Tim the chat man hello how are you friend good how are you I'm good dude III I'm gonna be honest him I am the fry man afford I Battle Royale tonight you're popping off that's great my god dude bro like can you tell by my skin how like sweat mode I've been today yeah I mean do you want me to go a little more sweaty here um I mean you look like my cousin who just got the prisoner skin on his Nintendo switch so yeah probably all right I'm ready I forgot that skin got released okay we need to we need to take these gauntlet and chat these are gauntlet games you didn't take them seriously yeah throw this about to throw this drink okay referral of room yes no Tim we should definitely what if I'm a hundred point chicken right running around in the 100's and I'm a chicken if people aren't who is this legend dude there's no way that people think that we're good if you're running a chicken right now right so maybe oh dude this is 900 IQ we can with the skins yes okay look ready buddy you peaked as the fish and I hide they begin to rush like oh look it's a fish bot and an IP is purple school trooper and like wait it's a purple skull trooper wait that is too late and their daddy we win and we're yep we figured it out we figured it out once you know once by uh once my gasps - what's they're fighting they're fighting they're fighting they're fighting I got the guy that was outside yeah he's pushing him was gonna get all his mats try to discuss him still for me got one not nice push on that his teammates my gas by the guy I killed him a double figured that another one out there and out there we're 90 shield tag straight out of you uh yes that's my desktop I had nicely done Tim all right dry dry the ball and for tonight season eight Oh put the ramp backwards flip forever out Jackie thank you all right we're in chat pod I was here players by the way I'm using a roof instead of my rent Wow big plays big bow nuts cuz dudes there's fighting actually outside modern see that okay spicy out of applause and chat nice job I guess you really are feeling spicy man Oh White's got one pump good don't borrow your Matt's your high ground oh there you go maniac dude waterfall if you need to good keep going good all right he's got the guy out him for third party this keep going he's weak good stink stink stink feet stinks nice very very weak we'll kill it another one six down low yep play hi graphic I grabbed I have four edits Tim the tap man he's the wild card for a reason he's the wild card for a reason Tim is Hammond are you kidding me Tippett Abbott are you kidding me bro wake up liquid why you signing poach and vivid when you got girthquake out there wake up says-- wake up hundred thieves send us the checks bro five million oh fuck dog Jesus Christ I'm a wreck Wow hide in a second yeah let's go Tim that's how we start the night that's a video boy well that's a video right there video the rest of the nights bad that's it right there we're top 1% at 41 points it says Tim oh dude there's the title top 1% top 1% Rank 2 Duo gauntlet I mean it's not not wrong that's we can already see a top 1% in weight or points cuz probably be like not even kidding actually probably both oh they put you up there pushing up behind us say say high ground look at the area we just work go back to the area we just were they're gonna be up here beautiful shot hit hit hit hit hit from white job Tim what a shot let's go bro there's a guy in a bush wait for real like free kill bush forgot let's go Tim good call dude I'm some nuts right now I like it I hit him with a sniper yeah nice shot jack let's go baby nice job bro oh nice try it you play better choke that shot bro yeah you played that nuts hey bro we're back up to 47 here we go hearts racing there Timmy saying like at the end at the end of the one I did too I was the same way man holy fur all right I'm happy with that end though how's good shooting you that's his shots I don't see him oh he's right top floor right there throwing dynamite Adam just see his buddies coming in the back you see em yeah I hit it let's cover 70 shield knocked him oh my god 30 chill tag let's go Tim let's go baby start the shit boy oh oh man I don't want to carry that rift I don't want to be responsible for it I wait to risk we're playing for late game I'm just gave us a layer that we can drop down into as well you see that just you know yeah I could clear these guys right next to us yeah I just it's not worth yet we still have we solve all these rifts I mean I get starts it's you make the call tell me it's fine I think we'd play really slow with our riffs we play super defensive right now there's still 29 people left in this circles about to get insane so yeah even gotten any placement points yet you know we're if they're dying about it they're not even come towards me comes with me okay still we're okay still we're okay focus this welcome