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can anybody find somebody - laughs no yo vanilla rice that's which for every sip for two tiles advised ed mr. Alex gifted five it's working pong and Mason gifted five am I about to be the most subscribed streamer on Twitch and private Mo's are gifted five oh my god and rad man nd money gifted it's working I'm gonna be the most sub channel on twitch set man Thank You guy - thank you what is happening in this house there's too many sounds I'm gonna be the most sub channel on twitch it's happening Charlie Paul gifted five mr. Alex witness giving a $50 hallo Jeebs gifted what is going on am I the most sub channel on twitch yet chat isn't working pause breathe I'm dead oh I need that pumped it Oh - of nifty fun it's happening it's happening we're on a 669 sub trade crushing it the five that's like a hundred something gifted subs in five gets its up cross just gifted five more subs I said as a joke if everyone gives five subs right now becomes the most sub channel on twitch but we've literally just and like 15 people get 5 subs so now we're becoming the most sub channel on twitch oh my god I just got a $50 donation bet on this game where were 40 subs off of oh we've rebrova 17k subs now on the road to 18k oh my god gank oh wow the angle just gifted 20 more subs Oh kids think of us which Rob something hold on get them by oh my lord dude what is going on right now imagine what will happen if I win this game - I have to try to win this game right now Ashraf just Ashraf just gifted another twenty what no the storm zone this zone no no better than an old please I'm blown away right now I'll blow - wait it right now I'm actually blown away right now dude I'm actually blown away right now I'm actually gonna pass out right now dude I'm going to pass out right now alex is gifted twenty more subs bro Alex just gifted twenty more subs Norvin just gifted twenty more subs what's going on stamp integrin gifted five more jeg are white stuff sneaker crow joke dub what is actually happening dude I don't think we've ever had anything like this in this channels history bro imagine if I win this game to beat so we'll just give - oh my god fight just gift another 20 subs another 1000 sub trade - in a row at this rate we're gonna break our highest sub trade of all time today dude Jacob sing go thank you Ben J Mac if 210 or what the hell is happening dude I've gotta win this game right now for you guys they have to win this game for you guys bro for real I cannot lose this man [Music] oh my god [Music] yes oh my god bro oh my god dude yes how I just win during men oh Jesus [Music] what is happening what is happening man 100 gifted subs there's only one thing we can do [Music] [Music] I got a Brussels sprout it's not stopping it's not stopping it's not stopping missus is stopping what a thirteen hundred and eighty eight sub train we we did no no no Jordan Fisher just gifted a hundred subs Jordan Fisher Benjy thank you for ten more gifted we've just gained a thousand subs in 15 minutes breaking news popular twitch streamer courage 80 faints and dies on stream more news at 11 [Music] oh my god LexA girl gifted ten Martinez gifted five Troy gifted twenty oh my god I'm gonna throw up let's go if I win two in a row oddness train I'm actually insane we are under 200 subs way for a 2000 sub train we've only done that once a foreign our channels history Astro sees gift of five more subs I have never seen energy like this in the channel ever I don't think ever before you have 28,000 people in here hanging out on our biggest most insane 45 minutes we've ever had in the channel's history Oh No oh my god this is the most insane thing what the hell is going on [Music] no claw what the hell is that no girl just gifted 200 subs anonymous just gifted another 100 subs Ratman no glow with two hundred ladies and gentlemen we're officially on our highest sub count or sorry we're officially on our biggest sub train of all time 35 40 minutes ago we had sixteen thousand nine hundred subs 30 minutes ago we are 300 subs off of nineteen thousand Noah J just gifted a hundreds well what the fuck is going on dude are you guys all half this is Jordan Fisher's 100 balm from 20 minutes ago that's how behind alerts are oh dear God hey pal Yahtzee boy picture shots kid hits your shots probes were the second highest channel on all of twitch in live viewers right now the hell why am I stuck in the volcano's ass crack what's where you going pal you were so confident you're so confident a second ago where are you going buddy coming back for you boy I'm coming back for you boy yeah I try to drop down there move that fall damage that's gonna hurt uh I thought you were gonna get away from you thought you're gonna get away for free huh pal oh my god there's three staff and chat a staff but nothing to see here or go none to see here staff a nothing to see here alright so chat so what I'm thinking is we do Bible study in about 20 minutes and then we donate our entire finance bank account to people in need and then maybe later on tonight we play completely copyright free music and and and feed feed the hungry 2:22 the dough baby 220 oh my god kid it Oh buddy buddy buddy you made a grave grave grave mistake [Music]