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ray aren't you the real famous corner yeah and you're the Grinch Bulbasaur oh I was like for everyone watching watching Ray's discord picture is the Grinch with a base with the boldest sword actually not offended for you ray I think you go to removed me so wait no you've never added me I'm pretty sure I don't think we've ever played for a week okay wait take off your automatic line take up your side I'm sure that was real helpful added courage ad Connor what's the rule now YouTube you know what's the other rule Connor no what no spamming yes and no banana skin with the birch knees yeah [Music] that her Connor tell tell ray would she just what you bought hey ray he saw this with the support of creator of YouTube buddy fool saw that stuff coming in he's like hey I'm bought a pair of Yeezys your pink on is your pink broken Connors your pink is your pink button broken Connor oh wait Connor Connor shohreh the pterodactyl screech that's true actually wait we got sweaty soccers here oh no oh no I'm landing this side whoa oh god that was like a dragon drafted by dragon breath yeah sorry oh yeah I got a better mic now sorry Connor we gotta focus up dude there's enemies though oh no you're toxic you're toxic cutter about the way I'm in the way I've three gray ours one below me as well [Music] hi don't nobody kills Connor it gets away with it Connor this is Cana this is so sad can we get we got us some G Connor we're gonna avenge you though all right oh yeah cock I mean this is this is the way the road he knows he's a leader though see I'm right you're right you know like the band is good oh oh he's a sweaty above me Oh No he's so weak he's so weak dropping all the way down literally do we all like out I liked out yikes these Darin season eight servers sheesh I don't know I don't know if she subscribes you know Connor it's talk [Laughter] Connor why arent you streaming wait used to recon the a streams on YouTube how many subs you have on YouTube Connor [Music] there we go all right Connor where we going pick Lagoon whoa let's go over oh I'm sit up for this one then I got my sweat skin back on to Connor I'm not messing around anymore Oh what is that what does that mean okay yo Connor do you think you'll hit a million subs on YouTube before Frost he gets verified on Twitter yeah hundred percent probably although that'll be easy I know I'll send two messages and get you verified brother you want to be verified I got you he's all the way down Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] oh my god [Music] oh you're a bleep yeah oh that was a god cannon huh if I killed with a cannon right now oh my god five dollars for real what's up bro am I happy come from Jack Scott aimbot I dare you just shoot a cannon ball him I'll one up you're a cannonball I miss talk about No [Music] oh my god please tell them that or what my channel hasn't seen this kind of gameplay on the way here we go how to rotate in season 8 chat you guys ready then you go into this then you go into the cannon you shoot yourself across the sky I'm gonna get that ass up in your chair I think really thank you or five your wheel for that should everyone else watching right now give subs credit card [Laughter] okay I'm running to you yep he's white damage knock another one down low Connor on counter on counter good job age on the house in front of me died wedding go ahead kid what was what was that homie wait did you get the girl and the boy not I already had the guy's skin size got the girl skin now all right it's tough it's tough out there if your eleven-year-old played for it hi Connor ready we'll play game does this guy play on stretch res no does this guy play on stretch dress Connor please please please please please their army they're like there's like multiple in this house they all sprinted here I got one there's more in it down here after another oh my god all right that whole house disappeared in one move I got dynamite Adam oh yeah I hit like 80 of them with the dynamite let's go yesterday what happened went to where it was happening and I was like already I have redeploy you can wait we're we actually get inside that alright then let's place it is today for sure yep I got one am i right and then it's the one we left - I just tracked them you got you a little touch-up out a little bit oh he's laser me I tagged them for a lot come on down you're the next contestant on The Price whoa I'm getting on the back to a big shelving is another way by the way by the way [Music] holder team here [Music] he should totally read oh no what [Music] [Music] [Music] holy hell out I just do that hey that was actually that was actually one of the most insane things that ever done before tonight are you kidding me really oh my lord almighty what Oh No I might I should be done the child did the trick give me the charger game oh my lord how do you do the dolphin sound geez that last one was real talk we tell whoa we tell whoa oh my native can you give me a Timbit at man oppression hey guys I'm gonna go take some Tim damaged and there's nothing to see here I definitely didn't take Tim damaged nice nice it's pretty bad no it's pretty what about a ninja impression hey guys I can't I can't I can't bro you look so funny I can't what about Luke Oh [Music] [Music]