back back we have sown I'm gonna riff this terrific I'm just pulling what are you going we should just land back where we were we're in zone I'm landing on this brick Tim I missed the brick I suck are you want high ground right now or no yes I'm up you can get up to me if you want how you doing I'm Matt's right now yeah pull this over here look out here look out here go to shield shield stag on him to 1-shot is 1-shot here clinger this Tim thing of this big-time stock one I knocked one clicker myself getting a strop Tim I got another rift Tim I'm gonna rip this for you I'm done all you're gonna set its own kid hit me as like sorry nice jack keep it up you didn't die oh my god I could have won that I mean that kids sudden kills but whatever hey I'll take top three again bro 50 over 50 that's another good game Timmy boy Luke talk dusty you may be a loser but I got another tag 285 that was so far look at Luke todd dusty again east corner peeking that left that top left corner I'm trying to sit still for a second oh my god wait right here building uh 105 105 touch shots jack nice Jack you didn't get his mats just so you know you're sore zeros you know oh my god I'm choking god damn it hey bro we're gonna point so we'll 61 up gonna break out to YouTube pcs hitting he just keep it heated miscible heat it up miscible they're gonna want to fight this shit them fuck down oh my god is that this kid right here sit the fuck down baby let's go yes I got the guy above me one of top tip be careful run run here under here under 157 he said help he's gonna died of his own he's gonna dive in the soon turn around look at him he's dead get off me baby oh my god - for dynamiting us they're diabetic isn't right on come back here just back side giving him some retail right there okay don't don't replace it don't replace it anymore don't place anymore we don't know how many they have of that meteor mats that's really useful what they're doing some great play on their part you know are you are you being sarcastic 100% I hope with these kids go to church on Sunday they tell them they're out of the blood of Christ you feel like bad Catholic so the rest of the week oh my god totally right here take it over every side for Tim holy help he's got bliss take that heavy slide right below us Tim Tim Tim follow me he's what absolute he's so low dude like a fiddle bro played like a fiddle kid yeah like a fiddle idiot him I'm gonna I'm gonna hit him countable good loot all this little this quick little script we're good no Jack you have that fire we gotta get through the end I got the edit no to your left to your left good try dude I got shot in the back row but a 1066 I brought four kills at the end I got good job the two in that box that I got another two on the way you got you're crushing him in all right blows drift up 6000 Mike right do you know I just drank football - okay yeah they did no no no stop it something out here right on me death come make it right side radio Tim don't thirty-eight AG 3856 yield number shield is it a head of omitting down let's say Tim come on baby wait vehicle no shells in the sky knocks one another team on ball all right come here through minis down here should you get to me right here oh he tagged me hard 1200 we're screwed I'm turtle can you run Tim I have a ball I'm literally balling out of here honestly you should go balls coming back to you 200 IQ that got Launchpad a good take it's bad you're right right there yep go let's go oh my god like you ski fly most oh my god that was almost 10,000 IQ I I went for it dude it was dude oh my god that was we worked and they were like bulb 1 HP that have been insane hey I'm glad we decided we prepared ourselves mentally for it and we hopped on today can be a courage sheet you in the spat and the chatter just a girl faked in general bro but are you kidding me right now girl gonna die are smooth we play the super pros we 1% Tim's about to be a dad bro he's top 1% this dude's eyes offline rubs his bunions plays Wow dawg he goes through he's been losing weight doing great stuff helping his beautiful wife and guess what other kids that we're facing in these builds that have like 38 points in total are so far stretched res that their screen is literally like like a third of their monitor dog like it's so widescreen homey they could see the whole damn map were you playing apex legends these kids have been playing playgrounds since the moment got attitude they're in creative mode turtle warring all day and then there's Tim and I dog watching our calories losing weight for the summer I'll say right now any new plebs out there I want to talk shit you would never send that to us Atlanta's guess what Tim and I are both jacked we hang out with the hottest dudes we're the freshest clothes and chill out at the sickest restaurants good night Tim Gigi's Oh snack just kiss my mouth [Music]