ladies and gentlemen so many of you have been asking encouraged updated set of tour Jack what's the apartment like now well first off as you can probably tell by the echo haven't bought furniture yet because I'm dedicated to my craft I wake up eat food outputs of business calls and then I stream that's the schedule and this is the set at the moment my ten thousand plus dollar fortnight whatever game I'm playing is set up I need to get it updated chair I'll be honest but outside of that I'm gonna walk you guys through everything I have here the PCs the main thing because obviously the two PC set up fuels this trigger warning right now why our management is at an all-time low here I keep my area clean but I'm always bad with the wires maybe you'll see why with the desks that I have here in a second but first off follow me over here it's not too dark follow you okay this is the rest of my apartment there's really not much on this side I'm not gonna show you the other 60% of it but this is my main area where more spending first these are my dishes I cleaned they really they really look great okay so yeah first things first I keep this here I give it a kiss once every day this is my 100k YouTube plaque letting me know I had a hundred thousand subscribers which we did back in I believe may 100,000 and now we're at one point we have 1 million 150,000 subscribers as a recording this right now and it's mid January or late January so keep the plaque here waiting to get a really like nice way to present that because I need to family calendar which I keep up this is a one special thing I haven't figured out really what I want to do with this yet but this is one of I believe one hundred fortnight Xbox one exes it's got like the whole Battle Royale you know 99 on the front and I got this from the e3 Pro Am it was part of participating in that if you remember that was the event I got second at swap a show me Diamond Josh while I need the high ground I hate myself for it but yeah you can tell them barely triggered things I have here still I got the chance to set this up yet but it is the oculus rift gonna go into the Game Awards myself ninja and Lupo did a little little video and as a gift they literally gave us a full-fledged oculus rift if you're watching us right now I need ideas of how I can use the VR for stream what should I do with it what game should I play no I'm not playing our game I know that's a big thing but I get to be scared right here ninja new year's event one of my gifts from twitch was this beautiful little plushie this is glitch the twitch logo I bet you didn't know that it had a name shows that I'm a twitch streamer and you're not 4head extra mouse pad but this seems a little bit of a of a Heymann again I try to give this away can I do we give away with this cuz I love you can tell if you're gonna see I have a lot of Xbox stuff here it's because the people I talk to so generous oh my god this is the full-fledged silver Taco Bell Xbox one X comes with games and the controller and everything but don't get me wrong if I'm holding an Xbox LAN sorry it's a physical exercise um that would be incredible but I'm not holding an Xbox LAN right now so I'm either gonna begin to use it as my main console I want to put this one in the case to commemorate you for my event but we're gonna figure out what we're gonna do with that I need some tips now over the desk itself so this is like my streaming PC side of the desk so it gets way less in use it's like it's gonna put a little commemorative things on it first off the scuff black ops for Vantage's so it's got the extra SAP paddle to the side you can use code courage on those when you purchase but yeah so they've got the cool cut of black ops word name plate or custom plate on the front I've got two of them and then I've also got another card to give away a brand new scuff Vantage more info on that soon also during the month of November they partnered with the Movember foundation now I was going to post a selfie with this you know talking a little about the foundation but they only do it during enough like the main thing is and the pushes during November I want to miss you when this package got here because it got here a day late and I was at an event already so I got my controller but I never ran up doing the post so next November I owe the post to be able to promote this I've got all the pieces in but we're gonna make it happen placed our Xbox one scuffing it's one of cool scuff designs they have with the fortnight controller or with the four night xbox came the custom floor night controller with a little umbrella on the side big dope that's just a basic Xbox controller um you know I'd like to keep my twitch prime stuff handy twitch Prime I'm asking twitch Prime sunglasses twitch Brian crowd like I've got everything but uh but yeah I keep the desk on lock at all times you already know that's how it is but I know a lot of guys wanna see a setup first thing I'm gonna do this chair is old and from an office so we really that over there for now but now it is set up so this is right I'm Alan day I'm sitting here my camera set up there I bounce the light off of my wonderfully decorated white wall as you can tell and it just hits Brent face and makes you look beautiful when I was three now my goals with this set up were simple when I built out the setup I was like I need to work with a great PC PC company I need to have as met you know enough monitors where I can put everything I need to be easily accessible at all times I don't want have to be clicking around under certain things I want to have it all easily accessible as a streamer that it doesn't take away from the broadcast itself and I just will have space and so our first answer to having space was literally getting to IP and dinner tables and putting them together but these are anything screwed in I didn't need to screw in these tapes are so heavy but they just sit on the leg like it's crazy and then I've never even come close to knocking one off they're just they're there since Annie started I'll get a little bit more than peripherals in a second but I fixed first I want to begin to show off the pcs again trigger warning of wires to see if I'm gonna go like this hey nice so again as you guys know I work with NZXT they're one of the great sponsors of my stream and me and I love the company we've talked so much about them they've literally changed how I approach screaming I built out my two PC set up with them here's a streaming PC now the goals with streaming PC is to take all the pressure off your gaming PC to be able to run the game at its fullest potential right so the stream PC processes out everything sends it all out does does all that and the gaming PC is literally just for what it says the gaming so here it is it's got a 1080 Ti in it graphics card it's not nearly as important 1080i still a behemoth you know to having this thing it's got all the RAM you could ever need all the processing power you could ever need and it looks beautiful from the inside when you order it from NZXT it's pretty simple they make it as easy as possible to access its the NZXT build program you'll see the web set up here literally you go on it you set what game you want what your price range is it'll give you your expected frames that