CEIPAL How to set up signature in CEIPAL for US Recruiters Lesson 1

hi guys my name is arun kumar bethi from usit recruit.com welcome to cpal unlocked lesson one where cpal unlocked is a series of videos about cpal ats on how a recruiter can use cpal to the fullest so if you are watching our videos for the first time please do hit on the subscribe button right below and activate the bell icon to get notified whenever i release the videos on this channel so before we begin these are three points to keep into consideration first do not skip the video and go through each and every topic and take notes if needed and use this video as a guide to learn about cpal 80s so let's get started with the video so today in the lesson one we are going to see how we can set up a signature in cpap so step one log into your cpal account which is uh given by your company and login will be provided with your uh from your company's end so if you want the link i will give give it to you in the description below so just click on sign in button and you will be logged into the cpal account so step two before we uh set up the signature in cpal we need to have an sample signature which your company is going to have so usually a signature consists of your full name your title and your phone number which is a desk number and the email address and the logo of your company so please ask your administrator or someone which they can able to provide you the sample signature where all the employees are using so step 3 just click on the profile at the top right corner of the cpal and select view profile from it and click on email signature tab and on the same page click on add signature and under signature name give your name and just scroll down a little bit and you can able to see an empty space or empty box like this just copy paste the signature which is given by your company or you can also manually write all these things and we have the merge fields option here suppose if you want to get company logo directly without copying paste here you just go to the merge fields and click on this select box and select company logo from the drop down and insert okay your logo will be inserted so in order to follow to format your signature just select everything go to the font and make sure you use calibri and the size should be 14 because it is very visible to everyone so whenever you are done editing your signature just scroll down a little bit and check this box as a default and click on save so by this you can set up your signature in cpal hey recruitment professionals do not close this video if you like this video please write something in the comment section which you liked of this video along with the hashtag usitear recruit before we move forward and see the next one so what is a use to set up this signature in cpap so whenever a recruiter shares an email to consultant or candidate through cpal it's time consuming to copy paste the signature at the bottom of every email so in order to reduce the time of a recruiter and to increase the productivity of the recruiter this is the thing where cpal has come up with so try to set up the signature in your cpanel accounts if you haven't set up it right now and so before we wrap up this video please do visit usitearrecruit.com for more recruitment articles tools and tips and do subscribe to our youtube channel for more updates on us recruitment fundamentals ats tips and tricks and and do stay tuned for more cpal unlocked videos further thank you so much for watching arun kumar bye bye you