hey it's me Miranda I'm so excited for my video today because I'm going to show you all the best channel books these are all the books you need to do in 2019 if you're going to a festival now I do not go to Coachella because I'm not a freaking pervert but I wanted to show you if you are gonna go to a festival like Coachella how to dress appropriately so you're not disobeying the Lord this season at the festivals with popular I've noticed is being naked and wearing your panties see through clothes which pointless frames is very popular there's like messy fishnet type of themes and later so we're gonna be making costumes with all these types of things first things first let's do a see-through costume now a lot of people are doing these see through clothes about I think they're really inappropriate so I don't want to be seeing you all on your panties so what you can do is wear something that looks naked but not actually naked and then you can you know walk around in that and people won't think that you're not wearing clothes but really you are so let me show you what looks like oh this is perfect for Coachella dies and has glitter but also look it has see-through material so all I have to do is get rid of the material underneath the see-through material and you got a cochon outfit let's get to cuttin [Music] Coachella yes yes Pino Paladino things to pieces James Charles is shaking Emma Chamberlin machine the don't twins are shaking cuz I'm gonna do that - better than they okay so now we have the see-through dress obviously I'm gonna be wearing leotards underneath all this stuff so you don't see my actual skin cuz I'm not poor um but we do need some panties to go underneath this I have these but I'm the best-dressed person at Coachella this year everyone knows is James tall and he always had his boo stalks out because he's a freakin Provence so I'm not gonna show my actual booty but we gotta give the illusion of it you know by the way I would really appreciate it if you could all pray for James Charles he's clearly under the spell of Satan because he was being so porn at Coachella looking in like disgusting yeah so please breathe for teens Charles just like so so this will be one of my outfits ready to go okay so the next house what we're gonna do is fringe fringe is Mary in right now so I need to get some fringe which is the little string ease now I don't have an abundance of strings in my house so I'm just gonna make a fringe out of something I can find some let's get our name Cowboys are very in this season so I figure out this jean jacket will be great we can put the fringe on the jean jacket I don't have any friends but I do have lots of wings so this should actually work perfectly it's really good one I think I got this at Party City and pretty sure it's the same exact week that's our scene where is angular parents oh alright I have lots of hair here to choose from I think I'm going to do this one first mixed with this one this is a beautiful wig I did this when I play out Zimmer Hamilton I always wear this wig okay so the duct tape has being a tool hater and wasn't working so we're gonna use a hot glue which I'm not allowed to use I've been grounded from hot glue but my mom's not home so I don't think Barney iy has ever done this one so don't go looking for a few want to hear anything that's gorgeous just pour Jack just to the other pit so this clown mask but I'm just gonna use the hair we're just gonna glue her right on team voila here's our other fringe amazing so next we just need to get a little bit of fringe down at the bottom of my jacket we'll just stick this on this button just shove it right on their opponent this costume is done we have my fringe and the last month of course is the see-through look so walk you've all been doing like this see this is like the messy look other people wearing see-through jackets seeds her dress is see-through pants ah oh man yeah so I'm gonna get into my flesh color look because everyone's being Nikki I'm not proper not gonna be Nikki and I'm gonna wear this and then I'm going to make it look like an achy even though I'm not some robot wrap myself in saran wrap and then we have a central role people usually also do the see-through look over their panties so I need friends of panties alrighty look at these a fan sent this to me it's usually just for joy Gore 7 is fun but it is my cat sweater but ask Pantene so I'm gonna be wearing these panties but it is over these balls oh don't be public about me I'm fully dressed but here is the team what everyone's been doing is wearing their panties and then see to clothes over their panties so let's get morning we have some saran wrap here and we're just going to swim at me [Music] like so and there are Janaki [Music] [Music] there we go all right so those are my Coachella looks now let's get ready for the final lookbook here you go young thanks sister [Music] [Applause] [Music] there you go guys that's all my Coachella outfits I hope you really liked it don't forget don't be a pervert wear clothes from head to toe so if you want to look like you're not wearing clothes there's options to do that we still covering yourself up we are good Christian girls here we're not gonna be being perverts showing all our skins so if you like this give it a comment to the line don't forget to subscribe and tell me which one of my coaching looks was your favorite alright guys see what the next Festival turn it off we're done man off [Music]