Lupo the spend is absolutely popping off right now currently at 14 eliminations 12 enemies remaining he's all by itself in a one versus three the deagle knocks out the bill the build-up now begins a night of tag boogie bomb dance dance season 7 there we go [Music] right [Applause] [Music] boy boy perfect now he drinks his full shield and [Music] [Music] nice little ninety to one instant headshot on the links while you would think he has auto aim another flavor for the courage just took a little shot at him there it is the build-up ramesses holding single this guy is definitely scary oh but he gets the high ground what foods give bogey turn around it's probably not the right lyrics but anyway he's courage got a whole squad in front of him and he is hungry good night come on my rocket shoot dude what is this game doing right now roll this game doesn't make sense right now there's a later good night sweet princess he doesn't own any of these walls courage gets out of Dodge real quick out of there no no I don't finish the job and they don't need to because here comes curry floating in like an angel of death flare fall down below he doesn't care gay men secured the killed seventeen bomb with [Music] I'm getting turreted oh no no no more let's go we gotta go we gotta get goin I've nine kills with 63 left wait this is gonna hear chipper weeks the way he's one shot OVA case the worst gun in the game I'm never using it again best week on me well that evening me I'm getting shot if I buy multiple on the pill holy jesus what just hit me I need healing oh my god Oh Matt's back her Ginny you were looking sexy thick today don't tell my husband I said that thanks so much Oh Lupo this man is absolutely poppin off right now currently at 14 eliminations 12 enemies remaining how do you want to see him play this year does he just keep going I mean if he doesn't have any shields zones pushing in it's it's looking kind of grim isn't it well of courage we've seen in situations like this in the past he often plays with dead weight teammates like us just to boost his own self-confidence absolutely pay off pretty big we've seen some big plays today add multiple 10 plus even 20-plus elimination games in the last few days I think obviously that confidence at a level like this that's with a player like ninja we're gonna see some big plays out of him he's gonna get aggressive you know she doesn't have anything long rage right now and on top of that the boogie bombs kind of accentuate the close-up plays the close quarters combat kind of play style that he's got you'll see here he does see a team in front of him southeast one if it looks like the enemy so he's kind of stepping in here being the third party maybe an opportunity to wait for some some aggression a few teams and get the what most well up close he's been spotted somebody inside the log cabin little Timmy over there not sure we do infecting a Jeffy I can appel to Jeffy it's a Jeffy dude look out for the jumping jack what do you think of this situation it's tough you know he wants the 20 bomb there's only eight players left so he's got to kind of go go go gadget go go zone pushing into his hands about to be forced as it looks like he's gonna make his move now ninja pushing forward legendary assault rifle in hand once a knockdown this build says Bob the Builder come on home but unfortunately the players got a jump pad and engine al upset on time as he gets away knows the players on white health sees the builds down below one falls down with a pin damage remember every time ninja gets the victory royale he calls his momma and lets her know she's getting sick of it it's been five thousand-plus times now when he's a grown man this is new grab these grabs of ministerio beg her down maybe hide the bush who's gonna pay cops waiting could you please no skin and plays too many gonna pop these get the 150 that'll save him pretty much everything in a one shot with the exception of that heavy sniper rifle which we haven't heard too many times you know wool he gets cracked by the deagle I'm sure that player downloadable is if they were playing on their captives on Galaxy Note 9s engine out continues to build off the Rockets coming on and see this on Alliance players so immediately Tyler wants to get on the aggressive low ground at the moment the players still shooting at the old build you can just tell that player has a Nike lower than 58 here's a scary thing if you're ninja right now right you know there's this place here but where are the other two he's all by himself in a one versus three the deagle knocks out the bill the build-up now begins a nice of tag from the NFL superstar ninjas out of 50 HP and you actually hear the male is he trying to break up his milk buggy bomb dance dance whit's ii and you know he can push forward maybe a couple more steps and oh no planes coming in will he hide in this bush season 7 there we go ninja building on up the plane comes on in says oh oh no fly zone here folks high ground the ninja one player with a qualm launcher walking backwards guess what he's playing on an Amazon fire and stick that won't help him here 16 eliminations one knock make it 17 folks just imagine that switch Grimes graded capacitor but he wins this game the zone closing in the pressure now on ninja the waterfall builds he still got the high ground dear God he nearly takes full damage one more player 30 shields bag another shield tag as well the crowd on their feet blood pressure rising ninja for the win did it make the movement thought it was going to make who they said a call really awkward now will he drop into the trap hey buddy come on down it's your turn on The Price is Right ninja skill building got up it's the shop looking like Tim to tap and Omega log more time to play using pyramid pitches going on a 360 I'm getting way too confident here guess what buddy this guy's not a body can build Berryman's now I heard in these situations guess actually doesn't let him sleep in the same bed as her the following oh the man is allowed to sleep in the same bed as his wife tonight folks ninja the eighteen bomb are still my table geez dogs sleeping just putting that out that is true wait was that just the background what are you laughing at over there my chat okay doctor I thought I loved ninja again I forget them for reporting people [Laughter] hate the internet so much Oh Jack you okay don't talk about it no it's nicely contained in the bathroom see Jack you often on your hands how's the bathrooms really oh oh yes only a bad night's you okay too many vodka sodas once or twice bathroom you got a boyfriend I bet he doesn't kiss yeah oh my god stop stop what what happened why look for this daddy get in you fatty yaii bye-bye stop stealing all my skin I make a power play build me building rips yayi as we could say and ten but Ken did you pull it out and get the tie here two targets left and jack is already on the prowl want to get away fly away yeah that's how I was one little fatty left where would I be oh hey buddy no he pre fired the rocket jack and then shot the dew shield like the Society's I guess tonight knees elbows were clean those are clean those are the cleanest IDs I've ever done [Music]