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ladies and gentlemen it's the moment you've been waiting for Jack and Jack have made their return you have to help each other level levels with a puzzle piece coin our puzzle levels grab that yeah okay okay so there's player 1 and player 2 do you want to be player 1 or 2 player 1 cuz I'm better okay I'll go player 2 anyway I've imposed this here what do you see them wait do I impulse you to the next spot I can't do anything all right I've impulses I'll go to the go to the front go to the edge go to the edge Oh Mike and I'll tell you what a jump I'll tell you in a job okay ready yeah jump yeah and just try and go straight backwards I'll try and line it up perfectly if you're right okay yes yes yes good money money you know this is cool this is this is actually this is like we're already in there what are you yeah ready Ryan can you just run to level 2 from there yeah yeah I'm going I have a checkpoint oh we just have to help each other through wait I just lost my impulses and I have a hand cannon okay and I have one impulse that well I can't get more but I think you have to bounce bouncer up and impulse me oh my god there's a trap up here so I can't land can you impose me there yeah hold on we got to find the perfect angle you're good darling oh we're good I'll show the math I made it yo oh I have to kill this bot for you okay Oh see you at the hand can the bye I just killed him I just killed him I killed one I might respond oh he is responding I just have to stay headshotting him I guess and I'm going alright yep oh wait go go go okay so I have a puzzle piece I'm gonna grab this I hit a checkpoint I have a porta four I have a numbers good teammate for the numbers crouch I see okay so wait wait it says ask your team at do you see number yo this is so dope see what I'm seeing bro do you see numbers yes yes yes okay okay what did I see I see a green on top in order seven nine two and then in red five eight four 163 okay so bottom left door is seven bottom left or is seven that's good okay seven is good middle row there's a three by three right yeah yeah it's a three by three okay okay so the bottom left door seven is good okay the middle middle middle nine is nine and then the one just to the right of that is two and those are so bottom left then I go up one right one so it's a very middle and then right when also yes okay so I'm gonna walk in the bottom left door first see what's in here I'm playing music but what is happening no I have porta fortresses do I throw them in I don't even I'm so confused yet one throwing the porter for what did you just do why did you do that I threw Porter for it I can't tell [Music] jack-jack we have it's got to be something with porta fortresses then I feel like it'll just break the whole map yeah shy shy thrown an impulse I mean this is porta for it did that just break the whole to hit no throw one inside the others now I don't know like at the same part at the very yet yeah just throw it all right I'll throw this one too yo yo yo do you see that oh my the whole gate the walls that was that reason why it don't so counter like what we're supposed to do yeah yeah oh my god that was dope okay I opened the gate that was sick yo puzzle game ease yeah I got a puzzle piece I got a puzzle piece or for both I can't even walk to you I didn't realize that this is a whole barrier okay no visit arrow pointing this way and arrow so they're both pointing towards this way right yeah oh I think they're pointing at which door you need to go through I think you need to go through the far right far right in the middle I think you can go through the middle which arrow is that one pointing at blue white or purple see you need to go through the yellow walk I mean I think oh it's so tough to tell no I think is this one I think it's this I think it's that one too you need go through yellow ready at the same time yeah go three two okay man nope that was wrong I went through yellow I landed down here I died to a spike trap go down go down your far left or right your I went through the bottom right go down your far right door oh I don't think that's it try it try it all right trust me okay yeah I got a door I can't get to you oh I can't get to you run up the stairs okay oh we're still oh my god wait so now we're what we're supposed to know ezel the colors for resource to memorize oh no Jack Jack what car did you go in wait fuck I was I think I what they're blue you can go back down and jump up and look at your door sir anything yellow on my side no there's not do you there must have been Clues before we should just pick a door somewhere I don't think that we can figure it out from this Roger Goodell Green black yeah do you see it I went through magenta and then black so my right one and then my left oh my god another wall there's another wall there's a wall that says teammates colors so listen listen listen you are magenta black black then like a whitish almost like a light blue white do I need to come back and look at your wall to that I think you're gonna yeah okay okay I'll kill myself you're yellow turquoise green black red yep freedom sure you got to remember those read off to me read you are purple black light like white green yellow I already forgot my white white green it's it's like it's kids help looks like a light blue or white okay so just for the purpose purpose go with one color white flash light blue green yellow purple purple black white yo yo you got it use one color black light blue green yellow black purple black light green blue yellow or light blue green yellow yes your yellow light blue green black red yellow light blue green black red yellow blue green black red yellow green black red what was my last color purple black can't leave me out to dry check purple light blue green yellow purple you have green yellow left what were mine again I just did I met black I already did yellow and red was the last one that's all I remember did I have a black yeah do black I'll do green right and then you said yellow is my last in red is your last let's go Jack I have meone million IQ wait Red's my last yep I have a chiller grenade in a window here do you need to shut away need to go okay right now you have to jump at the end of the staircase okay right at that yeah right there oh god I need to throw my thing alright so listen I vertical my camera and the episode the same thing saying ready yep Oh jack oh good I could do anything [Music] that was awful good you got a coin up here Oh here tell your teammate the pattern yo is there an invisible block you can walk across for some shit you gotta mimic what I do ready look at me yeah so jump just half a step forward okay now another half big step forward big step forward jump straight forward yeah alright alright did we is this even this and this is that even