let's make some pasta what's going on pasta [ __ ] [Music] let's make some [ __ ] steak [ __ ] [Music] welcome to the wish house kitchen aka my kitchen cooking up some delicious spaghetti with a bunch of random [ __ ] in it you know how we [ __ ] vibe you know what we do pasta [ __ ] we go crazy we go crazy [Music] like just get hammered and run around like [ __ ] yeah like get the [ __ ] out of here guys jesse's officially pulled all the broads we're going up into the action oh yeah jesse hell yeah yeah you gotta tease a little bit you know what i'm saying let's go we gotta cook let's make some pasta baby that's good [Music] this is gonna be [ __ ] hilarious [Music] oh my god like my my cousin's gay like you guys should probably date and they go yeah exactly like what button cause i'm just gonna i'm gonna do it make sure we're not naked we're gonna go across the [ __ ] i have no pants on anymore i used to have underwear on it's not on it oh i'm just straight up with it i keep i look over and i'm like your ass is still out yeah look right there you see that and that's back there [Music] the station [Applause] [Music] [Music] hey no no judgment y'all you do you all right [Music] no judgment i wouldn't be embarrassed but i don't give a [ __ ] i would be embarrassed but i'm in an apron still do you guys like your offense do you like your outfits this is yours you guys look great i think it's the brilliant one we're not telling us you guys are knocking out the content today we're trying we're hustlers over here you're gonna make sure i respect the grind hey we're women empowerment we're showing that we don't need nobody else but ourselves tick tock's usually 30 seconds yeah 60 seconds 60 seconds it can be uh the positive should be ready in 60 seconds no i don't know if that's how the math works she was [Music] is off with the shirt apparently i don't i honestly don't own a shirt like my nipples are so fat that it just oozes out that i just don't like to wear a shirt either that's a wrap for the cooking the pasta is done everybody already ate the pasta jesse how was the pasta 12 out of 10. 12 out of 10. quick answer 12 out of 10. thank you it was so actually so good i don't eat pasta like that often so when i do it's already good but that was way better than the regular product i'm [ __ ] i am happy that you enjoyed it it was an absolute pleasure the video is out already considering live right now it's live right now even though you're watching it yeah click the [ __ ] link and watch this subscribe to the man okay we got to get this kid to 100 100k by mid-year guys 95 of my viewers are not subscribed hit that subscribe button hit the [ __ ] subscriber i will i will appear in your room and shove pasta on your [ __ ] toe you will pass the [ __ ]