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we have to kill this we gotta kill the rest guys want to get a 50 Bob we're gonna kill the rest I got a full team I'm gonna come on no I got sniped Oh No oh yeah to the top oh what a bleep apps all right I will try something oh it worked let's go oh that was so sick what the fuck was that dude I'm your dad what what oh my god did I cute on oh my God he's so mad cute guys no get I queued up 200 IQ 200 IQ oh no wait gotta win this game ninja tabi swatch encouraged je come on come on the Andromeda galaxy is six times bigger in the sky than the moon it's just too dim to see with the naked eye wow that's pretty cool I wish we could see that I love space stuff like that bro you guys want to go to space how'd you do it that's what I want to experience zero gravity just for just to experience it you like being in water like zero gravity I think it'd be like maybe they have a similar any astronauts in the chat I know we have some probably their guys West he's by the bus 461 West I got voting is 6 is 48 HP oh my god yeah that guy was pre fine one by batch for my garage do it it to back there masa I got should be super weak thank you plane coming in oh nice graphics you knocked one guy's and tilted or this kid just choked this whole game top of the hill is on it too and in a behind a UI flag there's a guy you're my dad what just happen you know I have a roof dude I fell for my rap and just quick scoped them like midair you guys wanna rip to keep going we have like 20 lives already yeah we have 22 limbs of 41 left purple a case on me grab this airdrop come to me when you're done I got the rift so yeah bring everyone here everyone right now stuff that was building a lake I don't think we killed those guys anything yeah they're probably long gone who knows nope they're there yep I see em middle middle middle you also got a warehouse do seems like I want one of the docks out on the docks than you guys do it the factory's multi with the factories actually enough to suit our ability courage on the loading dock - guys - both really very bad Oh guys our dad look North Chris yeah well honey many how far north of a brother bill I'm pushing so I'm gonna leave you bro yep there's work yeah I'm flying away we have 32 limbs with this many left I'm leaving like let's just go for the 50 Bob let's let's go for the 50 Bob man I'm gonna get a vehicle as well everyone split Tyler where you going I'm going dusty right now okay I got a bull team I'm gonna need help all right all right all right did you get to the side where should I go I'm in the plane to write again Sam I'm super far behind dude I'm still in the storm I see people tell Beth I can help courage don't help me don't help him out some good news there's one more somewhere I'm looking for yeah I gotta go take one of you I got my kid fly this shit see you're the fighting and greasy of things for that and greasy and greasy fries no I get sniped 245 meters you'll build the next monster built monster come here in this pocket comes residency make them filled quick and I'm no silicon don't worry you still don't dressing right now you got like two seconds you gotta get there we go to them go through them yeah you can trust me bro the right here we have to fill up we gotta kill the rest guys want to go too pushy Bob we gotta give arrest yeah monster he tells us like a safe everyone's here like literally just come here there's so many players still lots are pulling above you you kill two more two more don't let the link to more delay one by monster let's go boys to us 25:37 Oh 50 151 no shield Oh 51 I have never done that I'm sorry I've never done that I've never I've never had a 50 bucks 50 Bob Chad let's go bro let me go towards that loot lake fight and monster called out three teams let me finish our second team I literally look at the scoreboard I was like we've 32 with 18 with 24 players in the lobby still I mean let's go I'm glad I'm almost like let's fly it was also like yeah 50 get that sub for the finish on 13 kills I had swell feels like it was super spread no one had like like four or five usually when there's like a pity bomb someone ends up dropping 20 and someone has like three right 50 those games like that are so rare in general first of all that's the first 50 bomb I've ever been a part of and we and we all landed we all in it tilted to you all the way the Tilted and and we do that is actually insane Wow 51 of limbs in season 7 those flip you didn't even split on spot Oh split [Music]