CONNOR VS COURAGE WE 1V1 Fortnite Battle Royale




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Connor are we gonna win this game I don't even hear it yes I didn't hear a heck yeah let's go you think you and her are gonna get married one day awesome for all you know she might be in it for the money yeah I'm not saying I do I'm telling your dad to get a battlecry Connery the battle cry Connor stay wide Connor next week [Laughter] thank you thank you no thank you are you trying to have a nice battle with me because I'm gonna out nice you yeah you don't have to give me anything it's fine Wow I'm I'm just privileged to play with to play with you I'm happy I found you in the game I'm happy I found you too dude I think everyone watching is happy too Oh give me a sec dude bud it's been a minute like a week yeah almost 500k subs yep Wow you believe it now pretty nuts mm-hmm she almost been a full year since I've met you I know that's a bit of good year yeah good positive the air what it's all about bro now he's gonna keep building on that huh mm-hmm it's you got a YouTube editor now what videos yeah and and I have I have the thumbnail crater look at you you'd love to see it huh mm-hmm what is that thing when you ice nadeshot or whatever you put a bottle in front of his bathroom and then he walks oh it's an adult it's an adult beverage yeah alcohol yeah yeah I basically don't ever do it you know oh yeah it's a target yeah well he had to drink it responsibly you know in a different capacity so is that like a University College thing you were lovers that some people do yeah for sure but you don't we we film people we fill those with water chat yeah let's chop this dub chat am i right yeah II yeah a dog he's used for playing us like a scrim bro are they hidden in there I'll go through the other side he's in here he's right off the other side I believe he just rifted me what a weird engagement I don't know what's going on people should I be honest from young from wherever I think he's really weak he just ripped it again he's got 10 HP by the way well then I want to pick action later boy she'll think I'm one hakufu dynamited be careful I just lifted it thank the Lord [Music] fine news [Music] nah hey my god that steak was sick huh Connor has it been one of the best years of your life would you say yeah that's good cuz I don't remember a lot of when I was younger well I had a good year when I was 2 ye [Music] you had a good entire year when you were 2 cuz you went to Hawaii that's good yeah cause we went to Hawaii and we and I didn't have to go to school so yeah that's cool so yeah so so you consider the last year the last year that just happened is a good year and then it's comparable to the year you went to Hawaii for a week that's good nice I like that way to look at it I'm just gonna stay up here for that no do you want to do you want to playground one be one bill battle sure make sure to use cartridge ad and item shop everyone encourages chat oh thanks for the plug bro you're welcome oh yeah are you excited for this build battle kinda feel like you're destroying me but come over here go for the chest but don't grab the traps in the chest if you don't want traps here we go Connor burster it's one be one I have another what do you want it's so long there you go me and no go over one real warning and guess what he was cheating so hard no way really you hate to see it huh oh that's that headshot though Oh pre-fire the pre-fight is real the fries g-man g-man knows a good building I like the Kohen through the job protecting wait we gotta keep destroying right wait why's this floating the heck do you build three Rams up before you start 19 or what do you do just start nine deing yeah you could just start an idea okay good block ah I'm allowed to shoot down like that right you are out okay oh oh no oh no [Laughter] all right all right to 2-0 me yeah what the heck I just hitched I'm so bad you're so high oh my gosh it I just been pranking 90s homie what's up just a better player just a better player what the heck the heck in Peckham second heck I fell you forgot you had that too huh I had to I had to do it to you huh for you at to like are you really going to knock me down again oh my god you're toxic dude oh that's stupid freakin shotgun thing that's a good battle huh that's a good little bow I've been like trying to get our Oregon I've been reaching out to some people what's your goals of being on an org um probably just like grow more faster and stuff you got to be careful done with whatever you do talk to me before you do anything all right yeah you're younger you know yeah they might like oh my [Music] [Laughter] [Laughter] number of times in these builds you got to make sure you kind of look for an opening in some damage you know a lot of times I'm just catching you for a second where you think I'm good keep building I'm not Oh what dying whoa hahaha try to spray it this is fun bro dude just think of how far you've come in the last year that we played that you'd be able to do all this right I couldn't even build you didn't know how to build you played on controller and now look at you oh it's a new head up into the tub well what time mr. my 9 years got high ground here comes me game broken down is that part of the rules you can do are you allowed to do that oh boy me and break rule down yeah I don't I never wore I never 1v1 build battle I meant to shoot you and I shoot you down Oh God don't be doing late-night Jack don't we do every like that you got me bro alright see you boy alright alright alright Gosha marker by the way why did I redeploy what the heck seven often a dream that's why I need to have it scrollwheel but I'm used to clicking right click no trust bitch I bet you you put on scroll wheel and you learn it in one game but scroll wheel cause what you need to do oh my god that's so Gucci so Gucci yes that's the way I would describe it watch that completely oh you fell oh that's funny bit I see us you oh no its pre fires didn't really work oh my god that was actually so funny alright alright you got high ground you got high ground oh wow I watched that one wait that's why I can't build my edit Spri pre-edited in that way your pyramid no shoes no shield I guess that's all you got where's coach JD hey spinning he's spending may play with violet fire there boy know how rude oh oh we got a close game now huh Conor nice shot nice shot yeah we got me there bro you got me there Gigi's on the one V once bro you're a beast man you're a beast yeah Cheetara Beast I'll talk to you outside of course we always have a good time I'll talk to you this week all right okay all right doc you later pal [Music]