied down or anything from so so you can take leave at any time yeah okay okay have you done any type of my career approvals or anything like that okay yeah you know I get a lot of people on my website funny things at the house you were just looking at it's actually one of the better ones that I've seen here lately look what's your what's your schedule like Saturday because I want it I want to show you that house because you have to see that house in person okay okay 205 okay yeah all right here let let me actually at the home I'm gonna bring you some some information and I'll tell you everything about being the buying process and I'll show you that that home while we're out there all right I'll see you saturday Tom right in order for me to do that what I have to do I had to build that rapport ask questions I didn't brush into working together and I also took control of the conversation y'all notice I led him kind of where I wanted to lead him have you have you done a pre-approval yet are you just in the beginning stages when a minute ago he told me he was just looking and now I'm like I'm only giving you one option or I'm gonna be getting you're living with relatives so you can move at any time I'm sizing him up as as a person just just seeing what the potential here there's something there like nobody just look on real estate websites if they want to look at houses they just watch a show like I don't just look on the loo the top side if something pops out I'm probably gonna go buy it and I'm probably gonna go hoarder it's like somebody walking into a car with you you're not walking in here to just look something pops out at you sitting there there right car or you gonna you gonna try to figure it out at that our last meeting we discussed working on what descriptions like each rendering so you'll present it to somebody this way yeah the outside of this contemporary home greets you with a bright white brick and slick look comes with a balcony that is perfect for imagine yourself driving into your dream home it's your dream neighborhood it's the place where your dream home is built plays we would like to introduce here forever as you pull into your driveway you will be greeted with visage hosting the perfect blend of quality craftsmanship with modern sharp sleepness the stark contrast of the beautiful white brick a concealed again black trim windows will demand your attention as you make your way to your custom-built front door the quality of your home is noticeable from the moment you touch the door and open your front door and just like that you have left the world behind you are now in your own retreat as you make your first few steps into the grand foyer you will be delighted by an amazing custom-made chandelier a quick and smooth transition onto the special made black iron railings we'll take you upstairs to the master bedroom where you can change it to something more comfortable or prepare to enjoy you're forever into your one-of-a-kind kitchen the black stainless steel appliances complement the dark natural dark striations in the hand-cut quartzite that plastered your counter soft shut doors keep the noise down all in an effort to keep you in a tranquil happy place gorgeous chandelier work makes its way into the kitchen you I want to go there so I thought great that I want to see from doors more names for iOS or finishes counter tops so as just like an explainer are gonna be used for commercials so we're going to do some different commercials one with yours because yours I think four more like that like yeah and being yours for a trader would be photos photos partnering with it it'll be shorter yours will be more cinematic but it'll be too good commercials yours would probably be a lot longer than yours but we can use both of those as soon as we think about the domain like if we could figure out the domain they all work on this page this weekend and then videos I can't guarantee a time but this one is gonna be quicker than the other but I'll try to at least get one done by my baby [Music]