[Music] this is a continuation of yesterday's video for those who haven't watched it no problem you can watch the previous video after watching this because it doesn't matter which video you watch first you can watch the first video by clicking the link on the description box I have compiled all about the Illuminati signs and symbols into one major guide complete with examples I hope this helps guide you through some basic occult symbols that can be found throughout the mainstream media and influences of pop culture as the elite speak in signs and symbols we must work to decipher what they need these symbols can be found everywhere even in company logos some companies use a symbol to show they are open to the so called enlightenment almost every company will have some sort of reference to one of these symbols it's not a random coincidence that all these companies have these in common it's a sign of Allegiance between these companies who are all brotherhood occultists the symbols are all in plain sight we are just blind to see them because we aren't trained to think like that we just assumed someone in the marketing department came up with a logo and that's why the logo is what it is logos often have dual meanings everything in the world does a company or an institution may say this represents one thing when in reality it represents other things as well never take the straightforward answer and always search deeper into the origins of such things before I continue the video please smash that like button for me thank you [Music] the infinity sign stands for duality which most of these symbols stand for hence the black and white tiles which I also discussed in part one and as above as below they're big believers in duality and balance but it also stands for magic and witchcraft you can see it being used on the magician tarot card you can also find the infinity symbol in the Satanic Bible and on the satanic cross at the bottom of the cross that Anton LaVey created it stands for entirety balance and truth the illuminati believed they are infinite and will exist forever it is also called the Leviathan cross often if you look for it there are celebrities that have tattoos of it on their body you can find it in the Satanic Bible as well the origins of this symbol go back to the Knights of Templar the Knights worshiped the Baphomet and at their core were Satanists and occultists the cross is made out of the infinity sign at the bottom and a double cross at the top the double cross symbolizes balance and protection they use this cross as a mockery to Christians usually is also used in witchcraft and magic to represent sulfur one of the three essential elements of nature it is also a symbol for brimstone the cage is a representation of MKULTRA that musicians and actors are under the cage also represents the bondage or slavery like existence that the actor or a musician is put through such as the physical and mental enslavement they get when they join the occult you will see it in music videos movies TV shows on album covers and during performances usually the musician breaks out of the cage the symbol looks much like a two however it also looks like a V which represents Venus or Lucifer the V also stands for Vulcan and the Roman numeral five the Roman numeral of five is a representation of the law of fives which Adam Weiss hopped and several occultists also believed this hand sign represents the V in Hebrew means nail which is the secret title of Satan in the Brotherhood of Satanism the V stands for the horn pagan god Pan and the symbol when flashed represents intercourse with the devil as well as the pagan god the V can also represent the horns of the devil the anko's back to ancient Egypt it is an Egyptian cross that symbolizes a mythical eternal life rebirth and the life-giving power of the Sun you will see all Egyptian gods that the Illuminati worship holding the ank you will also see on Aleister Crowley's book 777 on the spine the ank it represents the rebirth of the Antichrist and the birth of the occult and Satanism you can find it all over Hollywood and sometimes in Masonic lodges another Freemason hand gesture that is used in Freemason rituals but is also used in Hollywood and sometimes in politics as well it is a common sign to see in the news industry and politicians use as it represents the power behind the scenes in the cults constant presence as well as the brotherhood between the members of the occult the Baphomet is a pagan idol that the Knights of Templar worshiped and that continues to have it's a presence throughout the ranks of the occult today you will see being used to represent the Church of Satan and sometimes occultism in general the Baphomet is sometimes used to represent the devil as well show on the tarot card you can find imagery of goats in pop culture this is because the Baphomet sometimes represented by a goat the inverted cross is used to mock and disrespect Christianity it's found in mega churches usually these churches are sometimes used as fronts for the dark hearts they claim the inverted cross honors Peter however the inverted cross is used as an anti-christian symbol as more recent times and is starting to become entirely an anti-christian symbol [Music] we all know we shouldn't go around flicking people off but this hand sign has occult roots as well the middle finger represents Saturn Saturn represents Satan the to be one and the same