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hey Jack what's up buddy not much merry Christmas to you dude it's almost Christmas would you ask for anything good um the new smash bros yeah a Nintendo switch okay I'll be good and I asked for a phone or oh I know ain't you 11 homie I already have a phone just mine my life doesn't really work like I have a phone just like it doesn't even really like like it's so slow and I like what I like loads people like videos and like streams like it's like laggy and stuff like really like II hmm babe listen listen listen go say goodbye to your face buddy 200 damage okay so we just don't have 400 best to charity on your face yes they did yeah guy graphic click there in game all right how's the stitches done gone nope they all didn't come out guys ask you better what it's really better I just have four more to go because some of them were weren't ready or some at the top were covered like they were some one of them's like buried in the scab yikes oh that's a cool scar though huh no they can't see it it's still bandaged up oh it's not done yet but they probably will think that Brad so I guess I got out caught on nine wins off of 2000 we're gonna get so follow me soccer field and they're gone and we got them so what's up you guys you get any report cards in yet yeah I got to seize oh no see plushies I mean we have we got to improve those right yeah one was in English okay and and one was in math for some reason because I the only say I only got I know everything right I did wrong was I I only got like oh hey whoops sorry that wrong thing I had I had my na scream don't say oh I forgot they're like the same colors so what are you gonna do to fix those braids so how am I gonna get all A's and B's practice tomorrow I want to make a bet with you next report card I'm gonna talk with that you get all A's and B's and I'll buy you beatbox okay all right I'll try but I need proof you gotta I need you to put in that extra effort oh yeah cuz I once got I once had a siege but I got I got a c2 back at your age but then I tight I focused and turned it around at 105 I think you lost a fruit a few brain cells yeah dude you're too toxic now hey don't sleep at us which type of us you die oh nice got him ah 50 she'll talk oh yeah you're dead a plane flying on you oh god I'm funny you know I'm dad he just drove into me and planes are fun click in the name by the way oh look what's back merry Marauder oh my I am oh yeah I'm buying it I'm buying it I'm buying it I'm gonna go ask my dad I have to ask my dad will never ask somebody alright let's win this game I need you to focus up are you focused Connor yeah should I get afraid it's not - aw bro that's not - bro yeah ready give me a pterodactyl screech bro from way back there yeah more like it he stepped on a dog's toes I'm sure your post on Instagram thanks me my sister oh yeah and your dog the puppy do you want to say hello to my sister sure Caillat come here Connor wants to meet you hi Kelly good how are you what is pickaxe wait how do I run w WASD is to run around oh yeah be an idiot shifter are oh okay you know I was just relaxing shift and wait one is okay I heard something nice okay yes and do where okay you haven't thanked the sobs please oh thank you thank you brett gives Oh 2 to 5 and ninja encourage our go pre subscribe for where do we go there people on master big shield quick huh use my wife Jesus what else is gonna click I don't know the keyboard right if you win this game Connor you're seriously the best player of all time wait who's building oh my god oh sorry I'm mark how's it going mark Jeff who's better Kelly you're me oh geez geez calm down calm down calm down I'm on you are good bro you aren't gonna quit where's the gun Oh calm down Oh oh god that's the clip Damon just qik I don't want to shoot that yes I'm sorry Connor Connor is yelling he's dead stare there's your he was one shot that was you're so cute why Kelly she's a legit Bob Connor my sister's a bot wait how old is T so again I love you Josh ah t fou I think it's 37 and ninja just turned 40 he looks at old yeah I know it's crazy wait do you know old timís no not since tim's 43 what yeah it's pretty old right you don't look that old yeah you know dude how old look Wow is thirty forty come on don't be so don't be so nice he's older than man he's not he's 40 Luke why didn't we call Lupo old man oh yeah maybe 45 there you go you got it he's 35 he's 45 yes you got the scholar avenge me go go go they're both weak nice behind you Bob ah shoot at you are you pro down nice nice nice Oh Rilla Rilla [Music] did you see the guy jump on me when I shot him in the head when he like when he shot me and then I like he jumped on my head right there yeah earlier yeah yeah that was funny that was like two minutes ago the president arrives in there Sunday it's wrapped under the tree jack really yeah what is Johnny X what do you think it could be I was gonna say I'm gonna wake up extra early I want to see what they are that's part of Christmas so make through the sky ready to do you like that show I used to watch it the opposite shoulder Jay Gatsby up Cotter so you got this man you got this god you don't often stay claude you like watch a Daquan sometimes I like watching you more though why how does it feel to get slight hey nice Thunderstone there he is I get a nice nice Jack OSHA zone Mikey quickly G bro good winds Connor good okay win bro listen I'm gonna go play this uh this this will attorney thing right fighting but you already know listen we're gonna get more games in soon if I don't talk to you before Christmas Merry Christmas bud and just know I'm super proud of you know how you're doing with everything and it's been great great playing together this year so far I'm a lot more fun together tell your uh tell your dad I said Merry Christmas - and I'm glad glad you got the gift alright okay see you buddy talk soon [Music]