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yeah Oh's left yup she's the man labyrinth get em off you don't have to do this to me [Laughter] scissors encourage attempt a death labyrinth maze let's do this I got a first trap Jack don't worry I'll get this one next one okay okay I'll handle this all right I'll wait I'll wait to figure out which way to go yeah okay yeah I'm gonna do this oh I found a jump Quest maplestory is a cool run jump quest stop do you play maplestory when you're younger I didn't know oh wait what I've never seen one of these before this like an on ice trap weird what I wait I went over here there's a stairway over here too oh okay I think this is the way up how does ooh we have to follow the chest Oh where'd you go yeah I'm coming up on you I was trying that stairway okay all right jump it up but I think pinckney big name okay yeah we're good strombolis Chester okay really struggling here it's like I'm lagging chatham lagging can we get a bag oh I strapped wait an actor like a chiller or one of the ice floors both up or down you want to check up I'll check down yeah chiller it out on my mind right now I think we this I'm in another icy room I mean I have a speed boosts here looks like oh wow that led me to you okay does that lead you back up that no okay so that wasn't it Oh buddy you can just dodge that trap by jumping you the stairwell by the way oh okay okay um there is a door here I'm gonna check we haven't opened it yet nope I think the chassis jumping off or just Bates is it a bait wait there's a door with a big arrow oh I think I think I from here to here here maybe wallets maybe oh yeah we just bugged the map we broke the map then jump fatigue into the window maybe I think we can access this window already yeah we definitely can access this window already you sure yeah have we been here before oh we have been here before yeah oh that's just like a little shortcut then I guess you're a shortcut we got him okay I'm already did you're fine you're not gonna be able bait that there's no way well what if you jump over and slide through tell me what you mean take him ashore Cody you must work together use our combined brainpower of 74 IQ oh wait wait hey why'd you check that I'm gonna go through this there's a doorway I just behind the throne behind the throne oh yeah yep yo we gotta be that's what I checked what I saw to the right oh we got to be jumping up on the things to get behind the throne for sure yeah okay yeah yeah for sure for sure Jack for sure first we decide we decide keep this huh oh maybe just trip to the very end very end did you make it I don't know I'm in I'm in here wait I'm outside I think yeah I think it's just I think it's just debate I don't think that's actually the way wait there's doors out here what the hell is going on I'm down the level now are we supposed to go up in this place there's like a little room see a trap I'm dodging I coming up to you right now oh I really thought I was on to something huh I don't know how to do this jack well this is part of the challenge this is why we're doing this so if we go down to the right here oh you did we've already opened that door on that other side on the right yeah I think we got to get back to the throne room bro I am in the throne room it's got to be a hit in the hole and I'm checking the right side this time I don't thing we've done this yeah have we whoa I guess not whoa wait on the right side was a thing that looks right there looks to be a lot more through the window that's got to be right I named all the right that was saying to be honest okay there's like a little jump quest looking thing up here bro look see if the drop down bounce pad up to that bat up to the right Oh Jack I didn't know them yeah I see what you're talking about now yeah Jack I sort of got any jack I swear to god here's my friend Jack coming in my DMS earlier today ladies and gentlemen hey Jack hey friend tag this course together you don't have to do this to me and then what do you know turn around for one second of course it shows my true colors huh okay okay I'll make a progress Jack wait where are you guys where you're at oh my god wait I said I'm doing this so fast I'm so good at this and I got jumped petit mmm so your weight basically my characters like me and real-life and got into breath very quick be a plenty of places to go from here all right whoa just jump up here what bouncer hit the edge of that bouncer that Oh always a beat along yeah so I go out here there's a door down there I can't check up here first okay oh God oh these bouncers look dangerous this looks scary so you think so spike Jeff I don't think so I got this wait so is there no checkpoints no checkpoints oh whoa did you find something oh yeah we're not finding Jack wait there's like a back what you can go to here jack there's a hidden staircase and where we just work in the bookshelf room yeah so you can go to the bottom door but then there's a back staircase thing test it out move it out make this freakin trap are you serious on dog oh my god no no Jack oh my god oh my god I'm making place bro I'm making place making the plays you're literally making plays well I'm gay I'm just kidding myself I'm giving myself chills I got chills go keep going go go go oh my god I'm getting myself a Chelsea keep going baby wait does this mean is a dead end chat is that what this means how do we know we beat the level how do you know yo there'll be something obvious for sure okay well this whole side was a debate hold chats you don't even know