CIZZORZ NEW DEATH MAZE MAP WORLD RECORD Creative Mode Puzzle Fortnite Battle Royale




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very very quick intro here just want to say thank you so much for all the love of the videos as a blade this is a very special video major shout out to all my good friends scissors for giving me access to his death maze map before anyone else in the world hope you guys enjoy this video also if you're watching this right now 65% of you who watch videos in the channel master days aren't even subbed subbing is free last time I called a shadow like this to subscribe to the channel to gain almost 30,000 subscribers so I challenge you again if you're watching this video right now you're not sub subscribed it send me a screenshot on Twitter I try to like every single one thank you guys so much for watching thank you again - scissors enjoy watching me rage like always [Music] [Laughter] Wow this already looks like a freaking cakewalk first person in the world to attempt scissors new map guys I don't know what this means is this a part of the puzzle don't reach at Oh God all right email all these mods I borrow the email the email all the email me in but all the email all the unimodal they eat them out only him but all the email only email me email only email only thank you alright off to a good start oh wait oh this is level one why am I going that way all right there's no way to get up that there's no way to get up that that's oh that's got to be like a reset function this looks like some sort of reset function what a scissors have up his sleeve this time folks this is easy is this so basic compared to the other creative modes I've done dude this is like such a trash map oh let's check door number one all right okay now this just probably leads back to here yep that's good let's go to into here that's still yep still where I came from good Wow I'm literally clearing this so fast that's still clear good okay all right so this is just this part of the maze this leads back to this store that I opened this is all here good this can't be anything yep that's a dead end okay so I go this way now back over to this way wait okay we're fine there's a lot of strategically placed torches I'm gonna keep watching that coming to here okay nothing there oh okay that I figured out the map can we get a GG encourage GG in the chat I already beat the map guys wait oh wait what am i doing I gotta use the doors am i stupid I'm stupid bro oh my god we know how to play straps in these maps dude wait what what oh my god there was another door above this door man god damn it Jack I hate you wow this thing is a cakewalk now it's only been like five minutes I probably already halfway done with this course dude well that doors dead end what the hell was that dead-end why did I wait why did I wait the trap wasn't even loaded Oh stupid-ass trap wait what wait what wait what oh my god oh my god he got off you go [Music] why don't you start playing a song yeah it hurt you oh I'm gonna break my chair I'm gonna break my chair I'm a little bit snap my chair and half bro I really think it's something with this room right here I really think it's something with this room paratis finally found it bro you and your bullshit jack haha got it now wait how do I get up now just to get it actually get in there ll u l from scissors Oh jack oh did you see that did you see that did you see that [Applause] and easy ass Matt took me five minutes papa edit it down to five minutes and he ejects dumb traps up here nope dude that was coming typical scissors map it would it be a jack map without a dumbass final trap level 2 level 2 alright Oh typical typical bays 87 doors see I've learned from doing these other creative maps now that it's the doors that are the bait it's behind these things where there's typically your answer I gotta get behind now when I tell you since a man I knew it I knew it hahahaha Jack and his basic predictable maps head oh yo of insane bro I'm insane bro yeah you know what's at your God keep ridin thank you 410 sub trainer guy say you some I tell you the ceiling tile sooner to mean something what does that thing mean oh no this is just gonna be stupid isn't it oh this is just gonna be stupid why is a green block here bro what does the green block mean watch this chat whoa what's that why is there green on that hold on hold on that chat mi 3000 I key right now Street what's up there he's got to be hiding the the exit with the grass bro you're going about this level of 2iq what do you mean Jack you've never seen anybody do this madness fast I have literally I'm setting the world record because of a chat because of the first person in the world to do this map I'm technically setting the world record so can we get some pods please ah three block but million to set up something do it jack I'm moving it out the green block cuz I'm out I'm literally outsmarting Superman I'm literally outsmarting scissors right now dude literally bro Jack have only remembered a secret code from earlier 3 R 3 u 1 R what does that mean oh my god you've started the math how do I get back down there Jackie feel so bad that I'd literally 3 R 3 u 1 R 3 R 3 u 1r we are from the green block maybe 3 R's right 1 2 3 3 up 1 2 3 1 hour that door GG come on Jack you're setting a world record here that's my big moment it's happening Oh baby are we figuring it out cause if we're the fitties you didn't imagine only figuring it out gonna clean it up scissors did you put a stupid coat at the start of the mat I told the game the only co people you remember it's called courage ad and afford item shop oh look at me guys some scissors I could play some bunch of corn I'm a map dude look at me guys some scissors I'm says those guys you can put up a bunch of corn in the map guys give me I'm scissors dude Jesus probably get it Jackie put some corn in a room great Oh we'll put some corner room it takes he's created a masterpiece bro dawn GG easiest map of my life so close set this world record maybe I can taste it I can taste it tastes like soup there's way too much height for this to just be one level there's no way this I have to go up I feel up or something yep there's my entry to go up that's obvious ah I'm gonna cry I'm a little you start crying it's lagging you're better you're more athletic you're handsomer you're you're you are the Omega Jack I'm gonna pull my hair out I'm a little you gonna pull my hair out I swear if this one isn't not even being it do I feel like dodge anything on this wall new world record I meet it what do you mean jack know what I mean no I just beat the map Jack I'm at level one Jack what do you mean no I beat the map homey nope nope that just reset you to the beginning what do you want yeah Jack Russells be fun and friendship and family friendly this map is stupid why did I just get teleporter back to level 1 I just don't be Jack don't Jack don't don't I just beat the map Europe is making this up you're just trying to get me to go through this again you're just mad I beat it so quick I beat the map I'm sorry [Music] [Music] [Music] ah scissors gifted a sub to Lal you lost 900 scissors gifted another sub - better luck next time hey sirs look at me I'm in face I'm rich I've got money to get subdued and I'm gifting them to people with stupid names I've got this little so stupidly easy so easy to find that freaking hole that's what she said okay Jack Jesus Christ wait all right level 5 we're back all right don't go to that door anymore jack that door leads you back to the getting the map we figured that out the hard way Jack look at our dumb stupid you are now I'm already back a little 5 anything I probably could do it huh probably did think I could do it jack but before I am back a little 5 I've gotta redeploy but I try to redeploy alright what was that Jack there's gifting me 50 subs when I beat this course haha thanks there it is GG rekt we're back cash if we are any but only yes we know not to go in that door oh oh what is that bro what door oh this has to be it this has to be it I beat scissors death maze I beat scissors to phase this map makes me want to go and cry scissors death maze scissors death maze was so easy take it off emote only I beat up map scissors you are freaking freaking trash fastest time ever scissors deaf maze scissors deaf maze World Records [Music]