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what's up bud what what you have your webcam myself oh yeah sorry I joined on my wrong thing but alright I mean I'm in a game right now pal what's up wait hold on let me sorry hold on let me join this we're getting a life update from Connor here we go so what's up bud you cut your finger open doing what so I was running I tripped I grabbed a fence at school Oh flip it tore my skin up my is that why you're home yeah ten stitches ten stitches dude well I'm sorry to hear that bud did it it didn't hurt pretty bad the freezing part wouldn't happen that was fun I'm kind of proud of myself I didn't cry when I cut my hand like when and then like in the nurse's office too but then the the only thing when I cry was when I got the needle for the freezing put real stuck into my hand I guess pretty sure I can still see where they put it in my hand Jesus do you want me to go fight the fence I'm gonna go beat the fence up are you mad at the fence did it say sorry it happens the best us sometimes you do trip in life you know it's not on my left hand I'm also not lucky that is true so the worst part about all is that you could still do homework cuz I can still play games I just can't move my finger I see I see I can move it like a tiny bit but I want to pop any stitches that's true but you're still able to play games mm-hmm good to hear oh I'm buying your Christmas present I think tomorrow for you again it says thank you jack you're welcome dude what do you think it could be what are you gonna get our candy and I'd say I'm getting we're getting here like a really nice picture frame for like a picture of me cuz my dad forgot to bring the pictures very very nice for a picture of me well that sounds like a very good grandma shame was my great grip well that's good you're being a good grandson and great-great grandson sorry hit misses soon I will really get presents cause I'll be cute yeah that's tough man I remember that time in my life when they became too old to presents now I just pride myself then you start giving presents true true giving presents is a lot of fun so what do you want to play a game okay I can play later probably okay it's our first game of season seven are you ready yeah we're that's not enough and I'm not here enough energy from you dude I'm ready to win startup I can't do it too much because in my finger okay Oh like if I like you too much like it'll bleed through like the band so there's a lot of gosh it's already I can already see I get it but they said that if you if you yell a little bit too loud you might start bleeding through your finger or my dad will get mad oh it's only like if my blood pressure goes higher it'll like start like bleeding a lot it's gonna play I'm still wearing the character I'm sure wearing the skin that you got me well it looks good did you get the battle pass or what yeah nice nice I bought you got it like that now boy got it like that us you the Creator code okay good YouTube money huh mamie said hey hey are you ready to work oh you haven't won yet in season seven what you're saying so do we need to get Connor its first win in fortnight season seven this game if you guys have a twitch prime so cold like the two months give us working thank you see you don't know this is the skin you got me the first time mmm-hmm I've gotten you a few huh thank you again jack oh no problem bud God are so grateful we got a budget [Music] I like the sound of that bro I like the sound of that me too I like the skin what skin links hey why is there no one in the lobby courage I don't know let's great defense stupid fences don't burn Connor this is for Connors first win - us up you know you know so he's doing this thing how many subs they give in his chat he gets the same amount so I was like how I get no brother don't go just do that you just tell him no go donate 200 subs and he'd have no option huh yeah it was crazy that was mad Adam [Music] oh they're in this room Connor right in front of me outside getting the roof kept leopard was getting dead that's a plane yep see him all right knock the one nice collar here's a minute here's minis I'll watch out watch out watch out - stay down sit down use those minis right there obviously a portion so you punch it up nice Connor good job let's go bud wait how is it holding us up by a magnet we don't have any metal in our body whoa now now now you're speaking facts homie I'm pretty sure every time your grandpa goes in your Ruby he tells you about food huh that's a good deal yeah whoa what I'm not kidding Ali Oh beloved health trying to stay alive oh my god no material stuck oh oh brought us plane flying at us yeah trying to back that plane up there you go color stuck down there chat could it be me right someone's building a duster careful a place it'll launch pad ready yep really oh no no it's perfect you miss beds being one shot not really really mine I don't really think about the bet the beds not being one shot in the game you know material [Music] Hey yep Oh careful get chocolate back now or I'm sorry up ahead up ahead I see four people right now let's upload another place Wow I just hit four headshots and that you like it was nothing roh-roh my game was just hitting that guy with every headshot possible what was that chat bro that was like a bot type stuff right there dude what was that someone near us oh my god sorry loaded up with a balloon with just a match and you can't touch the cup Connor I have no idea what you just said okay you're trying to pick the balloon up you're trying to pick a cup up with the balloon and it has to be switched so you only have a Matt and you can't judge the cop you only have a match to make it so you can stick it up stick to cop to it I'll have to look into it what is it like the fire lifts it up or something you want me to tell you yeah you just light the match put in the cup and planning why the poor football skins on me right now probably plugged your YouTube channel yeah like I have an exclamation mark on or two and it plugged it just plugs here it tells a little bit of your backstory and plugs your channel well I'm carrying so hard you're going in huh pop it off I popped off dude yotz how was there no audio bro what was that how is there no audio there's no sound well I have a rocket launcher this I'm being the worst player of all time versus dude well what throw this so bad I'd build the wall there I just built a wall dude you've had enough before that I get it don't worry I'd died - yeah you bro yes I believe he broke the flippin wall I built a wall there it builds like 20 feet away and then he kills me cuz it won't let me trout now I'm pissed why I need a dollar dollar dollar is what I knew it they all need a dollar dollar dollar is what I need courage how many planes are here eighty-seven thousand planes yep that's a real number I am dead by the way Conner there are enemies all around me a plane at me planes of the back ouch we're Devon D never broke these skin this skin or this skin out since it first came out do you flex it all your skin's know [Music]