if this is the pause but I'm in Houston speak English it's all right though wait so you didn't try this door yet I've not tried the door yet it's definitely a debate this is definitely definitely a debate Jack would definitely just got absolute price we've got to bait it again [Music] you're bucking her that's a god your voice is beautiful wait there's another door one one more level below likes but also to really choke a go for that one that's got to be the one right Jack I might have found something yeah come on a found something oh boy leave me leave me leave me do you want you wanna do the so you need to like land perfectly on that middle what I think damn this is dude you don't think so [Music] that's the way do you know the way whoa Jack I met another thing found another thing now that we're doing there another thing now now that I we've we've creep through windows and seen it away I've started looking through every window possible I got caught when you're done come to me I feel that weight have we tried this staircase yo Jack Jack you smell you smell really really bad about to crawl up this window doing wait wait wait dude I'm stuck how do I get back to you I went up the other way what other way I took the bouncers up and like just jumped on that bookcase there you go you're fine now you'll get it go go to the right yep go behind you yeah yeah go up that Kate stairs yeah yeah yeah go ahead you got a little buddy there you go oh that's awkward this looks promising building I don't see any traps I don't see any traps I see a promising way this looks good to me in my professional mais opinion yep look at that right wait people are saying this gonna be fall damage there's no way no no no listen listen Jack oh you already went yeah I'm good see I I see a way that looks more promising you think so I don't know man checkpoints checkpoints checkpoints coming checkpoints let's go home let's go jab let's go park hog rest chat palm rest lake in two months I was but I didn't oh no it's a stairway a trap stroke wait what's up there wait I see a little drop-down thing I got on the checkpoint listen I'm just getting rid of all the bad ways for Jack I think I found it Jack doing it I'm doing it Jack come on go up to like the second floor and there's a hidden staircase behind a bookshelf hmm I can't see what you're talking about god yeah no yes go up another Floyd upstairs I'll wait for you I'll wait for you here back here wow yeah this is promising this is promising chat I died on the staircase Jack where I'm at looks very promising I think this is the way I'll bait this trap for you because it's actually a fish which one one of the stairs mm-hmm teamwork and over here through here now we got options we got doorways and we got staircases yeah I eat what's just a hidden something over there well so I what other room there was like a door I opened - you think I'd go oh dude go this way or we go the other way or we go this way well does this lead us to that checking oh there's another there's a whole area out here - wait I hear something I hear like electric traps by me oh yeah oh baby that's not scary mm-hmm not the way jump back down no well where else are we going from there your honor I think we go this way we're not BOTS you know Thanks already did it okay all right toxic there's still you know in that where before wait wait no yes that is we already open the door we go up go up go up take a right and then our right do you think this is it out here it's gotta be all right Scott oh there's a lot of places to check right now jack wait no we've already been down there this room is never as depending valtor's just a heads up okay go go in the hip I might be stuck in here oh my god my professional opinion is got to be this one it's just got to be so you know we made the street from go to the other side this time I don't forget what the right way what is going on here I think there's a big ice wall here yeah yeah let's go down go the other way this way nothing here what do you mean wait where else could we go oh wait there's no windows it looks like the ice thing does the icing like n right there trunk no maybe no it doesn't I got up here there's no no nothing you have to respawn I think we respawn nice Jack nice real nice you later oh oh yeah yeah yeah you have to go on the rooftops come okay on the way hold on so jump from that thing right to here yeah if you have to do the jumping thing yeah the jump part is the weird thing because I had to press the spacebar go back yeah up under that and you can jump on it yeah yeah yeah you can jump on the rooftop from there I'm insane spacebar there you go by the time so look look check point know what it to the left yeah oops oh okay yo it's got to be over soon oh here's the friction things you're tired Oh acting like we're gonna die verb is [Laughter] when you're at the finish yeah I guess you won you already know you've done a win we did it together this is friendship yeah yeah I remember you saying earlier remember when you asked me to death earlier I hope ace just vomits all over your your bed capital D : hey what if this is bait this isn't the finish we did it yeah there's nothing we did roll up if you're watching this stream Jack are you down for you to put up a challenge to our communities right now or just anyone out there anyone sees this clip make cool two-person mazes you know maps anything like there's two people and and Jack and I would love to play them if people think they're good I would love that for I'll make this like a series [Music]