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connery there yeah you want to win games yeah cool I'm only cancer B I'm 13 you get there though you'll get there level are you I am right now level 34 what level are you 13 my dear there you go I like that I like that do you think I can do breezy in real life I couldn't cuz it looks like he's breaking his arm where is it see you say okay that's normal Oh Connor I got good news what I got a girlfriend you did yeah lying yeah why oh you like season eight so far yeah wait so first time playing together in season eight yeah I got my first I got my first win not too long I'm going she's a eight oh very nice so you got the umbrella yep are you rocking it let's see of course you are I knew you would be fresh but wait it sounds like zz2 saw me when we ain't you 11 dog yes I think when I was a lemon I was drinking out of a sippy cup and watching Caillou still and you're here Wilson is easy your point for tonight when you're my nothing I was playing putt-putt saves a zoo you ever heard of that game or no oh Jesus Christ how about pajama Sam how about pajama Sam is like a gameboy game nope it's like an old like Windows XP game like super super old watch windows Oh God yeah well it's all there I'm moving towards it Jessica what he attack shotty Rosie he'll be dead soon I don't know what the other guy wet is below us I'm gonna hit him at my 10,000 IQ room he's launching him back he's watching it back Oh get down what a fortnight I fight Italy this that he's the fourth of July gone wrong not clickbait nice knock I'll full kill for your health on top of top up top oh no he just full spray the whole time let's go Connor Johnny fit for six months let's go sis what could it be me right that's gonna be a yikes for me dog wait how many how many a limbs do you have two getting carried by an eleven-year-old no right front of us is at the land building Coby Coby filled up house oh my god yet many Japanese I don't know you don't right jeez what a shock to him pick the right side pick the right side for a sec I'm gonna try to beat the other reindeer knock the water let's go she's in my box dropped out I'm gonna drop his the other one full kill I'm leaving you Connor I'm leaving you dropped out B Ken he's cleaning me for up there what to the shields get off me kid I've been seen about a carry redeploy so I'm gonna carry the redeployment so Kyle my friend that's dope Chris pile yeah I know give it a new Chris Pyles or no yes I've three pairs of easy see you yeah I've cream lights you have you buying cream white so what's that from the YouTube money oh I see you boy oh you got it like that now huh Oh y'all on the car right here goddess flexing the cream White's always biting Easy's at age eleven what Batman Bob you gotta go you gotta take good care of those shoes the huh oh it's good tag Tyler it's got tags are pushing us we should go we should make a play that all you're weak too oh it's got ripped up again bro do you wanna risk yes you gotta get to me then we're gonna try to rush me just heads up good good good fly towards our fly towards their ice cream they're gonna chase us fast okay okay it's perfect good good calls broke the job cutter cutter cutter south of me stopped me it's the same guys as earlier all right ready double Cypress rock with me ready 3 2 the moment the left wall again ready 3 2 1 go the job let's do all right there Connor that's the duo right there oh my goodness bro it's a duo right there take that slurp bro this is the duo dawg let's go baby [Music] yes bro shooter from behind counter should ride whose absolute ease absolute he's absolutely good job purple green gold shoddy up here for you three enemies left yo wait wait wait alright go behind that tree right there go ahead that treaty right we're gonna double we're gonna double heavy side them let me see them to the wall you can shoot the wall out I'll shoot the guy let me just get in position with you don't don't shoot yeah don't you get don't you yet yeah right wall ready do it right now go tagged him 156 good job it's fine they're not safe so let's just play safe so they're launched batting watch batting a big tattoo let's let's fly that a month ago let's go let's go we have health advantage all systems back on and out oh oh my god I'm just job good job Conor let's go bro you got I got eight love that love that love to see a chat with end it's strong its oho and we got so let's set up let's just set up and now we wait see you in the middle I love how we did that whole sweaty bill of Konnor just for that let's go dude we know we assisted on every single limb there bro duo chat the do oh really what level is it level 3 or 4 did I accidentally roast you right there at fortnight yeah no I dude of course man we first played together I don't think you could count of 3 like in real life and now like look at you you're like you're the you're the young T foo dude that's your new nickname you both are you and wobble are the next T food cloak see but as long as people use our support of creator code that works right yep nice did you did you make money off to the support of credit code last month yep good I love it puts a big smile on my face big blue will send big blue let's do it behind me family gotta turret I stuck the soccer city go chase me oh my god you just sprinted straight at me and had no builds to block them down the roof Jack run yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah drop it wait how did I get two kills did my cleaner till let's kill two people I caught a cunt cutter I'm gonna stick you sprint right up at him ready go I'm grabbing this big shield amigo papi do it again do it again okay I'll try to bait I'm trying to bait him they're outside now here you come up I have more cleaners we can do the strategy good [Music] they're breaking down breaking down back up back up back up oh my god I suck I suck the first guy twice Connor it's like the other dude one time and then they killed it with another Connor I have five kills and only clingers those are your clickers bull shot Mary we caught me very very weak right here Connor got him poppin minis don't kill him yet look for the teammate did your bookie hit him one shot one shot literally one bullet come on her dude you boogie too stuck him I pumped up with a shoddy we're just playing kids today huh whose can't keep up on getting cleared I'm getting cleaner bro there's weak weak weak knock oh nice nice - nice shot right bro well honey mind the trees exactly 250 Conor hit the one hard keep it going oh my oh my godness what's your favorite thing in the game right now honestly I like I like all four tight right now like literally once they get rid of the bugs I'm really happy with where the game is right now not even kidding one's landing above us Leon you 92 shilling one knocked one you got him good job good job let's go dude all right about here anybody's little buddy yeah it's a same guys earlier hey guys earlier people 48 shield try to stall if you can I'm almost there I got one super weak there's marshmallows drinking minis yeah by now so much better than these kids bro I'm just so much better to once a dating right Bobby tagging figures on shields focus shit let's go let's go let's go man let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go turbo feature this guy's dead bus guys up top it's on you I'm shooting down shooting down let's go Connor what I'm feeling good today I'm not missing [Music]