[Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] five paces south from that dream is driven yes [Music] one two three four five Betty stop digging where is some business this sometimes I wish I were old enough to settle down keep all my possessions in one place it lyall enough to make her perhaps Captain Barclay I don't need any use to Bertha teacher will appear to be in need of some exercise go down to the boat and fetch my gun are all offenses and roast duck for dinner tonight very good sir [Music] enough mell enough you are merely digging a hole in the ground but is it just to be quick about it [Music] Thank You mr. Marvin [Music] you like roast duck mr. Mervyn [Music] don't pick it up there's enough reunited or what's bad yeah I say glorious brains out not sure yet he hasn't it brings my treasures used to fascinate you that makes me wish you could think of some way of disposing of us and keeping it for yourself something like that I'm glad to know that in addition to your other virtues your greedy mr. Lindsey dick lensing it is that job then I'm along with it I'll sleep better knowing that I have a permanent watchman and he's drooping in down to the boat alive [Music] yes good evening captain McAllister I was being to wonder if I'd be forced to dine with a crew tonight my crew doesn't dine he gorges McAllister I trust you like roast duck the duck is just marvelous taste one the most delicious the finest the very best get out I should think you feel tired of this performance every night mine is not a trusting nature an asset-backed part my erstwhile partner your uncle Andrew McAllister speaking of Uncle Andrew when you looted his ship to Boston a few weeks ago and forced me to come aboard the Black Panther I feared the worst knowing how you hate the name McAllister in that instant I'm here to regain possession of something that was rightfully mine the McCallister's nephew I expected to be killed on a spot I never kill without reason besides you're more valuable to me than the goal that I could pull of Austin young last year you and your uncle have exchanged several harsh letters yes but you wouldn't just go to desire them and work for him there's a great deal of discord in our family brother you approved or not you determined to go my family paid for his indifference lie enough I want well Kandra vanish that is why your being here was not just a chance meeting see but how did you know that was a good deal more of my professional sailing the high seas I take it I shall be working for you I should expect sufficient compensation to have made my efforts worthwhile all my life I've been waiting for the chance to strike back at my uncle I never expected my opportunity to come through the black panther I'm honored sir are we headed directly for uncle Andrews Island we'll reach our destination we shall be at our destination that's bothering you matey so trying to do starving to death yeah the way I see it you ain't gonna be around that long she said paint they got against you what's he got against anybody hey you are me there matey I bet ya blow with some meat on it when I think of the indignities you've suffered at the hands of my uncle your reputation destroyed your fortune gone not that you haven't regained wealth but there are other things more important than money and power what for instance there's a man's honour there's the digit what's goin out there bring the other ones pick up that black case open it since you ought to be one of my officers you'd better read those articles I didn't know that pirate ships had any code a great deal to learn that man that shall strike another whilst these articles are in on the beginning if any men shall offer to plot against the captain since you ought to be one of my officers suppose you question them mr. McAllister me sir why not you may know the articles under which who sail of course they do miss McAllister be precise well what have you to say what were you fighting about I say what were you fighting about I demand an answer you do not know do you no I do not he lies captain but Daisy's promises great wealth a share of his uncle's Island he said that you two were planning a stealing it from him I wanted to tell you the truth sir but the luke said knowing we fought have mercy captain Bertha read the articles if any man shall offer to plot against the captain and the company his action shall be termed mutiny and he shall suffer such punishment as the captain and the company see fit number one we have McAllister number two yellow and number three make friend it clings yeah you wouldn't want to say what you was gonna do with a mood you can obviously nothing I've had the benefit of your advice that's very wide you you run a filthy ship policy is a filthy business tell me mr. Lindsey just how greedy I oh very greedy I take it suppose I offer you your freedom on a hundred thousand pieces of eight it's a lot of supposing I would have to do as you're told or how long that depends on you unless of course you get killed in the line of duty and if I refuse and probably get killed out of the line of duty when do I begin they surprise you to know mr. Linzer that you began when we first met jack all bang happened bilge Peter unlock these chains making presentable Henry into my cabin on the quarter hour I wonder I mean sit down we have a bargain haven't we mr. Lindsey fulfilling Mayan it is simple pooling yours is almost impossible I like to know where I stand on dangerous ground mr. Lindsey you're going to help me to destroy a man I said we were going to destroy a man all they have some points in common they both lie and cheat and spring on the same rotten clam the similarity ends there this week as he is that's how strong is Andrew McAllister this one has the courage to kill a fish blood relation has lost track