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you get that and we get the gun above you we're gonna dominate dude dominate dominate dominate dominate dominate it's me somebody rocking out yeah he's gone dr. another one below be dead tip I got it gotcha okay getting shot from somewhere else gotta bail hi I'm contributing see their bills yep so they are are they're fighting they're fighting fighting wait wait wait I'll put behind us play behind us he's one shot look right in front us I'm the - what is happening here bingo hey go down cut us up airstrike in Amer striking him that's why I did that they'll talk about I don't want to talk about it okay okay here's what's gonna happen I need you start running as soon as you're done healing up there's a plane above us there's a plate above it I know I and I balloons I'm gonna go get it hey I'm coming out then come get me it's a hot pickup here he comes I saw this in a movie once yeah wait nope did work didn't work oh come on reset reset yes that you go you go go go go wait you bandages I'm 23 HP up I'll let you know we could switch positions I can fly it Vinnie - and you can heal yes with 10,000 IQ knock them buzzards all-white funny he's one shot he's absolutely absolutely visitors towers come up right in front of me yeah I'm gonna go around the left here bodies one bottle a snake got em open wait for Deepika are tagging about yeah do it you get a bade psychic John [Music] Thank You cab it Oh oh wait what courage JD I'm eating broccoli write anything on it and just straight up hot sauce delicious let's go tilted well shot tilted again dude I'm feeling it this time this is the one I got food of me now to about the fry is there really a plane already shooting at me bro please dude just relax it's not that serious yeah there's a freaking plane it's actually doing flybys on me right now I'm gonna try to help it's fine everything's fine it's just but it literally just flew through that tower it flew through the tower okay I just shot the power cord oh my god the plane still blinded my plane [Laughter] oh my god yeah everything's great Jacqueline Jax just let them live their lives okay play for die Balamory Alan get in my game you don't get to have fun oh my god Jackie's running I'm running I'm running I'm running I'm running I'm 33 health calm cool collected he sprayed the window subdued calm cool collected sambal damage don't be my god we bye see you Bobby up there huh goodbye no no no no no no no no no no no no Jack no no no no what happened why am i bothering myself dude what are you are you free right where I got you just just celebratory dab on me then wrap it for wood grappler 4 would wait what yes no way they want us to run the European technique well time to farm I love all the pallets in this building oh yeah incredible Oh purple pump let's go so we double your editing technique yep yes I want to look like like spider-man where people push it yeah people will actually start crying listen chat you never know when you're gonna need 29th arches of rattler simples that it's true Stephens awake let's go let's go let's go I don't care for going to zone you shot me out save me I love you I heard it I was like I have to shoot now otherwise Jax and I are we gotta go I'm not too great at same someone's polluting I got you Oh God let's go you got me got me you got me you got me got me you got me there's a bed kitten four in front of us watch bad doesn't want that we're gonna suck it in chunk bro it's fine no no it's fine sighs fine fine fine oh my god this guy still in here your technique save me oh my god I have to H speeded it worked I've no heels life to HP on my life European technique that's how let's go see if it's bending Oh gold any machine chug-chug-chug-chug please chat please chat come on imagine it come o come o come o we'll be the biggest value ever that's brick nope yeah don't give up hope yet I want you to jump off and land in this down here it all runs you down here ready yep and thousand IQ is that business it's five I'm gonna drop you four okay where you wait you see three right yeah we'll do this brother what is dead may never die I know how that applies here buddy sounds badass what is dead may never die Jack why are we getting us no sound effects no in front of 30 North East the one did and I do it up on top of the tower the little tower 85 little civil base he's gonna top down on soon probably on a push this guy okay yeah yeah European technique I'm telling you it's The Meadows is so good it's so good people don't fully understand yet but they will Jack if I can't fire my chance yes yes it's just gonna be so that's why I'm wait Chuck jump for one shot Johnny for one oh my god I'm telling you let's go you tell everybody what you saw in your chance oh my god what am I physically can't believe it chug chug for wood on the most random betting machine on the side of the mountain no one's ever used that betting machine in the history for tonight this is actually the first time seeing an Austrian right now our European technique got us here right there behind the wood up there I tagged one 423 tagged the other one 44 shield they both have to get it they've gotta cross that they're not safe I've almost got a thermal er Athens yeah even if you get up here dude oh forget about it you go it's a good safe yeah no killed in the one everyone went to the right somewhere your technique oh my god fine we'll just if mine my way off rip one up rip one up and go for it all boys just I'm just gonna fly up the mountain Jack do believe the most unbeatable strand for night when you have resisted grapplers combined you automatically win then listen up chats when you guys see those videos go up on mine and Ben's channel you better drop a like on it right away and share it with your friends I don't even is it I don't know what's in this house there's nothing in this house the house made her else what's in this house dude there's nothing in the house so what you're saying is you're dead I need grapplers dude uh okay I found a mo nice possum love it oh this tree is Christmas tree has eight shotguns underneath it oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree he's dumped on banned me over I just sang about not getting bent over now Jack's laughing walk in the perfect time I just don't want the Christmas tree to bend me over is that's my asking for too much how that mean Jack protect me I need to switch my wife oh oh wait you suing gobstoppers girl what fine Wow okay Samantha says bye-bye mom screaming someone's near me all right I'm all jacked don't worry I'm at DEFCON five I'm at Def Con alive don't worry it's in front of this kinase out of multiple bogies Chuck of dude checkup not one I can see clearly now vane is singing a girl I can see all obstacles I wait balloon from me jump that jump I just took a lot of hair been here honey minis oh my god I mean is lit up wait explain behind us play - oh God I saw this in a movie once what bra I was not 49 minutes ere what hey Abed yeah what was that [Music]