you'll wind up having when playing it does everything for you it's literally the simplest thing ever if you say you know what now I want a little bit more frames than that you could up the price by a little bit you can swap in and out things it is as simple as a process as possible and the beauty of it is I think so when people have been on console gaming for a long time and they want an ease of entry into PC gaming and this is exactly what I love working with them I don't know how to build pcs I don't know how to do this stuff but guess what NZXT you order it off the build site you get a two-year warranty on everything in the PC for $99 they build the entire computer ship it out within two days and then next you know you have it you've literally just take it out of the box you press the on button and guess what everything's installed from Windows you just immediately sign on and you're good to go the thing is brilliant watch this manoeuvre ready zoom elbow all right now our over the gaming PC 20 atti in this bad boy this thing runs for tonight at 450 FPS okay I'm pretty sure that I see my enemies three seconds before they see me it's why I'm so good at the game I was kidding but for real this thing's the behemoth runs everything so smooth have it I literally have it had a single issue with it you've seen on all my streams for the last somebody wants to have three months not a single hiccup perfect game play any game I play feels good and again when you rock the 144 Hertz monitor added with this beast of the PC I mean when I say that this thing is godly I never had a stronger PC in my life again worked with NZXT through their build program to make this happen there's gonna be a link in the description where you guys can check out more but yeah I had to show these bad boys off this is what powers the PC now but let's go back I'm good we're back over that so first off scented candles you never know how important a good scented candle is I'm gonna tell you that right now we've the waterfall scent that I got myself and then a balsam and cedar scent that nature recommended and it really it's a good little contrast because the waterfall is light and airy meanwhile the balsam in cedar adds a little bit more of a piney and homey feel to the apartment especially when I have no furniture for the setup so this model is a streaming pc I use a wireless mouse so I just take the mouse and put it over here I know if there's a thing where you can go ahead and use the same mouse and keyboard between both pcs I don't have it okay so when you yellow I don't have myth recommended I don't have it yet okay so I've got four of the same BenQ XL 144 Hertz monitors across the board so when I'm playing my gaming is on this one right here as expected on this monitor I will have chat and my internet for what I remember looking this monitor I have stream Labs discord and Spotify is my typical layout here is where OBS studio is because in this PC is an elgato 4k 60 capture card that's what captures the audio and gameplay from the first PC and sends it to the second PC literally makes my life so easy I've got the audio mixer that you guys saw back there that basically I run my mic through when it's time for me to stream it's pretty simple Mike comes down sits right there when I add my stream the first thing I do get it out of the way that's where the mic is I've got a little you know notepad here with some pens for running to job some stuff down I've got what do gamers get with twitch Prime this thing is now like 10 months old it's got hot sauce spots on it but you know what it's just always good to have to remind everyone what the benefits of switch Prime are even though you no longer get out of reviewing on twitch why Amazon why you have to be Amazon as to the keyboard mouse and a headset setup I'll use an astro mixer it's pretty funny there's an astral mixer with a turtle beach headset here's my Oh godoh stream that it's very basic it's my three scenes and sub-only mode you could tell what my priorities are shut up shut up the pledge clubs they might be annoying me and my other scenes basically I clicked that button when they're like play with this person go my CDs go pay for night go back see these csgo oh my god click that button and it's only my sub stocking and and then it's good Turtle Beach right now I'm using totally delete Pro - these are the this was the prototype version they gave us right for cod champs but I will say you know I Razer sent me some headsets and we try obviously love the guys at Astro so right now still you know I want to build out a great you know partnership with it with it with a headset company thinks of the future still figuring out because they're all great products but I really to work with the one that wants to work with the courageous the most because as you guys know I love to get back in the stream with different giveaways and I want that to all be part of it I'm using the final Mouse ninja air 58 this is seriously the lightest Mouse I've ever felt in my life it is I mean it feels like you're literally holding a pencil when you hold on to it this is the Razer BlackWidow chroma stealth and this is some logitech wireless keyboard that I use for that computer but I'm gonna be placing this with a 60% meaning no keep none of this none of that just that or this or this whatever but it would be smaller because right now it's huge and yeah this is literally where I get all the streaming done all the gaming done it's pretty simple I wanted a powerful - PC setup that I would have no worries about ever I wanted something that would be perfect for streaming take care of their business and and this is what we have again want to show this off my 10,000 plus dollar setup with everything that I have here did you guys enjoy this please let me know drop a like on the video it really mean a lot I know I did a lot of rambling here but why don't just show you guys you know where I'm at and and what's up now if you're wondering finally while it's still barren here I'm gonna be moving soon mournful on that soon still planning out exactly what my move date is gonna be but there will definitely be a move in the next two months 100% no doubt it literally could be anywhere in the US for are moving too so we'll see hope you guys enjoy this if you did be sure to share it did we shoot them like you did be sure to comment it did be sure to follow me on all social media including discord we have over 6,000 active members you enjoyed it be sure to go ahead and check out my store and their styling berkshire if you enjoyed it please be sure to compute into the streams if you enjoyed it please be sure to go ahead and use my creative code coach at either for night item shop if you enjoyed it just just watch the whole thing again with all the man thralls thanks but ya know hope you guys hope you guys like this i had a lot of fun making this i actually cleaned up a little bit i don't you could tell but Matt did I yeah I did hell yeah bro myself so again appreciate you guys watching if you want more info on the on the stuff that I've got on the set up a link to the description I think there's always a lot of questions and interest about the NZXT program so I'll make sure that's linked first but thanks hey you guys again and have a great day [Music]