CLIP STUDIO PAINT Tutorial English Spanish Korean SUB 2 Draft Frame layout




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Today, we're gonna make a draft. First, create canvas and draw a whole page rough. You can work these works just with the functions we learned in the previous lesson. Let's create canvas. We will make illustration which is like manga with frames for this time. CLIP STUDIO PAINT comes with the canvas preset for manga. I choose ʺColorʺ for ʺBasic expression colorʺ for a full-color illustration. Crop mark is displayed on the canvas which is set for manga. I will draw a rough draft to decide the whole page structure. I will use ʺPencilʺ tool of CLIP STUDIO PAINT. Rough pencil is with a rough touch among pen tools and can write similar lines that are drawn on paper. Customize this brush. More texture is emphasized by switching to ʺMortarʺ in ʺTextureʺ with ʺTool property.ʺ Draw with these settings. You can use any brush for a draft, but I can work well with a tool which touch is close to what I usually use. Let's take ʺ3D drawing dollʺ which is unique to CLIP STUDIO PAINT. Before that, I will explain what ʺLayerʺ is. We have drawn on only one canvas so far, but we can overlay multiple transparent papers with CLIP STUDIO PAINT. What is good about overlaying layers… if you draw background and character on different layers, you can easily change then such as moving the position of character or taking another background. When you draw with computers, please become aware of layers so that you can work efficiently. Click the ʺNew Raster Layerʺ button in the layer palette to create a basic layer. Import ʺ3D drawing doll (Female)ʺ from 3D and body shape of the right ʺMaterialʺ palette. A special layer will be created in the layer palette after importing ʺ3D drawing doll.ʺ You can get the drawing doll to have poses freely just by dragging its arms and legs. You can change the view point by clicking blank space. Drag with the left button of mouse for rotation, the right button for zooming and the center button for parallel shift. You can easily handle the finger tips of the model with ʺHand setup.ʺ You can change the body shape of this model. Let's make it a better figure. If you have a difficulty to make the whole pose, you can import pose materials from the material palette. There are several types of the "Eraser" tool such as erasing clearly or slightly.You can try to use them differently. This frame will be like this. You cannot drawn on 3D layer, so create a new layer for a large frame and draw on it. It is useful that this 3D drawing doll can be used for various characters by changing its body shape. Layout frames before drawing main lines. CLIP STUDIO PAINT is convenient to layout frames. First, create ʺFrame Border folderʺ in the layer menu. Blue area outside of frame borders are for mask. You can let lines go over this area. (Lines will not be visible.) There is a special tool in the ʺToolʺ palette to cut border lines. You can divide border lines with intervals which you set in ʺTool propertyʺ by dragging the screen. Mask area will be adjusted for each divided frame. We will fill outside borders in black regardless of mask. We've finished the preparation for ink. We will ink on the draft in the next lesson. We want to share this pen touch with you