Jack let's go beast on the brush eres Troy oh you not you oh my god hey Tyler don't talk about it the best airstrike you want talking about it here bud here you get everything you need don't get there hey man it's okay just air strike round two but this time you don't bring us close to ground hey ready to fly me over to the left of it I'm over to left it in life there's Troy broke in here Oh God [Music] Oh Batman Bam Bam Bam pets ma'am unlocking the air strike in fortnight clickbait all right Tyler Matt 1999 wins oh okay wait a minute what is that what what what drink for every kill no I'm not drinking today it's Christmas Eve Eve bro I'm just barely getting over being Jack get a beer now or I'm leaving and you can't click bait me with ninja encouraged 2020 do it no the clip it was actually to be only 0.1% of player point zero one percent of players have done this go get one all right I'm pulling shit and back all right there's only one rule are you ready for it what's the rule the rule is every kill you get no matter what you have to stop and take a drink now you are allowed and this is it after you get that kill you have to box you are allowed to box yourself in you do it one by one but you cannot move like you can swing around your mouth but like you are stuck to that one by one until you take a drink so if there's a guy who's spraying you you're allowed to hold down the turbo build until he like has to reload and then you have to take your drink and then you can play again all right okay all right all right here we go chat going for win mm there are 200 million players 200 million only four hundred fully steeped people in history Ishod 2000 wins 2000 today today we attempt I'm present oh my god are we really gonna attempt that right now you want to it's up to you bro Oh baby baby baby this game the scar got a scar there in hotel I believe multiple he's off once more above you that shit like that the death did not just kill him I just hit him for 16 and he died okay I think I think it's not that guy's got a heavy sniper I'm looking for him we're somewhere out here some of it somewhere this way somewhere out here like like in in paradise yep right in front of me basketball girl really really blue oh we're dynamite that are just wet you're not got it up oh I have to drink oh my god twice oh me too one two there you go tell me why it's been rarely done I can play this game mother King all day one subscriber I need you to it does it all over new purple pub for 300 would write there are many have that's me I am Nick nerves wait I'm not now I am you can only see my forehead baby how's that he also gets long chat thank you so she'll pluck my dynamite my dynamite knuck one got him god that's two more drinks dude get him go so quick I can talk on top of dusty top of a Depot can you carry big shield I'll carry you huh planes in the air oh these guys on top of dusty I think are pretty good don't go too high he's there he sprained to this who's that what was that was that the gingerbread yeah okay hey two more drinks come on bill my bill time to link me go see the pad I've had on the pad I'm just placing it right here bro you want to give these guys some all right I'll uh I'll be some he'll be full cover fine with me okay okay let's take our let's take our pop shots first pop shots of rocket 20:49 forty percent one doing it place all the kill one more inside here on me he's ripped it out ones in the sky he's so weak bro oh my god dude he's doing it it's someone like he got played like a fiddle to I need to take a drink got another limb oh my god you were dancing on some of the whole time idea oh sorry sorry to the eighth oh my god I got the zipline glitch I try already drink twice the second drink was for that guy first shoes the guy kills the I've got that I got that I got the clutch Marcel got I don't know what to do okay I'm good now oh my god please drink yes I have a present we got it we gotta set it up his own what about like over here on this hill you think we should kill everyone what if we what we gotta kill last night you gotta kill that streamer that way behind us there's two by the lake 2 by the lake yeah it's really like we gotta kill these guys and like there's a free shot by the sniper it was a free shot bro she just hit this guy stayed still for a full minute half 69 shoulder 1 three guys three guys drifting three guys acting on me or where no no they're just up in the air I have a campfire for us I'm gonna drink twice really right here right here think I praise them come so look at how ptosis it's the biggest present ever four people left for win mm gases in the chat wait Oh once again if you talking oh no you never know Jack Jack yes we go to peace oh not right now I have to it's a porta potty right here it's a bad egg nog last night I'm fighting for win 2k no no no I want to join the party boy I want to join the party where are you I see [Music] [Music] [Music] Danny coming around are you out of your mind Oh where he makes that sound through those so like I don't know how he made that sound even although you can make that leave leave just leave just leave leave right now leave right now the game leave the game jack [Music]