like can you get even with me like walk to your left a little bit yeah yeah okay now jump diagonal to the right far sprint and jump get walk no walk forward more like tort not yeah yeah yeah that way yeah yeah yeah okay now house jump here gotta get even with me big jump you have to go even with me give me 15 seconds I'll be right back this is actually crazy man there's a pattern on them [Laughter] [Applause] my own that's what it looks like from his perspective that's crazy Wow I'm so sorry that was way longer than 15 seconds okay Jack are you ready I'm sorry wait what you beat without you're insane all right so you gotta guide me through so listen okay you want to land in the middle of this wall scheisse wait should I start on the left or right left left side like like yeah like half way left yep in this lane in the middle all right you're on the very very edge of this block like I can't go any forward more like I would take two steps back and I'm nowhere to your right and you're gonna diagonal right yeah you're gonna sprint and then jump right right there it's a big block it takes with the whole wall other yeah there you go perfect okay now where am I on the block you are you have a huge platform where you are there like okay okay okay you are going to now jump diagonal left likes like take like like three steps forward and then just jump and you're land in the middle boom stop right there good yep if I had a guess you're probably on the farther the left side of this blocks to take like two steps right like this is the middle for me so I'm lined up in the middle here okay and you're you know look you're gonna go right again this is another huge block you could take a couple steps like yep good you get you're on it way idea if I see you jump at first I can get a sense of where I should go okay well then you're gonna walk forward to the edge of the block this is the edge of the block right here where I am okay are you if you look forward are you in the middle on the left or the right I am almost directly in the middle of the whole thing okay we're good we're good it's like it's just a jump to the left oh good alright I'm yep to jump to there you're gonna to jump to the right to here to a big big block one big jump to the right good you got it alright alright let's go baby good shit check okay check for slider go this slide is cool this is okay yep level seven I see fire burning coal case car really I have a miny mo I only have minis wait don't push so many boss so many BOTS wait on your school buddy bots yeah yeah you gotta shoot him for me I'm doing a run doing a death run oh my god this is insane don't kill him Phillip yup I'm gonna steal my jump all there's another one Jack I can see it no this is not I'm going I'm going dog I should say this is so sick I'm going I'm going just keep playing mylanta yep playing the suppressing fire yup we're good the storms right at your back no although I'm trying to tell us how to tell I'm trying to catch up don't know what you got reading me there's so many theories spawning armies I'm just gonna send it I'm just full sending it always on beyond me bro tell me when you start going and then I'll start going going now okay like yeah yeah yeah I already got that one on my screen okay good at this guy alright I'm gonna wait so they respond all right this one nice nice this one got it go okay you're good you're good to go to the end just focus on you I made it good shit get shaking shit Wow wait there's another floating point Jack its way back see it oh let me go for my hand the court and I have five go for it alright I'm going for it going backwards you got my game just like hello from here okay here they're getting more more health get a mini quick I'm getting lit up 25 hell really yeah like God you got him go Oh God got you I got you okay I got the coin for good I'm good you just need to survive I'm chillin you got this jack yeah yeah let's go yes yes yes I have got the snowman give a snowmen but to throw it on you oh wait wait wait wait wait wait I see nothing but lava beneath me do I have to throw the snowmen on you and then pop on myself there you go dude what yes no oh okay hold up hold up I jump myself okay okay I need one I need one up here seek yeah yeah just anywhere over here suck it up now I can get up here yeah go up here myself you're good perfect oh dude can't get up that damn bro I need I need I need I need one here bro yep I got so that's gonna break that one I don't think I can jump up to that one view here that work yes but that won't give me the okay perfect that's perfect that's perfect yep yeah yup no one right here oh this is sick perfect I should be able to jump up this yep I need one more just anywhere here myself yep dude that's cool that's sick the person just really good job with this yup dumping I got a checkpoint are you good yep yep we got a checkpoint where i this century in front of me oh god a turret a century guide a pistol I have a pistol and snowmen have a century guy right there bro he is over 300 he has a limited health oh wait I think I need a snow man to protect you oh god is about here my god I was so scared the bot was gonna shoot me I was one shot okay okay okay okay I mean it I'm Isis crazy I don't mind you're good you're good okay can you ping where I need to go it's it's literally just right behind you you'll see wait let me test something real quick okay so we're gonna to time these jumps shut the jump on the snow jump on this no man you're good shut the hell up jump on this no man you're good I'm gonna throw it right where that ping is okay three two one go dude all right yo right here three two won't go okay okay okay okay right right right here 3 2 0 Q coming out again right here 3 2 1 go good okay right here 3 2 1 go no my bad dude my bad No three two one go no wait so that one farther okay so further than that yeah just like there's fine yep okay now we see one more ready go yes yes sorry how do you let you up and then yep I said a little doorway I gotta reach it wait like throw it like I don't think okay nice now yours no men right yep I have no it's no men left okay check to see if you can throw multiple look if you throw that one is that one going away yeah oh yeah right yes No yeet alright alright oh this next one's gonna be a doozy really yeah shrine is an awkward jump try and throw it like that corner oh Jesus good I thought I was gonna fold it okay I have cannons yo the cannon we indicated I'm three go through the ring one two three three I want a longer version part two I want to party right yo whoever made this make a part two shout out what was it Adrian shot out fr Adrian make a part two buddy best that was fired hell yeah bro well hey that's good content do we subscribe like the video and comment what we should do next and creative because I have ideas other doubt [Music]