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I will not die off spawn I will not die I've spawn I will not die I've spawned I will not die I've spawned I will not die I'll spawn I will not die off spawn hard carry I need to get carried right now Connor hi Connor I'm having a tough day dude I guess did you a sob oh thanks for getting me the sub Connor appreciate that man yeah I uh I'll probably be able to afford real meat this week then thank you you just watch you pull a though boy you ain't got school today no oh nice yeah I have those all the time it's dreaming so Connor how slight you got a girlfriend nope heard back from Mario haven't heard back from Ariana no lonely so lonely as ever you know me don't even know what the heck you talking about yeah but I have a mouse I know there's a new one coming out how many how many mics do you use I was one I had two computers wait you use it wait you play with a keyboard yeah oh I just play with two mice we don't know why then why wouldn't I go to your twitch and then I click on like your stream equipment and then it says Razer BlackWidow X chroma forts gaming I got hacked Oh Connor my sister says hello her name's Kelly can you say hi to Kelly I play with Kelly oh yeah I forgot yeah she a bot you can say it Kelly's a bot it's coming in my house oh god I'll have a cinnamon tree rifle my dad but you're already inside way to be whoa toxic ladyboy toxic oh wow that is toxic capital T : I'll be seeing you never what oh my gosh ready go oh I think he's in the queue huh yeah gonna be mean k1 460 I want to stop down not kill one fights edit Connor let's go Connor how many kills you have three oh I got three two Pro duo oh oh you're kidding me you're kidding me nice I'm Connor good bait-and-switch dude whoa what you want to see some crazy fast edits Connor watch this whoops there we should probably go find people who's that POG yep pogchamp I think I think they just want to fight now there download there right here oh they're right here oh I'm not behind you I just fell out of the log around again top one fold them trying to get to you putting it 200 wait what he's one shot he's trying to finish who's that laughs whoa weird flex Ted what was that laughs you straight-up hit us with them yeah exactly that's how I was like yep just like that yeah oh my okay stop down drop down Vinnie - I'm Joey Oh how does he is still have shield what Oh whatever Reese my oh my god I tried to shop get him and redeploys row I choked that my bad dude are you mad at me no it's totally my fault I know a lot so my fault counter you wanna hear something crazy sure going on a date tonight are you though yeah I am you're being honest how'd you percent on us a million percent not like that's awesome thanks dude what should I say I really don't know I've never been on one oh I thought you had experience of dates no I'm thinking that like when I see her I should just go like this like maybe say hi and shake her hand nice to meet you or something no it's kind of funny I tell people how to spell my name and then half the time people just spell it wrong true your name is spelled sea oh and and I are Connor Oh correct to be like I didn't know Oh buddy no I think that was the tactical SMG Connor yeah I found someone really scary whereas I don't know I have a check shorty if you can get me die oh my god what what no it's kind of cool I think how like how like people can like have such a strong bond just like leopards and like grizzly bears and stuff yeah I think about randomly all the time too but it's also kind of scary because like what if they bite you through and you're done if they bite you you're pretty much done yeah imagine having a peck a peck grizzly bear or a pet panda be so cuddly do you really think about the bonds that animals have with humans sometimes I'm not letting you down this time Connor I'm dropping 20 limbs this game alright thank you wow that's all I need to hear watch this Jane oh my god what the heck just happened can I have some courage oops in the chat please that just happened are you good jack better Conor never been better Trevor may is here severs the hard Terry huh we need what was that sound dude don't be toxic to Trevor no I'm just thank you no remember when like the toast yeah we're like ninja said he'd he'd try and stay alive longer than Trevor just so he doesn't have to watch him true yeah it's Trevor I joined The Voice the VC yeah Wow probably baby should I remind him of that huh yeah need you're not off Phil maybe please I'm gonna drag him in pretend like you're talking trash about him okay yo bro I'm sure I'll see the clip later hey Conor was definitely not talking about the Tibbets atman roast when you got roasted yeah well that's all the matters isn't it renegade raider below us [Music] good call I demand more money more by me I'm so much better than you kid also better than new buddy there something on you job where no I got a campfire those were two really sweaty teams we just watched everyone that soccer skin is nothing compared to me like he was owning me Trevor killed Jack I give anything to get that risk honor yeah can you ever make it imma make it I need you to I need you to come to me come to me please I haven't said this campfires you have to come to me give me campfires yeah all right place you can't fire it out for me please right here right here place it then drop the metric please okay and then were and then once I've done make it even ripped us [Music] Oh bye-bye Trevor zero kills you have to say all that Connor say whatever you want Connor bye-bye the only reason Trevor's right before the action kicked off and I'm also bad [Music]