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my life in the dance me after one no I know what tires were like what is a vodka whatever whatever you like a vodka in a can I saw you drinking vodka I'm like those little tiny glasses how are you Wolvie daughter's 11:11 I'm 21 sure yeah right a lot of you guys out there are 21 - right you sound just like that yeah all right Connor I'm gonna need a big carry so I expected super communication right here okay okay hey Jackie got him good job team we're nuts good job there we go it's gonna take him 11 days to make my entire salary hey hey we get five gifted subsidized Harper I signed I sign nothin cuz I don't have a signature we should can we use the rift and we'll go take that waterfall down Connor waterfall down or he's launch padded waterfall what's your ready get a baby you don't lose these [Music] and there goes the house 582 shield on one kick clap kid oh my god clap his cheeks got 140 health oh one guy's getting up right there yeah yep I'm gonna lay on the top of wood oh we got shot down I'm gonna let I'm insane [Music] kill tag I hear a quarter the other side actually yeah I'm like 15 seconds and watch for the clock oh my goodness bro oh my god when people look at my body chat they think video gamer no big dog Connor you don't think video gamer dude yeah when you work for at night a fortnight shirt around you they do think about laughs so [Music] oh my god yes hi I'm Chucky yo who would have thought that three rocket launchers and cleaners is a good combo and yet the high ground hog that's killing them yeah I wouldn't know what my boys were in front of me can I fly to you more people jump heading in over East we're getting down low 33 twice on that guy that I'm getting an angle on this guy right head Launchpad again I guess wait no guys play drop my shotty oh god I gotta go back together go back my shotgun no you're good I got my gold pop I'm gonna grab them whatever one's over there Thank You O'Connor you're very generous such a good guy Connor I aspire to be Connor one day I'm telling you I said the same thing man yup Connor I'm outta 565 substrate what are your thoughts keep shoving and keep up the good work try and get Jack to 900 I mean 90,000 subscribers alright it's easy all right Oh Rick do you want to go to that mill you want to risk to go to the guys yeah yeah yeah wait for you I mean yes keep up I think I'm gonna do that wait hold on Kerry the rift Connor I can't oh okay I want a double raw I want to shoot two rockets at their build and then like land on him when it calls it like when mass hysteria is Bob nah I gotta walk it out of two oh no apps to the chat for Connor did [Music] [Laughter] almost 3000 ated thank you tilted let's go Connor would you miss a baseball game for heater not currently no because that's my job and I don't get fired practice someone sent $500 if we win this game not a joke so I hope this isn't a scrim why cuz then I have to leave the game Oh just got all the way high ground I had on for 33 play [Music] now you drop low he's headshot 60 120 HP 104 104 104 crack on everyone knocked down here too three white these guys are whites and I will not I like the t-55 bro I like the team fire I want to hug me tell me what about me too in the in the storm we have to move in yo we could honestly just right right right now we can run right and just get away from nine we probably should be probably follow us right guys follow us right everyone hit that and just fly let's go good job good job boys this is teamwork right now I'm down to 250 wood and 300 metals I got a formula that we get from this Traver Kamil they might they might change the chase yeah they already come and they're coming the Edelman spy all right we got to focus on the spot fry any guys whenever once close on this border they can the guy white he's white left left side he's white he's in the camp real quick I'm no healing dad what is this man how was he cleared up so Jack are you saved all right did you somewhat come resnickie some rice on the bottom I got am I good am I gonna I got him another redeploy here I got it let's go SWAT his own yeah holy hell man what was that those kids here we could probably just run yeah sure Duggars Wall Street upper corner got him let's go bro good job let's keep going keep going there's another team right here 210 let's job we might be moving into all the action Bay soldier yeah let's play oh let's get out goes back up [Music] everyone likes coddle the pusher QuickBooks a quick honor Jesus Christ and I know worse it's gonna get about a belt cutter given to water we will then always get stuck on the right on the collar on me he's dropping [Music] they're just white bottom tonight all right of me Connor they're build battle each other last seems they're no playing great Connor keep it up bud but fighting right in here Connor last seen I stood III tv3 and they're all I think they're weak we have height [Music] he's my dog psycho I'm no match that's it boy low ground ninety shock [Music] [Music] oh my god release the plants let's go I got a hundred I mean I got it now Connor I just got the chills bro Connor is insane that was a legit pro scrim and Connor just did that are you kidding me I'm shaking I'm actually shaking I haven't felt that way the games all much better than me clothes I'm actually shaking bro Connor just got eight kills in a pro scrim bro I'm actually I'm genuinely shaking from that game I'm actually shaking from it I cannot believe how well Connor just played dude he pumped that kid so hard that was chasing Madeira for 167 oh my god eleven months ago when I met Connor he didn't have a single win and he literally didn't know how to build I had to get him the last kill me that and now look at this look at him chat are you kidding man [Music]