CHICKEN GIRLS Season 1 Ep 4 “Thursday”

( music playing ) Rhyme: Previously on "Chicken Girls"... Do either of you have a tampon? I'm having the worst period ever. In honor of the first week of school, I decided to bake some gluten-free, dairy-free cupcakes for everybody. I miss us, I miss the Chicken Girls. Well, why don't you help out with that pep rally? What are you doing here? What do you think I'm doing here? Are you here to do the makeout? Depends... Depends on what? If you want to do the makeout. You smell like strawberries. You smell like... salt and vinegar chips. That's 'cause I had, like, seven bags. Watch out, watch out, watch out! ( vomiting ) - ( flushing ) - No, let's go. - ( laughs ) - She pranked me. Rooney Forrester pranked me. I hate Rooney Forrester. Wait... am I in love with Rooney Forrester? ( music playing ) ( rock music playing ) ( school bell rings ) Painting posters? I had to find some way to fill my time. I just wanted to say sorry for being an idiot. If you want to manage the swim team, that'd be awesome. Thanks. I guess. I also wanted to apologize for telling Tim Sharp that you thought he was rudimentary. Wait, what? He asked me if I could ask you if you were into him, and I just panicked. Why'd you panic? Quinn, where's your sister? She's with the newspaper team. They loved her stuff. She'll be back soon, don't worry. - Is that Rhyme? - Yeah. I told her it'd be good to have her around. Does she still know the dance routines? Uh, well, she's painting, so I don't know if you-- Everyone, take five. ( music playing ) Ellie and Henry totally did the makeout. What's the makeout? It's, like, a super romantic way of kissing. Wow, incredible. That's, like, your fifth bag of those. Duh, these are, like, my favorite kind of chips. I mean, I eat them all the time. They're my thing. Take a snap of me eating them. ( music playing ) You need to cool it on the chips. There's something I have to tell you. It's just hard to say. Hey, little bro. I need to talk to your girlfriend. - Huh? Me? - Get to practice. Practice what, painting your signs? - You're on the team. - What? Why? How? Rooney chose the school newspaper over us. She's done. - But-- - Do you want the spot or not? That's what I thought. Come get your jacket. Sorry, TK. What'd you want to say? Oh, nothing. We can talk another time. Congratulations on making the squad. ( music playing ) Where'd Rhyme just go? Birdie said something about, like, - her rejoining the team? - No way. Rhyme didn't just replace my sister. This is so messed up. Hello? Earth to Ellie? - Oh, sorry, what? - Kayla: She's texting Henry. Didn't you know they're dating now? Ellie, you can't date my sister's ex-boyfriend. - Why not? - They literally just broke up. Rooney probably ignored him like she ignored the rest of the dance team. Oh, really. So you're gonna take the side of a guy you made out with once and haven't even had a real conversation with? We've had plenty of conversations. Yeah? About what? Like... ( sighs ) ...salt and, uh-- and vinegar. And chips. Wow. You know, you're just jealous because you've never had a boyfriend. That's not true. I have one now. First I'm hearing of it. Maybe that's because you're too busy with sloppy seconds with your new best friend, Kayla. Fine, then, Quinn, who's your boyfriend? I'm dating... TK. I know you like Rhyme, but the best way to get to her is to make her jealous. Hey, girls, pep rally in five minutes. I need water. 'Sup, Rhyme? Are you just always around? Or is it because you're always looking for me? Listen, TK told me that he told you that I wouldn't want to be asked out by you, but that's not true at all. I'd love to be asked out by you. Oh. Sorry, that came out all wrong. - So, should I ask you out sometime? - How about right now? Do you want to go see a movie next weekend? Yeah, sure. 'Kay, see you around. ( music playing ) ( school bell rings ) ( cheering ) ( music playing ) Rhyme, wait up. Was that what you had to tell me? That you've somehow been dating Quinn this whole time and I didn't even know about it? No, no, she just needed my help. Whatever. It doesn't even matter. Ever since school started again, we haven't been able to hang lately-- Look, TK, I've had a lot of fun with you this summer, but I'm on the team again. I won't have a lot of time anymore. I just wanted to give you this. I'm gonna be late for dinner. See you around, TK. TK: Rhyme, wait up. What? ( music playing )