of them and he's murdered Andrew McAllister Andrew McAllister that's impossible he lives like a king on some island off Jamaica it's fortified like the Rock of Gibraltar any ship kind of stole it with me batted out of the scene I know my of the attempt has been frustrated somewhere there is a vulnerable spot and you're going to find it suppose no such spot exists create one Andrew McAllister will suspect you while behind the whole schemes make me of sending his own nephew to visit him you're going to be Robert McCallister my uncle knows me he knows this car he gave it to me himself years ago an unimportant detail until we reach our destination you will tell him everything about yourself your background your family lie I'll have you turned on about the roots you study him I come him I complete the rest of your education polish the rough edges what appears to be the semblance of a brain by the time I'm finished you will know have a handle Andrew McAllister what kind of happened to me be quiet if any of you have reason to doubt me remember I took Andrew McAllister in as my partner made him my friend once I was married once ibid promised to head the largest fleet of cargo ships in England once I was an honest man 21 years ago Andrew McAllister destroyed all of that dock did my wife sold me like an animal the spaniels look mock of the slave worst abomination of all with the kidnapping of my infant daughter Christine raising my daughter to be a McCallister I tell you mr. Lindsey this time I will not fail [Music] [Applause] have another moron mr. Berman [Music] I take it the opportunity is at hand who need to demonstrate my skill I thought I told you not to get drunk tonight I was here captain I do my best work under the influence temperance I'd change places with you bring it down below [Music] sure your surgeon gentlemen if my hand misses I chop it off myself that might be difficult to do without a head get up McAllister I don't [Music] a bell shucks mister mate two points tool of enhancement device elaborate sir oh they dead ahead about every pieces say they've got on a mystery I [Music] but still like gentlemen for the chemists I'll answer all your questions later I mean captain Barker you just cited one of McCallister's ships the shock it's dead ahead of us sir set all the men to their stations neither [Music] I agree parents captain Barker going into shoal waters and anew we can follow I want that ship I can stop over the broadside sir I'll decide when the sharpest bottle [Music] sixteen feet captain Barclays another foot nervous creeping bottom orgy cost how soon we are gaining and they know it Nike oh come on do you good dad I gonna get my hands on their pilot not him they'd never make it [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] never catch her before she's safer on the show I'm aware of that mr. Buffett but [Music] he's missed give another gun [Music] missed again you get the smell of your next shot Ross carry a brand all over the deck [Music] well software [Music] my husband yeah blow dicks mr. Lindsay there's too much at stake now to risk your neck stand by to give a broadside mr. pervert and far as she bears [Music] [Music] [Applause] they'll see what the Sharks got in a bar Thank You Reverend old I warrant and offer us well religion tonight works up like kings [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] what better way for a nephew to drift to shove and then the daedalic boat belonging to his uncle's get aboard this the safe passage you promised me now the gold no freedom I won easily you'll make it you're successful remember two things I want to almac else ammunition destroyed above all reveal absolutely nothing to Christine about me I reserved for myself the pleasure the fulfillment of a lifetime of waiting how does it feel to be the sole survivor keep on heading due east Cosmo Rosy's uncle makes him a better offer if he can stomach Andrew McCallister's welcome to stay there - looks too well fed by the time he gets to the island you look no better than his companions he'll turn back I don't think so he knows I have no further use for him here [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] mr. Charlie has a long board offshore it's from the shop looks like trouble it's a shark's longboat sir I'm sure she's met with trouble Terk an Arab report to mr. Townsend in the South field this one still lives if he lives master who is he never saw him before yes my nephew I haven't seen him for 20 years but I remember the scar I gave it to him for talking back Kwasi let me know if he lives through the night I presume you knows responsible for this the Black Panther Black Panther indeed my name is Francis bathroom rest assured sir I'll see to it he never lands in this island he tried to before he'll try it again but how and where double all watches issue extra a Manish have the canons exactly make all sin please report every hour we can take no chances I'll wage he knows you're about to have a sale just standing off there waiting like he always does suppose he tries to come in if he does it'll be for the last time the master wishes you a twas he will show you the way what sort of chap is me it's this way sir [Applause] now you sneaking light-fingered thief admit you stole that watch 20 lashes for lying where is it your feet we go this way sir I don't pay enough of that lying wench Tola Watson our Punisher as I see fit [Applause] the name wasn't McAlister have you spread-eagle the left of the vultures continue [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well he cooked up vodka he movies they Hollow well why do they allow this to happen What did he say Evans you know the lingo better than I do he was a witch doctor he curses you and yours through life and death and he'll come back from the grave to haunt