hey guys it's me Miranda as some of you know I have a really dumb baby who was loud and obnoxious and just kind of a cannibal he likes to try to eat from me with a freaking purple so obviously I don't let him eat my mill so today I'm going to make food with my boobie milk so I'm so excited about this first I wanted to make is of course when my favorite snacks ciao it's pretty easy we're just gonna use milk it's so warm so that we don't waste things don't worry I will not let my son in any of this the only person who can eat it is myself remember kids the only person who can eat you is you okay so first I'm gonna dump the jello package in here and then we need a cup and a half of boiling water so I have to get back you Rebecca okay it makes the first I'm gonna put this in here mahek I've been boiling this one for like three hours and it disappeared if you're a bad girl bunk some more well if it doesn't disappear this time okay you [Music] know it says we need about two cups of ice water but it said water I might use some like Tommy oh so we just have to get to two count give me a minute it comes out of my chest the balls way faster than this one [Music] just like now I don't know about you guys but I love oh there's a hair in it I love ambrosia and bro sha is with jello when you put fun little treats inside of it some people put pineapples on top of the milk I'm gonna put something else in here all right let's put in some chickens you love me in this family double jam Maradona dip it in my testicle milk have a taste eat it it's good oh he has a nipple - do you make milk they are common if you want me to do a video making food with doggie testicle milk because apparently he makes it - all right more meat please no everybody loves a chicken wing all right so now we mix it together and now we put this in the fridge to let it sets try that little baby okay next things up jell-o pudding then we squirt a three cups of cold milk okay I'm just gonna do in a minute for me to get this no way the dogs nipple is bigger than mine maybe we should get it from Hanna okay one cup it's going three packs a cold meal we whipped it together are you guys here is the plenty should we try it out pre-colonial all right mom I don't wanna eat all things my dog's been really paint chip this whole time so I don't I just can't take a bite I'm gonna get the rest to him enjoy your dinner okay you don't like chase let's move on to the next thing this one I'm really excited about its chocolate chip the muffin mix and hope all you have to do is add milk and it becomes muffins what a steal each one you don't have to get an exact likeness on a pin to know you can just do it Harvey right and you just scooch it in the right hole here just add milk okay any minute now I'll be turning into muffins how long do we have to wait they don't look like [Music] Ripoff Jim okay maybe it's cuz it's not fresh milk don't not judging me good this one damn freak you want mix oh okay it's mine this is the which is toasted onion dip so it says the mix in the package with a container of sour cream nice onion you just move hey let's try it on first just you know we good next step all I don't have a picture that you put it in so I'm just gonna put it in this vase I just dumped off the flowers empty contents into a large picture add 1 cup of sugar I need a cup of sugar add cold water and ice to meet you court there it is okay and goes to kool-aid I'm so freaking good can you mean it smells pretty amazing no sugar and now it's pouring a meal I think that Tina together okay now we have our kool-aid looks beautiful so I'm gonna use this to wash down my dinner cuz we're making pasghetti let's get started okay so now we just have we're gonna have some pisghetti for Deena so I'll use this and you're supposed to have tomato paste but I like tomato source can use milk milk is kind of the same thing just dump in the sauce and add the milk all right some time for dinner and then for dessert we'll have the jello cuz it's been chilling for a few days that's how long it's taking me to get all the milk out of the bottle usually sprinkle parmesan but I don't have any stone mmm crunching Wow the spiced meat [Music] let's delete genies I want to eat my dinner and I'll see you guys in a little bit when I have time for dessert this is amazing I strongly recommend eating yourself okay here's my Chum oh don't waste anything man mmm delete genes it hasn't really hardened yet but there's meat in it so they'll be so still tastes good whoa look at this jello Luisana pansino is shaking she could never cook a gel this good oh I got to make sure we get the chunks of meat in a bite it's a really wet jello usually it's more chunky that is gonna beam rolls logistical note doesn't even taste one ruin the means okay well I do not recommend making gentle out of it believe pisghetti and Cooling anyways hope you guys liked this video remember do not drink milk from humans unless it is your own milk because then you are a cannibal is completely unnatural only drink milk from other animals it's the only way it's natural all right thanks for watching guys leave a comment below let me know what you want to see me do names so please subscribe and leave comments to like butts and always types of things and come see me on - woo I'm going lots of plates in alright thank you for watching subscribe hey Mari turn it off 2000 [Music]