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hey Jack what's up bud how are you good how are you good we got this otter and hi how are you well you know before no is our first time meeting Wow have you ever played scissors death run yeah it's a pretty it's a pretty stupid map right yeah we need a fourth to come carry us Connor wait I thought I thought courage says that Jack's name wasn't I mean not are you exposing him are you exposing him I no no what are you doing Connor what are you doing things happening you know that courage his real name is John no he told me then why is his name courage Cady courage John Dunlop so how's life in Connor you know that courage JD might hit a million subscribers on YouTube are you proud of are you proud of him yeah god I hope they'll see you do 1 million okay Lexi encounter right now no I'm asking how close I'm saying let's see what's Connor right now three hundred and seventeen thousand that's a fiery ways can i friend you scissors can i friend you is the real question because I just sent you one I know Connor was through and with the invites and what's the rule no spam good don't spam him good job always whatever he's odd whisper him you do that cause that's another good way then you have to whisper courage slash scissors real friend he wouldn't do I got whispered Sisters I would have nothing I could do but unfriend Conor and never talk to him again that were the only logical fake friendship why would you really do that to him paradise paradise paradise Conor where do you want to go did really did you buy with your money or watching that's really cool well my friend got it for me I'm getting a ducky me to help I will fly like a bird once one of them is one shot in the land building in the land building okay Pollock thank you ice cream truck ice cream truck and right next to me please East I thought you said we Conner by the way I got a girlfriend nah he's lying to you Connor yeah I know I definitely do yeah you saw that yeah yeah you saw their boys changers you gonna on a quad crash mr. bass tips before you want to again Wow all right let's go where do you want to go Connor pick a spot on the map I'll take you there oh shoot the plane where that's it right in front of us okay I'll bring us up don't worry I definitely didn't do that that wasn't me Connor oh my god how much damage did you guys oh my gosh we are floating in the tree on my screen [Laughter] get Connor forget about Ashley Ashley you know Connor I heard that if a she doesn't rescue in time I mean she doesn't like you watch you just on the ground on my screen for that four electrons TV slurred you want to send me one scissors can I send you one sure okay tell me when now boom thanks scissors did you get it let's go on what a great moment smiles on every street no Thank You Connor thank you wait scissors can you add me yeah oh oh my god and don't even try to have an out thank you battle with Connor I've done it a couple times any wins each time he's super light what is that Amazon thing you're in the top left right corner of your stream courage it lets people go and buy my stuff that I use through streaming like they can click through it and your camera is expensive thank you I do try to have a high quality for my channel Thank You Connor do you think I'm gonna get an ego when I hit a million subs on YouTube no oh yeah cuz you already have one I invite him every day and he never accepts it are you kidding me every day I want to play you're in creative going cuz look guys look what did my bounce bad last night it took me eight hours dude Connor I saw I saw Jack today at this party we went to and he literally had his own arm security and I couldn't get up to talk to him yeah he literally said Oh like his security Lee didn't said hey man sorry he only talks people a million subs why you gotta know it followers yeah but only a million subs on youtube so i can't really couldn't even talk so that's nice yeah totally real honored with nothing you know when jack is lying stories any connor he asked me for my social security number so that i don't give it to me to fight me Connor do you own a social security number is okay I'm getting sprayed at I got free sweat ease all over like it's great [Music] you got this Johnny boy Johnny wait I actually have to clutch up oh my come on good job Big John oh my gosh all right Connie you'll get Electra and I'll get corroded I'm Connor you have to get me he's not gonna res me tell her he's gonna let me die Connor you let me die hey I make it for myself tell me shots fired they're their guns empty naughty son like that I like that good try Connor what's up you haven't updated me in a while what's the girlfriend status huh do you think you'll get a girlfriend before Jack it's a girlfriend imagine being that guy hold wait he just lasered me Connor you can get us but we only that [Laughter] I don't let connor do it let connor do it she's gotta build the brand building ramps nobody got to get away get away get away from some building Oh Connor go go oh he's so good hold spacebar do it again Connor oh the cool way off the building they're all there they're all there oh no the day dr. bill think of a sub welcomes making those that Jack that is not me sounds like Jack I don't know it might be the eleven-year-old gonna sound crazy but it might well this is the hard-hitting questions with Connor yeah what do you what do you think about that what do you think about the race between them Connor peopIe all the way yeah if you know someone that is subscribed to T series what do you say all right spread the word folks Thomas says that you guys need to as well Connor are you saying you're leaving me here to die absolutely when you try so hard what's your favorite song ever no you answer walking me now what's your favorite song ever ever you have to listen to the only song ever what would it be for your whole life it has to be one song what are you picking [Music] [Laughter] thanks for clarifying that it was a joke Connor don't say sick oh my got all sorts of shields for you I just told you Lydia oh my god it's okay you went for the sniper that's all that matters gaming ty Mills build any and all right I think I'm landing on this building all there's two teams fighting your car don't want to get sweaty Connor are you sweaty gamer say I'm a sweaty gamer [Music] another riff to go Connor River 1v1 courage have you ever won v12 no I don't want to do you want to embarrass him like that oh god I just snapped on that second good you hit these Connor oh I'm dead boys and girls love I love the zip lines it's so fun definitely not broken did once knife encounter you got this while ziplining I believe dude they're all so weak I just did so much damage that whole team they are all under you got the storm is coming above you there's one stone there with you till the guy kill the guy see it's your left your left is right you got a 40 damn to try the shop GG man I was the trapped wait Connor you went through you went in you threw dynamite and force them to come back that's what it's all about until next time pal all right [Music]