you I've never been bothered by ghosts yet if I may say so sir killing a witch doctor could stir up another uprising that uprisings before but he was a leader this might be more serious he's trying to tell me how to run my business the Masters waiting we go this way you stay where you are how dare you interfere with the beating of a slave forcing your way in here opposing me opposing you mr. shabby was following my orders what crime if any did that girl commit she disobeyed orders and you had her beaten half to death for that where is that young whelp bream yeah immediately I say apparently you've never done with slaves before but I have we spent years teaching them obedience and I'll not allow you or anyone else to interfere father I demand this man be punished here no you don't do something about him I will oh that won't be quiet be quiet I want you to meet your cousin Robert McCallister you two must be company for each other you understand of course even though your name is McAlister you are not welcome here if you hadn't told me I wouldn't have known I know all about you your side of the family useless parasites you're remarkably well-informed there's only one McAllister who ever amounted to anything you and my nephew have met before why did you come here mainly because I agree with you your father's the only McAllister that ever amounted to anything I wanted to learn the secret of his success I've always admired and and remembered you uncle Andrew nobody asked you to sit down although I have repeatedly written asked you not to come here you have deliberately disobeyed my wishes I never expected to be taken prisoner and forced to stand by helpless while the Panther blew your ship out of the water that scum yo lucky didn't play you alive but just because you're here don't think you've landed in a safe retreat it's work not play on the tire in other words you think I should leave here at the first available opportunity precisely however until that time I suggest you be put to work father preferably under mr. Shadley supervision the capital idea a capital take him down to the warehouse Christine Shively will join you directly you heard my father cousin Robert you wanted to see me about something I can't understand how the black path ever let him reach here alive [Music] what did like living in Boston very civilized heavy weather visited London or Paris I'm gonna visit those cities one day myself I'll be presented at court stands with Kings and crown princes wear beautiful clothes and jewels be sanded with the finest perfumes Jasmine have you ever smelled jasmine on a woman before you don't say very much I will at the right time I've read all about those places well good gentlemen like me yes until they get to know you what's wrong with I'm afraid I won't be on the island long enough to tell you follow me what can you do bit of everything I guess nothing very well I'll wager i've decided where you're going to work mr. MacAlister in the mill the mill capital idea capital come along it's a pleasant sort of a place old and wet when it rains and high when it's sunny mr. McAllister considers this the ideal spot for troublemakers that include the overseer the opposition is no better you have any ideas about the girl together obviously you have ideas I spent enough time here Christina's saying it's none of your business Creston hurry man hurry are you going to feel sorry for them again I have no food I'm get out this fellow's taken your place yeah this is not a standing job mr. MacAlister you're expected to set an example to see that they keep pace with you I'd get on that wheel and right right on hard I'll find even a better place to break you in [Music] all right back to work carry on [Music] okay [Applause] [Music] nothing wrong Evan the mill sir what about it if you'll excuse my saying so sir we're falling behind the men are allowed to do as they please and have received no punishment for several days is that true service given your nephew orders sir good morning uncle Andrew there's nothing good about it I trust you're getting your proper quota each day we're doing everything humanly possible I'm not interested in humane 'less what's wrong here there ought to be more men working than that well what are you gonna say you say the penalty for sickness was mr. Shadley 20 lashes for laziness and for stopping for a drink starvation for 24 hours good 20 lashes for gym and 15 for his son for helping him 20 lashes for Pete no food and water for anyone today or tomorrow Shively the boys new still learn in due time transferred him to the north field of our father yesterday when you were talking about Robert you said he was to be taken out of the mill so that accounts y'all ravishing appearance I'm sorry to disappoint you my dear but Shively has convinced me that my nephew is not yet ready to enjoy the advantages of freedom well what's that he's hardly begun to learn his duties yet he's soft perhaps when he learns to use a firm hand I may be wrong but he certainly doesn't impress me he's being soft after all he is McAllister there is only one McAllister my dad yes I know father but after all it seems to me we can use every hand we can get but with a black panther somewhere out there is it possible that my daughter is intimidated the mere thought of Francis Barclay I am Not Afraid of him I just make sure my dear that you're not afraid of yourself feel excuse me sir what's the matter I don't feel like being kissed you never felt that way before that's always the first time for everything you're getting any ideas about him forget them I hate this island for months now you've been promising to take me away with you I want to go to London Paris American this anxious to leave here as you are Christine at the time isn't ripe yet before my father will keep you