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we back let's go dude yo I think I have a Tim here yeah I'm just gonna make you leave all right I'm gonna invite a fourth on CV joints Connor he's in the discord drag him on and we'll get him fur will get okay what's up Connor hi Jim how's it going good man how are you Wow Connor look you got your meats in the tap man Wow a lot cooler than Nick mercs right Connor now remember the last time play with Nicky said a lot of bad words okay so we're gonna not repeat anything he says right track head office pull it off you mean my hair you're at a buzz cut Connor hmm you ever had a buzz cut it's called a buzz cut when you shave all your hair off a buzz cut no but I've almost had a buzz cut okay Connor who do you think has better hair me or Nick I don't know well Nick those are having me here right now I don't think well it might be it might be worse than days Connor all of you see Tim's hair might be worse he has there so [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] Connor listen sometimes you gotta solve your problems with aggression to let me tell you otherwise yeah right good question explain Nick let's go to next home Oh yep oh man Connors you watched Irma today or no the big tournament the winter Royale yeah I watched a little bit of it how'd you like it yeah it was pretty good I saw the guy with the Jordan plane and he got from 3 to 13 kills what do you think what do you think about it do you think born in 2007 understands too hard condos will build one for that huh how are the stitches recovering Connor good thing okay we fall it's about how we get back up no I literally fell and then I grabbed this fit like I tried to I was running I grabbed the fence and then like and then like a kid like they didn't stop at the fence like kept a finger in stitches ten stitches my finger it's okay they grow their girls like scars true my friends friend my friend friend's brother he took the very bottom so he can't like move it back Oh God like so it like you know how like when you put your fake pinky relax it can't bend back any further very job it's the way the road I think I like your tilted the one I got from epic used to wear it uh yeah I do it's uh it's in my closet but you know I've got a lot of a lot of great shirts at this point like what illustrious career so you know cluster is spelled appellees career law l I ll UST Rous thank you very much think old quad I'm getting on it I'm being out here get out of here I'll join you come on we are wait we got it okay you're flying away with him alright is there multiple or no why do Tim and I both up there Dave and I are both anti fall the if it's right don't fall damage here you both a balloons Cotter encourage you not to fly this thing yeah oh no that's I'm going for it get on I have seen many of people do this I believe I mean if Nick mercs can do this like right and he's on a controller right it's probably easy watch this Tim's in a nail at first try here we go alright little boost Tim little booze ramp please real wait now we do our over here over here one more no I'm learning this is good good start good [Music] I'm sweaty I trust those do to get them well done brother well done on our old bills hit the play-doh Bop every single one of them just walked through my wall not and not a care in the world didn't give another you got them let's get a choke let's get a kill check on Connor and Tim how much is a cost for like to fight almost they're all they're always sold out it's a big rip in the chat yeah buddy talk to them about sending you one huh I can talk to them about sending you one perfect you don't need to new quest goes to fortunate because he always wants to play on west coast but I want to play on East Coast I honestly don't care I don't lag so it doesn't tell Nick that oh wait he's not on ps4 anymore so there's really no leg yeah that's true so basically addiction stop making excuses when he's not playing in West huh no I don't want to get on his bad side I wanna be on anyone's bad that's smart retail I'll go where do you wanna go retail reads every Tori that retail also known as what Connor Dino know what Roman nativeness the home and native land it's your house does it go like the backplate like go different colors how much damage do ya fella carefully dairies yourself [Laughter] Tibbits got roasted by an eleven-year-old that's so far away that's normal yeah he does some time to time my defense I hit four straight dig shots pretty nice one jumped out to jumped out where they lent home great the lighting right up there maybe bunches twittery Oh jack Machado with big broom oh come on Jack oh hey bro get the clip I don't know what the fourth is oh no Connor anything's better yeah you could answer honestly Ted Marcel or Nick what do you mean you don't know I can't hear Connor you gotta yell at me I'm not sure I don't know I'm not that kid that picks things but I asked about Marcel - so what Marcel he said he doesn't know jack in case you're wondering was he doesn't know yeah I instead felt in calm it I've got a clown why does luboc all baseball boring that's my question because it is Wow are you sure about that yeah I'm sure it is sure that's gonna be a final answer peachy well that hurts you play baseball huh I said watch you play baseball it'd give you Wow nice anecdotes wholesome thanks man I would Connor my gonna win this game well yeah let me update you who do you think you to win this game courage or these guys I don't know but I'm not sure my god they look he's now he's building after like he's it's a that's uh that's SP Ches little brothers I'm like I'm going for the sword yeah we're going to the one chest bond with a sword that every Nazi I'm just led by me for once all right oh man together brother think really save you know not big billy goat yeah oh and you know you're not gonna win exact easily run I'm claiming [Laughter] go solder go go Connor go swing swing go up top yet I'm top Connor go go go yes wait Connor I thought you said you hated the sword bud okay I get it now I get it out help Nick help Nick help Nick help Nick help Nick Connor jump - what is it shield back cover get a nice collar I get powder credit yeah call me papi nice Connor can you farmy mats and drop me all them please thanks Connor what are your thoughts so far in Tim's gameplay it's really good well Nick you know what when I look straight I can't see like when I just look straight Oh perfect thank you you're just kinda like child labor laws he's got a sword just fast on me on this plate come here on me we're going on three one two three Erica over the square this way west west west northwest what's what that I got this voice no no no okay all right guy to fall damage symphonies are my chat hi I think so you know Sam you qualify yes yeah you got 13 what count I think of those what was it the qualified tour isn't an authority win the game yeah just go get the sword I got it we're winning that sums it up right there simple as that [Music] BAM tomorrow I'm get I get a pancake in two sauce I mean I get two pancakes in two sausages for breakfast tomorrow yeah let's see you got the right audience here that with care about food tim and i true hey you know that guy here at rap the sausage up in the pancake good connor this guy the big cyber tower behind you oh you saw the back are you having fun with that thing [Laughter] spike shot Tim wildcards about Wow can you can you dance with that sword or no yeah if you if you if you drop the sword and then pick it up that usually do the same health what yep dang Connor does that mean yeah Connor I run this storm don't run in this storm Connor there's more to look for man you can't let the online bullies win Connor Connor don't let him win Connor Connor come on don't let it win get it on the zone Argos Drive Thru go go go there's a reward if you Connor go get in a storm get him to get his own and get his own [Laughter] [Laughter] I'll pull it you get it okay bring it on okay Connor just one hits all you need han-soo kill check top bottom big mercs nine kills yeah hurricane encounter at 7:00 oh sorry should be with AJ Connor how many Connor Oh Carter with seven okay we're in the bottom I think it's Tim to be fair I gave him that last kill that skill shit top to bottom beer bag what I did get the kill those right you got the kill right or I could have you know exactly that's my point Tim Tim is what its gonna be like arguing with your son come on yeah yeah I'm going to bed later my wife's pregnant Connor it was good Connor was fun bro yeah really invite me worry about me starting to add him revite me goodnight Connor [Music]