how's it going bros my name is Pippa today we're going to do the Charlie Charlie challenge cuz you bros just want to shut up about it it's obviously fake it's so stupid for those who don't know it's kind of like a Ouija board accept more get accept more lame basically some little Mexican kid died and he became the spirit of this Ouija board and he will answer your question if you ask it Charlie Charlie so let's try this out Charlie Charlie what's the square root of five oh my god Charlie's fucking stupid everyone knows the square root of five is two point twenty three six seven zero six seven five five all right let's try it again Charlie Charlie do I have genital herpes there's obviously something wrong with it and he keeps going to Jets yes let's try something different Charlie Charlie does my parents love me [Music] what the fuck are you doing I thought not what you're making us look bad you fucking idiot I'm sorry just just go go okay okay all right square root of five is not yes you fucking idiot all right no more hoax no more bullshit honestly I just want to see if it works so let's try it one more time properly Charlie Charlie do people do this stupid challenge on YouTube pretending they think it's real just four more views oh my God look at that