here just as he does everything else that belongs to you me the slaves gold we're all alike owned by Andrew McAllister [Applause] why do you keep looking at me that way I couldn't help what happened you should know that make it difficult for my people to understand giving one hand tripping and starving with the other I told them you would be different why people cannot stand much more better the shed blood and died then pretty soon they'll rise up and there'll be much bloodshed no a rebellion now could only mean disaster for your people you must tell them to wait - trust me do only for a little while longer till the day of the sale tear the sale 47 48 49 50 51 52 stop showing off Sally everybody knows you can count it Elizabeth knows how to take care of that's enough that's enough what's the matter with you child I don't know and please don't call me child I raised you I know you best know that always called your child I wonder what ruff nevermind my two stones meet they make fire when the right man and woman meet same thing good night child [Music] I didn't mean to spy on you it's your Island I guess you can do as you please I couldn't sleep I wanted to see you you've accomplished your purpose tonight please don't go I want to talk to you no matter how often we meet I I still don't understand you these night meetings are dangerous last night when we went walking the harbor the fortifications all seemed to interest you more than ideal are you afraid of what Shively might say do you find me so uncivilized so unattractive that question answers itself it's difficult to understand your moods I know what a difficult day in mr. Vail thanks to you but you would have no idea what it means to spend a month in the mill Robert Robert I don't know what makes me do things I did do you use those same heartbreaking speeches to convince Charlie - I loved Charlie I love you too [Music] when we first met huh I was angry I didn't do you think I like staying here on this island separated from the things I know lie beyond the ocean please I've read about dreamed about there must be a whole different world out there you come from here you're different please take me away from here you're asking a great deal Shively keeps promising he'll take me away that he won't do it he can never leave this island and I keep dreaming why can't Charlie leave the island because years ago Berkeley said him to spy on us and instead of spying he decided to stay father showed him the error of his ways although sure they can't be trusted for a moment given a chance he betray father just as he did Berkeley I've always been watched guarded forced by father to suspect everyone including me I never doubted you the day when father told me how proud he was of you I was so happy I want you to believe [Music] we better go back even now here with you I feel there are thousand eyes upon us good night rabbit [Music] Elizabeth from water yes master the burner they were all as faithful as Elizabeth how long have you been with me nowadays with thirty years master thirty years that was impossible it is master I was here long before you kept master Robert and his family to America do you remember Robert yes master it's not just sickly smoke bonded little boy Betty was that he was and now he's grown into a big strapping man a good man master yes mr. Shively mr. Shively come quickly it's very important at the beach I want that report room and all filled immediately excuse me sir what is it I have something to show you how body followed up in the beach well I advise you to take a look sir very well was I I could be wrong but that scar on the cheek is identical smaller frame you know Berkeley will stop at nothing Christian Robert must know nothing about this understand nothing gentlemen I appreciate your confidence and support there's a mountain of work ahead of us hundreds of blacks re-watched kept under control prevented from tearing loose in one last menage will break for freedom you have all told me that everything is in readiness for the big sale that I have nothing to fear I draw over confidence under estimating one's enemy is the way to lose battles with the Lord's help I have out guessed Berkeley but what will that godless scoundrel do next I don't think he knows that himself sir mr. Evans you're a bright young man what do you think Bob will do next I don't know sir mr. stirred well he might try to ruin the big sail by preventing the ships from making port and miss the chance to loot them why doesn't the Royal Navy do him in what makes the sky blue mr. tarzo in times of trouble there's always a good thing to ask advice from one's close kin Robert suppose with your small knowledge of our island you were now on darkness ship his his right-hand man how would you suggest that he attack us well I might try landing from the other side of the island he's tried that several times and always our Blessed Cameron had blasted him out of the channel then sir I'd suggest risking a frontal attack suicidal obviously you have taken very little note of our defenses I'm afraid I haven't if I were in that position sir I'd suggest sending a spy ashore who should know better than you mr. Scheidler well Robert what do you say to that suppose I were to tell you that I have a plan to eliminate barclay forever father that would be wonderful a small fast ship it's only cargo enough high explosive to blast the Black Panther to Eternity and the good part of it is that it would take only one man to do the job love you yes sir Calandra how would you like to have the opportunity to destroy the Black Panther a brilliant idea sir no Robert we'd never come back alive with Barclays gone all our troubles will be at it in but you just said yourself that Barclays not our only cause for fear have you forgotten the slaves they grow uglier