yet another way to pay homage to Satan these hand signs are all one and the same with paying respect to Satan this hand sign is often used in rock and roll however this symbol is also used in the occult in rituals the hand sign is also used to pay homage to the devil it fake meaning is peace and love however like the other peace signs and symbols that means the exact opposite is being wished for this symbol is prominent as video company logos organizations and the music industry nin represents eternity dark and femininity yin is represented by the moon yang represents history light and masculinity yang is represented by the Sun the symbol also reflects the black and white light the Freemason tiles and duality you can trace the symbols roots back to Eastern religions such as Buddhism in the Western world that was adopted into the symbolism of magic and astrology as well as witchcraft another magical sign that appeared some time before the 3rd century in China it became widespread to sorcerers and mystics because it embodies so many possible meaning that's according to books on black and white magic Freemasons adopted the black and white duality to hide its true meaning from the public standing [Music] also known as the sigil of lucifer is a lesser known historical magical sigil used occasionally as an emblem by modern Satanists the image originates back in the 16th century from Italy it was used in conjunction with other symbols but its original purpose was to aid in a visual indication of the angel of Lucifer this symbol was often used in the black magic rituals to do such a thing it is also referred to as the Crusaders crosser to Jerusalem cross it was supposedly worn by the first Grand Master of the Knights of Templar the cross of the Baphomet is worn by high-ranking occultist such as Albert Pike and appears on much Freemasonry 33rd degree notepaper in a slightly modified form it is part of the signature of Aleister Crowley it is also found as the logo of the new Catholic Bible a serpent or dragon consuming its own tail it is a symbol of infinity unity and a cycle of death and rebirth the oculist's often use it as a way of confirming their never-ending rule in the lifetime of eternity believing they can continue to rule after death by being reincarnated and living life in their position once more also known as the ok hand sign this is a common sign you will see throughout Hollywood some celebrities even covering their one eye with the sign on the front of magazines and in photo shoots it is one you will see constantly pushed in the mainstream media as well the three fingers representing the tale of three sixes you will often see two pillars and monuments and throughout the media and art influences the two pillars Jetson and Bo's also known as Solomon's pillars heavily used in Freemasonry to represent duality and is above so below you can find the two pillars being used in tarot cards as well these two pillars will be found in every Freemason Lodge guaranteed the origins of the Tree of Life can be traced back to Kabbalah Kabalah is an esoteric method discipline and school of thought that originated in Judaism the Tree of Life is a diagram used in various mystical traditions it usually consists of 10 notes symbolizing different archetypes and 22 lines connecting the nodes the nodes are often arranged into three columns to represent that they belong to a common category [Music] the sigil of Baphomet is the official insignia of the Church of Satan and is trademarked and copyrighted by the Church of Satan the sigil of Baphomet first appeared on the cover of the satanic mass LP in 1968 and later on the cover of the Satanic Bible in 1969 becoming yet another one of the many occult symbols [Music] the eye of the god Horus a symbol of protection now associated with the occult and Kemet ISM can be traced back to ancient Egypt n has significant mention in mystery religions and such can be synonymous with the Eye of Providence both representing greater power or emissions to end this guide I would like to talk about a few basic things if you happen to like monarch butterflies or a girl working at the grocery store has black and white checkered pants I'm not saying either of your Cygnus occultists or elites in disguise I'm saying that in the background of the newest music video they slip in a mural of a butterfly or a backdrop that's entirely black and white they put those things in for a reason think about how tedious making a film is no frame goes to waste everything is put in for a reason nothing is random another thing is the fact that most of the historical figures we know are freemasons or have some connection to the Illuminati is because not only having the position for power but that we would also become socially programmed to connect freemasons with greatness and power it's not your fault that you can't pick up these signs and symbols at certain times none of us could at first we weren't taught of the system and its operations we were put down the dumbing down of the school system for it really is the elites that speak in the language of signs and symbols I hope my posts assist you in knowing the truth your support is always appreciated greatly thank you for taking the time to watch this this was everything inside me channel please like drop a comment share and subscribe don't forget to hit the notification bell - thanks for watching to the end stay safe and healthy you