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Kotter just 1v2 a time chat we make it out of here alive Connor we're legends yes yes oh let's go daughter I got one rushing me Connor I need help hey what are you gonna run you ready to do an opening help Jackie's bat maybe three books thoughts on that good good close close okay again that's a baby pterodactyl right there you're getting the hang of it though you're getting somewhere you know he's on me he's on me got no shields no shields Oh shields pray with me he's one shot very very very very weak ice I don't hear more hammer here you ready we're still getting shopping [Music] shoots go down Oh we'll just hit me my ramps are backwards sigh stop Connor dude Connor you are insane now bro let's go dude good job man Connor just one be to a time chat if you don't go he's out whiteness he meets knocks go go go go go let's go let's go Connor let's go let's go let's go dude they're fighting they're fighting they're fighting they're fighting knocked one Connor white FATA me sweaty soccer right next to me right XP he's dropping down with redeploy I missed the mat he's low on health a pop of these minis to stay alive to get okay oh I see it's floating it dead let's go on earth let's go Connor whoa toxic dude you're building awfully high redeploy Oh connor o is our season bro is this our season yeah dog yeah dog we're snapping bro I'm really proud of you dude you you are a beast at this game now I mean should we just keep winning Connor is that all we can do hmm I guess we just gotta keep on winning chat ears are bleeding I'm getting you got a spaz oh my god hey Jack hey Jack courage yeah pal if you're invited to face would you join face I would need a candle lit dinner with every member of phase where we get to just share wonderful moments together would you join phase yeah I once would you join optic yeah did you join 100 thieves yeah would you join the Los Angeles Lakers yeah who do you think the coolest person of all Jack scissors nice good pick oh you're too kind thank you dude counter right now if a tiger walked into your room and you had to defend yourself what is the closest thing to you that would be a good weapon to fight them off with your noodles my ramen noodles like to feed them all right so my microphone at it and all your kids true you know I actually I'm actually kind of nervous about something counter yeah you guys thank you thank you for I need that gas but listen like the first time I meet her life for real like what should I say like how should i what should I do say if I ever meet her you have like what should what should my line be like what should I say she needs to know you like her for her and like not you like her for her money or something well ma I'm definitely not in it for the money I think she's a talented and you know beautiful Thanks thank you I mean I have my own money to you know go in conference calm down oh [Music] so it's like she's like hi I'm Ariana Grande and I'll be Becky and and like do you think she'll be like like hey what's up I'm Jack yeah how are you yeah yeah I got to get excited yeah that's true hey Ariana my name's jack you want to hear my pterodactyl screech maybe not that mm maybe not okay I'll probably avoid that one I guess we will save that for the second date tag is over I'm splitting him I'm spotting him drop down drop down drop down drop down to try to shut it down did he die are you good Walt good time work bud good teamwork you didn't steal anything relish nice play dude I missed Connor I missed dude I'm a bot GG it's a soccer sweat Connor if I was hanging off the edge of a mountain and you had it you had a 20% chance of saving me or our 100% chance of getting two million B bucks what would you do I save you really you tried to save me friends are worth more than money Wow can we get it all on the chat for that thank you I needed to hear that Connor I'd do the same no it says is what dude he'd probably like I'm the real Jack and take the 1 million V laughs absolutely he would dude stop all the way down deep hiding I gotta watch explodes - I got a gold scar gonna dog we make it out of here alive Connor we're legends there one story above us you farmed the walls behind you Connor for more mass right here right here duck one grabbing the pump okay okay you can do it more people are pushing in here he comes oh I'm gonna go nice you're done let's push up it's got the front go nice he's if he's in the building I got one of the building sorry not you grow more hair more here be careful I lead one shot a shot how to make the most of the baby let's go no shields knock the other let's go bro good job oh I see you know as you know no chills in this guy knocked one I need help hold on alone dad can you keep running to walk get the dividend pieces Oh got you Connor let's go bro wonder fun me not the other ones or they got this one let's go Oh knocked it over the water got them Ramin elimination GG mangy AGG men let's go Connor when the world like the thing was I cast him and Trevor made Tim cry yeah bro Loki ninja roasted me he did yeah do you want to fight him IRL above us above us to sweat it sweat oh my god like who are these kids that actually soccer oh my god destroy him please kill him yes this kids sweating so my the Triborough eh I'll take it Connor think that that kid right there is probably like 1718 sweating like hasn't gone outside to see his friends in the literally seven months place on enough stretched res that his characters look like me when I'm laying down like legit all that stuff and you're 11 years old and you just clapped him bro I need help oh my god you got them sports player in the game I think he might have choked up someone was ketchup I don't know he's probably the type of kid that gets like check ketchup containers and just eats them all right it's it's a 1v1 Thank You orchard 3 wouldn't be it's a 2d one is it 2 B 1 B 1 1 B 1 see one yeah [Music]