and more difficult to every day I handle them you if you hadn't killed their witch doctor we'd have no cause for fear true that was a foolhardy thing to do mr. siren they have been getting out of hand sir much worse than the last time we quelled an uprising there must be no uprising they trust drove it they've learned to obey Him all readily with a few weeks of kindness and for all of mr. Shively's torture and abuse I was never one to save our cruelty I don't even approve of slavery forget my suggestion Robert to my sorrow I have no such boat well gentlemen what do you say to another drink may heaven protect the roof over our heads grant us a full Lada and a little extra money for a rainy day gentlemen the same the sale sale thanks for rising to my defense and now gentlemen I have a very distressing fact to tell you we have a traitor in our midst nothing must be done to him now but I want him watched day and night he's to deal with the slaves in his own way until they are safely bought paid for and delivered to their new masters then he must be done away with immediately that I leave him mr. Shively's capable hands drink up gentlemen enjoy ourselves I I mustn't forget my nephew Christine I gave my word of honor I wouldn't speak of this to you what is it Robert why did you give you a word about what do you want to tell me these men know something about you I don't I feel it thank you to the sale to the sale and now the time is almost here for us to make the cursor bow be our witness come true the old man is frightening inside good time to kill not till now no sale well she is right we're not ready to kill evil one yet I will give you the signal at the right time when the boats come then we'll have way to escape the young one has given his word at the big sale men will drink eat root carrots sleeping then we'll strike and leave here forever better first kill all will trust young one his name McAllister two muscle mister swallow and spoil our plans you've waited a long time for freedom you can wait longer if you choose otherwise I can't help you tell the others to be ready be careful now go to your homes if you're miss chill be punished we cited a briquette table Excel heading for the island that means five ships in the past three days Andrew McAllister will begin his sale at any time now good men are weary of 15-round the Caribbean now sure young Lindsay is going to succeed it's a good gamble this moment I'm thinking of Andrew McAllister I'll wager he's thinking about me I'm out here waiting is nowhere my secret weapons of fear doubt they've destroyed kings and emperors mark my words Beaufort they'll destroy Andrew McAllister [Music] [Music] that was good marksmanship or was it my guards have instructions to shoot to kill until today this chamber was my secret now he knows and you know if knowing has been important to me I'd have let him kill you too true if this is part of an organized rebellion I shall want to know more about it I have a fitting punishment for Esau he shall fight Cusco tomorrow for the entertainment of my friends put him in Chains where's father where's Robert you'd better forget about Robert as you call him I didn't ask you for your advice where is he he's busy from here on in he's going to stay that way no more secret meetings on the beach at night you've been spying I know what's been going on between you two that's not your business whatever you do is my business I said I was going to take you away and I meant it you'll change your mind after the sale I'm not going to be here after the sale Robert and I are granted a say you're going to a funeral his funeral no you little fool I've been onto him ever since he landed here he's Barclays spy you're lying Am I perhaps you'll be interested to know that a body was found if this corpse could talk it answered to the name of Robert McCallister the real Robert McCallister how do you know who killed him Robert couldn't he wouldn't kill anyone you were sent here by the Black Panther he'll do anything it isn't true you're just trying to frighten me I'm going to tell father everything how you've plotted against him and now you're plotting against Robert go ahead and when you're all through you'll come back to me I've waited a long time Christine I can wait a little longer I've just seen Charlotte well what is it this time he said he's found a Bonnie isn't true is it what's it strange about finding about it not one of the slaves I hope he said he found the body of the real Robert McCallister it isn't true is it not to my knowledge and I know everything that happens on this island I thought so Charlie hates Robert he'd stop at nothing well if Robert is a spy then for the first time in my life I'm under an obligation to Berkeley he just saved my life yes remarkable piece of shooting he shot this knife right out of Esau's head well then if if Robert were working for Berkeley he did let Easter okay that's an argument in his favor certain it then you will talk to Charlie Robert will come to no harm merely because Shively has a loose tongue father I've told you many times you trash ugly too far all men have schemes I'm quite aware of Shively's come in I put he saw an iron sir he talked as though the attempted assassination was his own idea I don't think it's part of a general uprising good I know I can rely on you to keep them under control Shively with his cruel tale will never win their simple hearts as you had after the sale I shall find means of rewarding tell sadly to double the watch yes sir Oh Robert thank you for saving my father's life in my view you have all of you being extremely possible yes this beautiful ivory has been brought here from Africa at great trouble and much labor so if you're not board generous I shall send every tusk of me back to the world at great cost and labor