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hello what are you doing Connor all right not much deal not much dude I got braces wait you do huh mm-hmm and I have a palate expander so I might sound like I have a lisp ha ha ha you're good bro I did all that man Wow so you got braces you got a palate expander that does it hurt or what hurts my stomach tell Mackenzie the bottom braces yeah okay so your top races and the palate expander and you said it hurts your front 14 huh yeah palliative expanders are thinking like the top of your mouth right mm-hmm well geez I said no one to eat I can imagine I can hear a little bit of change and how you pronounced some things right now but hey listen everyone goes through that bro you just gotta suck it up and make it through right yeah what a win or what yeah since we've played Todd I'm pretty sure we could play every day you'd say that it's been a while since we last played huh well let's go dude I can't believe it so you got braces now it do it listen man how long do you think you're gonna have them on for two years okay so then you'll be what 13 no no 13 was when I had my last girlfriend yes right here desk oh this my old friend yeah her name was uh hurt oh no I don't say her name but she I asked her out in chorus class I said hey do you want to be my girlfriend and she said okay and then I didn't talk to her for two weeks and then we broke up oh that's a trip yeah Sandra sells seashells down by the seashore Sandra sells seashells by the seashore okay okay you're getting there you're getting there dang so how long do you have the Powell expander on for I don't I'm not sure I think I might be here - oh really maybe other kids your age getting braces now some one person just got theirs off oh yeah they get braces now at young a young young age I didn't think I got braces like I was in middle school so your dad oh there's a guy outside be careful all my sit alone spamming what should wait what Connor if I make this video of us playing what should I click me you getting braces what should I call it which I say harder get braces ah that should be the title is Karan has braces actually made him for a missing point exclamation point exclamation point well no that gives away what it is you see what clickbait like like you know how you did like Connor versus Nova or whatever whatever you like Connor versus courage like when you make a title you got to make it just a little bit of clickbait so people watch because like let's say let's say you put my card teeth we have written there we go okay that's a little bit better that's a little bit better that's a little bit better some courage courage punch Connor in the face and now because he lost a suit he had to get braces cut a little bit of a long title but maybe giving at work I know it matched but what a board uh well I no longer use the final Mouse I can't I still yeah things are things are things are going on behind the scenes say there's sponsors stuff going on Connor okay shirt you want to give answers yeah who do you want your sponsor to be I want to sponsor yeah what if someone says don't give you thousand dollars a month would you be down to be the contract this don't say smart smart let's say you had to pay them a thousand but their kids it doesn't burn any money yeah you got to watch out those contracts are popular nowadays you know you give someone a thousand and they give you a thousand I do I've heard a lot about those Oh Bob you got the pedal to encourage it or Connor encourage new O's or something whoa this is random duo's huh you're not a random you were once a random though huh yeah I'm doing oh we make that a title yeah we give me a good title yeah okay so we'll click make the video I call courage meets Khan or a random duos again again well one of the odds of this con are we gonna act like it happen whoa this is crazy dude oh my god wha-wha-what luck this is being right chat right guys let's go win Connor come on we got this and seen good job well done well done well done mom I'll go ahead and edit that one on up DG no Sheila here oh that was clean chat oh no I reloaded for you thank you okay pterodactyl screech okay breathing air boss I gotta help her itch I gonna show him yeah I got bad I uh pom-pom lines that should be fine oh my gosh bad oh I see him come for the stairs the ones stare and looking for me knocked one knocked one got one Kathy suit go Connor good job bro Connor someone told me to play like ariana grande's watching the stream so I'm gonna try my best here okay alright hopefully she's watching if she was watching what do you think I should say I know she'll be like hey Ariana you're really pretty and I think we should hold hands if you want to but you're telling me you wouldn't do that if you're if the girl you had a crush on was watching yo turn 11 months happening I'm just so awesome yes I up in chocolate house you got guns I'm gonna be like The Avengers are gonna come save today alright oh my lanterns merci I just got lasered I suck em Kobe games over the box counters the box for nasty bro we're nasty Connor [Music] that was perfect and what would it be anything I wanted in life mm-hmm the health and wealth of those that I love around me ace Thank You coach prime said welcome about you I'm not sure oh I don't really want anything for myself but I want everyone in the world to be well and solve world hunger you want to run for president one day no I can't no I mean one day like not now but in the future okay I'm not American no no what do you guys have a prime minister mhm run for Prime Minister I said it man maybe probably not oh I got that quick yeah I got two fours bumpy oh sorry I'm coming might be hop right into the house and I don't have a gun are you okay okay well would you do if I SiC a kid okay time to do that now you win it do I win it win it in your honor win it for Connor chat win it for Connors of the chat stream what is this man to do it give me an epic speech I need motivation I'm good at speeches I don't know what to say you're the best Jackie you're gonna win this so one can stop you yeah nobody can kill you nobody can build for you or eliminate you and you will be the best the very best no one ever was my god I don't know why don't we try now you'll be the very best stirrer was I couldn't find you in storm can't see him anymore I'm kind of really sad think it's not now huh oh no sure now he's not [Laughter] spit in the Jack where are you in I'm so sorry he cannot sleep tonight saw the blah blah blah hehe took 21 fall damage I do Squidward for one of my school things truce good words I mean in scratch of coding website yeah sprite you're way smarter than me it's agent lemon I was like playing pajamas Sam I think once the down the Sam very old computer game one of the og computer games bro when my grandpa was a kid TVs are a newer thing dead computer come out when you were younger for the most part yeah see like having your own computer wasn't always a thing you know what PC stands for picking up computer exactly cuz it was like not a thing to have your own PC at one point you know you know you know computers used to be like the size of like a huge room this is like a sway Lobby nails are pgl and choose your own prayer for you cuz I default marriage at any point it's rude television on that huh they didn't play for the next zone BOTS I called it fold and I call them into like that Connor yeah you said we weren't girl loose so we didn't live I sold you bro I had to catch that dub told me the world owe me cause the sharpest tool in the shed copyright strike there's no sometimes copyright Pedigo Kentucky I can't do it I sell us I'm trying to scream do inhale there you go you did it that was a little bitch yeah you're piercing for sure yes that sounded more like a baby baby bird Croatian Czech master thank you people forget what I used to do with the deagle hobro giggle riff reset reset reset don't happen you did you see anything no I did see nothing [Music]