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We've had many low-key images, so proceed to painting the characters! So far we've used brush tools a lot, but there are other nice tools in CLIP STUDIO PAINT such as filling and selecting. First, paint flesh color. Divide layers by parts considering painting separately. You can't fill in ʺVector Layerʺ that I explained last time, so create ʺRaster Layer.ʺ We will paint the parts of flesh color with ʺRefer other layerʺ in the ʺFillʺ tool, Look at the thighs. There are some parts where lines are disconnected. Normally, if you click those parts with ʺFillʺ tool, color will go out from there. With CLIP STUDIO PAINT, you can fill exactly without correcting drawing lines, by turning on the ʺClose gapʺ function. For clothing, create a folder in the same way and fill each layer. As hair is separated in strands, it is bothersome to fill each strand by clicking. In this occasion, fill them all at once by dragging with the fill tool. For fine adjustment of unpainted parts, ʺEnvelope and paintʺ of the ʺFillʺ tool is useful. Just enclose roughly unpainted parts and it's done. Fill the frill part in white. As it is hard to recognize white on the screen, turn on the ʺLayer colorʺ effect in ʺLayer Property.ʺ Set a specific color to ʺSubcolor.ʺ It will be represented in a substitute color set before when filling in white. When ground is finished, add shadow and highlight to each part. Create a new raster layer above the layer of grounding skin. Click the ʺClip at Layer Belowʺ button in the layer palette. If drawing in the layer with clipping mask, you can paint without protruding from drawing area in the layer just below. I separated layers meticulously when filling in order to make it easy to use this clipping mask. This ʺAirbrushʺ tool is very convenient for the setting not to deviate from a mail line. For example, you can paint this part without deviating from lines. For a discerning part like strand of hair, draw by setting ʺStarting and endingʺ to the curve tool, not brush tool. Finish by fixing the face. Continue to draw characters in the other frames in the same way. For painting in illustration with clear main lines, fill tool and mask function will be helpful. The character in the fifth frame is finished. Let me introduce the tool named ʺDecoration.ʺ The ʺDecorationʺ tool is for drawing with ʺpatternʺ different from real tools such as pen and brush. Intricate patterns will be drawn on the screen just by stroking brush. This is only with digital tools! It is very interesting to me. Painting character is done. I just finish by painting simple other than the mail large frame. For illustration such as manga, which main lines are clear, it would be better to paint separately with mask like the example, but it will be a totally different work by using different brushes and functions. In the next chapter, I will finish the third frame, which is not started yet. In CLIP STUDIO PAINT, There are many useful functions for background.