to whom the cannister the honest this ivory cost me nary a farthing except for a little gunpowder and blood but the value remains just as if I had killed the elephants with my own hands so be generous gentlemen now who will bid at least 500 guineas for this first lot all right nebula I'll bid 500 guineas gentlemen we bid 500 for the first line who offers 6 will go higher who over 650 550 from this demo Jezebel in a warehouse full of such treasures we must get out with a who over 6 for 650 the finest silks and amis of the Orient do I hear 11 and now I'm offering this beautiful set of matched candlesticks historic pieces from the table of a nobleman solid silver of the finest workmanship I'm going to start them at 30 guineas 30 guineas 5 35 35 we have this lot of wonderful old Jamaica Rum a smallest silk and like nectar am I bid 150 160 168 years are but tastes ticking sold understand Fanny Rodney for two hundred and twenty guineas and now gentlemen alright gentlemen we have here next a family of eight with disposition hard workers and healthy what am I bid come on my friends please one bit I'll give you 500 for the lot 500 for the line y is 6 300 for the man and wife I'm sorry sir prefer the seller mr. groom well anybody bid 600 for the groom Oh captain feel you came here laden with gold please gentlemen pay attention 900 for the look 900 fit by captain Jeremy 900 once lady won't get a thousand nine hundred twice so low the captain Jeremy for nine hundred wait a minute why are you hiding your hand just as I thought a finger missing I figured all tricks are your Andrew when I withdraw my bead no one is trying to cheat you yeah since the finger means so much dead silence for nothing now who dare say that Andrew McAllister is unfair she's a slave I'll do with us I think Fitch she belongs together and Jeremy take it away get on with the sale one male slave 3462 willing and stocks all make the first bit let's make never since festival let's say the first page of my pen 200 300 100 [Music] - are you done - 21 [Music] how much longer captain Barclays the men are half star while exactly the frame of mind I want them in they'll fight harder to fill their bellies why can't we sail right inside B no signal until the powder houses destroyed they have us in their mercy [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] take them away does have some red-blooded entertainment for our guests bring me sawdust Co let them fight with knives and at the winner if there is a winner we said free that is my usual procedure for dealing with traitors the SAS ins captain Davison the one who survives I understand will have his freedom that is usual practice yes but in this case I have decided to sell the winner to the highest bidder if you don't mind father I'd like to be excused you are the hostess you will remain it would be very bad manners of you to leave my death [Music] Stephan's mr. Church mr. Robin McAllister come here at once all of you gentlemen I need a pistol any pistol will do that was very nicely thank you gentlemen I have already told you that the customer procedure for punishing assassins and traitors is to fight with knives so it is but I should be remiss as a host if I didn't give you the best fight possible so I have decided to substitute for tusko the greatest betrayer of them all the Harley of France's man who calls himself Robert McCallister you are it isn't the truth it's true Christie of course it's true the real Robin McCallister lies buried in the courtyard murdered by Francis Barclay and this imposter for their own evil reasons and this is what you were trying to tell me I promised Captain Barclay I wouldn't tell you this he wanted to tell you himself but there's no time this man who says he's your father isn't another word and our hell your traitorous tongue torn our bus routes find Azhar go bet your chair and now my trustworthy and ever-faithful left hand and shine will substitute for Esau find his are and let us hope his trusty blade will do the job for us when I give the word we'll both grab knives and start to fight only one of you must be alive at the finish otherwise you will both be shot [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] please tell me they must be stopped here with you wash it will help you go talk to the killer I should do the rest what time did they change it go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] my louse M's John assemble your bosses will make us stand a mouse [Music] they are spivot jr. y'all fix the island answer raises sheets and text children to help [Music] mounds and British Isles to repel attack from all corners sorry for something Spencer Arabs yes sir dude you're mentally swing Parker you with no mental balcony right gates the same doors yeah follow me hi [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] come on your phone [Music] [Music] holy virus develop very soon Dell exhausted ammunition get donor broadside mr. Melvin [Music] get to Macalester we must a more imitation [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the votes [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well what happened to Robert bad trade up Lindsay where's Christine she and McAlister in the house you left astronomy anyway of us in the other side slaves are taking care of that they're burning everything in sight Robert George the Castilian [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] take this useless the last neither of us would be captured by Bakker [Music] Christine Christine [Music] [Applause] oh are you mark with your father's don't understand [Music] truth now nothing but grief she can't spend the rest of her life knowing that she killed her own father give me your word the truth he'll go with me give you my word [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh