Buying Greenland Trumps Most Insane Real Estate Deal Yet


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thank you very much everybody thank you he wants to buy what the Wall Street Journal reports President Trump has expressed interest in purchasing Greenland so well within the Western Hemisphere this frozen thinly settled land have been almost completely overlooked and forgotten by their North American neighbors only 600 miles to the south situated between the Arctic and the North Atlantic Greenland is home to approximately 56,000 people as well as the US military's fool Air Base it also possesses considerable mineral reserves it is not however for sale the island nation which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark released a statement saying that Greenland is not for sale these residents of Greenland were not enthusiastic about Trump's interest in their Island it feels as if he's very patronizing it doesn't feel like he understands like the reality and it's stupid he could buy anything I guess this is what he think he can but you can't sorry I mean it's the people it's the country it's a it's a culture Greenland is also in the news for an entirely different reason [Music] scientists on a research plane are using these probes to help solve a critical question that's the beads that the probes operating correctly and we're gonna get a good profile nobody the probes dropped into Greenland's ice sheet will help determine whether it's warmer air or warmer water that's causing the ice to melt 82 percent of Greenland's surface is covered in ice the island was hit with the same record temperatures that baked much of Europe this summer Greenland has lost billions of tons of ice every day this summer we're literally watching the Greenland ice sheet disappear right before our very eyes and this is having an impact all around the planet we all share one ocean so a billion tons of ice loss here raises sea levels all across the world the scientists are on a mission to find out how fast that ice is melting and why if that doesn't sound as exciting as sending people into space it's arguably more important this is happening today and the question is how fast is it gonna happen in future rising sea levels will affect communities across the world and the better we're able to understand that phenomenon one robideaux came through we got it the better we can cope with its effects this is inside [Music]