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I almost had a heart attack just Shami the lobby bro what's going on it's tough we got disconnected from the mat sorry about that make sure you take this feel good and make sure it's good no no no go in that room in the roof with a pump shotgun good look T bro you got straight owned by TD Potsie okay let's talk sec bro no dude no no no no Knicks now freakin hosts bro Nick come on bro complainings bro come on man I'm watching my pop-up comer wait pop-up timer wait my pop-up tire just dwindle as I'm on East that's what you're telling me yeah what's what are you gonna think about on your deathbed bro man glad I got to play that Papa yeah man I'd play with my friend white ship it miss your bottom lip do everything not be able to play with you Nick once I have my kids I'm gonna do one stream and that just turned the day once that my kid and Nick's gonna rather to play a pop-up well you choose your kid over me the hope is I'll be able to maintain the to today's schools Yeah right yo check can you guys believe you've known Tim for all these years and he's gonna ditch you for something that he only knew for a day what at some point Wow that's sakes get exposed Chet my son yeah my flesh and bone flesh and blood dude now before you'll be fine though yo hypothetically way down the road the future you know maybe five ten years from now yeah you're let's say let's say five years from now let's say you have a kid right and not four years from now oh yeah three years from now you have a kid right so my son will be like three when your daughter is born right you have a dog are you cool with them getting married or when they're three [Laughter] legally over the age of 18 so we're looking probably one yeah you don't want to marry do you believe when your team just leaves you in the wind you know Nick yeah Nick something that isn't equivalent degree C and PK is on the roof of the tallest tower really fun to play with you dude really fun to play guys hey guys I don't think you're being very nice I hope you get one pump right here I will not get one pump I guarantee I kill this guy guarantee you well I'm not anyone pump I guarantee I kill this guy right now what are you doing god I'm so tilted you know Loki I don't know this is just me but when I'm playing I paint happy hour here when I'm playing on high pings sometimes the game for me moves in slow motion and I'm able to hit shots that I typically have to flick because it's moving in slow motion yeah homie you're high as hell no shots him shot him bro earlier what you mean nice job you is it the rails at the wreath Tim if we both call Rio are you right yeah we got we got tender limbs there's 50 people I've rounded plane you've killed the whole squad you can keep playing go ticker PA oh the plane just went just for the record okay I'll help you it's this Tiger skier over here oh my god you have the sword come on bro sword boys week damn these guys - holy fuck whoa easy there are bad shit easy mushroom top sorry dude do you intentionally kills oh yeah okay I'll do the same no time for play no way did you guys all just illusion everybody just looting okay God didn't know you needed help there got it got it got it holy shit I guess very soon again but I am fighting in the center look a little bit look at who knows where he is how the tides have turned [Music] yo for real rate my Fit right now how dope is this - your what you're getting your skin yeah it's terrible but look what I go in game I've got the red contrail with the red polka acts and looks bad yeah yeah excuse Malfoy here dude [Music] polar bear report me Tim loves that place and here there's a sword there let's go check it out we're gonna tail - dude go pull or you're loser whoa sorry half the lobby you're all losers he's building flats with no elevate you'll go up pick up I love you guys man we're tired of you just I haven't died you're ruining my Katie oh my god this is so sad do we get 800 gifted subs right now please now Tim go to your for night thing right she go to career yeah go to replays yeah Tim yeah you there yeah click on replays okay hello all right Tim read your read your elimination that's go from top to bottom to ten twenty four one four six twenty twenty forty two subs from foofy cipher is salty someone said my chat care to comment Oh cypher you salty bro Jesus he's so heated right now I think the temperature right now would we salt could have handle the temperature that I'm on right now that means I'm so heated this the salt would evaporate slowly sinking I think it's giving up on my body weight I'm not kidding my chair slowly sinking if you might see right now I'm slowly getting low in the camera neck lurks now now Nick it looks like it's gonna try to end it on out of here but he is uncontrollable so take some three tries as he pushes on out hasn't player just down next to them gets a 12 tagged out I'm gonna continue to be aggressive beautiful floor places and there's no stop right there aim hax coming into play as you can see Nick mercy planes flying all around them this is some shit red on a Dunkirk now with Nick versus they want them there's one there's two Kendall on Black Friday finally arrived after the shipping but now we swapped back over to cypher bk9 eliminations no traps in his inventory the man is shaking in his boots Whitley go ahead and push towards the topside maybe he's having a dream about clutching up at a for my tournament I just got two players stuff the long wish the first shot gets the tag there you could just tell Slifer really worried about endo uh-oh shield tags coming on in no complaints here cuz he's not on a West Coast rod at the top the second mini not gonna happen eyes of now a third party beginning to push on in in this moment where he goes ahead and pops it minis every one of the chats gonna check to see if they have a free to expire some available original streaming high stagnant not fair bye-bye buddy should have played it on iPad now cipher one more player nearby noses a lot of eyes watching fortunately get it qualify for the winner Royale today so this random pub match will have to do might be a low ground warrior here and I love this folks dropping on down no fall damage take it unlike me when I do that do you go down to his right does he pick it up no he does not like getting Twitter clips he must not have monetization big shield on the ground agree big shield three of them now Jim misses massive value yeah that's I mean to have that much luck is actually Seifer people he actually made it out there and like we really sneaky about it but then you just shot he's like hey I'm still here yeah and so it begins to build back up obviously slowest all ever what's good I don't think he has any traps oh and they actually called it they actually call this the cipher BK he goes to the low ground to knock the build out and watch this folks he's gonna knock this player down and get the elimination dude it's him damage wait he's the players realizing he's realizing he's realizing now there's no challenge pull it out look like I thought my dog was barking it they're moving in like wombat oh god cypher how could he clutches he how many traps yes he does one two three four BK the trap feel it Kenny popped these minis in time another spam coming out and it's a cipher slowly shitting his pants there's third party fourth parties every one of their mother are here and there's a fucking turret oh dear god there's a turret Tim what's he gonna do I mean at this point I would personally just back out in lobbyist give them a 100 100 200 IQ mind game personal cipher though actually taking this party whose advantage all the team fighting themselves this is brilliant this is now brilliant look at these 90s folks getting the high ground oh that's a quad launcher never seen miracies that traps this is it this game but he's a trap there's no possible with half the player when he's out of it when he's out of traps he becomes half the player he truly is it that's his sword for Thor has entered the battlefield it was recently added to the game who completely break it yeah - we access sword most people in the situation to dodge the sword just quit the game looks like he's gonna play the logo I don't know if you knew this you can actually right click infinitely with the sword great YouTube video but instead of a kid playing on a Kindle with a sword takes down one of the best players in the world see if we can get Jack out of the drop this time thoughts first like 80% of the time tonight thank you excuse me excuse me what do you eatin bro long sandwich lucky you got a good metabolism because you'd be as fat as me here you much not donuts french fries salami see ya this fool dick every time he's easy something air fried french fries water does this guy all he do is eat no well I eat once on stream I spent for eight hours of course I tuned into Jack's eating no surprise no surprise this fatties eating again I'm going to the deck who's buff in my ear oh yeah well that's all they can look at whole can you blinded whole t blinded oh yeah well then what all for break the budget elsewhere Tim this was wait are you about kidding where you were hiding I can't help you hang out I'm pop in the pool going I needed one more MADD Chadd did you see that 40 40 damage then you have to hit this shot what are you what are you today I got an entire calzone to sandwiches french fries yes I might I might put on point one yo what's up I eat that Oh me and my pants don't fit for three days dawg IIIi have I have a slim fast and I gained about dream about for tonight yeah [Music]