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all right folks it's finally happened I click baited to watch on YouTube and I've been put in jail I haven't seen my family in months I haven't seen my friends and months and look at where I am now I've got to escape them Tim needs me Lupo needs me ninja needs me yeah I mean I'm asked you to chill on that one dog that ok wait for real hot alright so let's actually focus up now alright so I'm in jail I gotta get out alright guys that has been the get out of jail course hoping to joy this video wait this actually took sisters 4 hours this has been the easiest thing in my life what the hell was that oh GG good game my fat ass got stuck nothing wait so where's my goal what's mike we're about to go right now dude can I pick ax them.this Crouch actually work stupid boss think Jack thing you were stuck in jail what would you do to get out probably do some nasty things okay okay not that type of not that type of what would you do Jack Jesus Christ this has to be where I'm supposed to go whoa okay okay okay okay progress progress progress Ariana's outside waiting oh dear god this is gonna be terrible if this is how the says come on come on Jack come on Jack doing it I was here wait wait wait that did nothing for me that did literally nothing for me wait what this door can't open wait why did I even go that way what am i doing this is definitely gotta be a start wait what are those boxes what how how is it hmm wait wait yeah yeah yeah are you why I just panicked you just watched your grown man panic you literally just watched a grown man panic son is down freezing cold that's how we already know when it's here my dog will probably do it for Louie belt that's installed Ino we don't know nothing else I'm probably like halfway done with this course besides a dead edit already cleared that up oh that looks promising that right there looks promising behind here maybe all right this course is over there's no way out of here hmm outside outside I'm stuck I'm stuck I'm stuck my fat ass is stuck how fat is my character the code the code is the same as your mom's phone number Oh Gigi beat it Wow Gigi beat it okay wait should I not Crouch around those things or else is that cheating whoa which ones that I come in they came in the red one and making progress gotta get there okay I see it already I literally instantly see it you see it my mind just works that fast chat please please come see him even hit me oh why am i panicking I'm fine but just can't hit me update update the bot can hit me time I don't know if I can make that jump yeah think light be not fat Jack be light for once in your life take like think light be light do like float like a butterfly sting like a bee float like a butterfly sting like a bee look slow okay that's possible no way wait that was it you know we gotta celebrate [Music] [Applause] about time about time stupid idiot about time Jesus Christ shut up chat okay okay you know what's in that room now it's down here I just somebody life pass before my eyes up on the door here wait that that's not possible to get that door I'm back to this damn babe [Applause] I'm so smarted I'm RELIGIOUS IIIi would give myself chills I'm so smart it's got to be this way now wait said where does this lead to oh my god yeah that's impossible that drops impossible to weight that I used to make that I can make that jump but please this is impossible this this is seriously impossible - whoa whoa preemptive pod ha hey our justice song plays Appa okay this Duffus roots of this room debate this is impossible that was not possible wait yes it is those easiest remembered uh did dip so really what's it here Oh wobble wobble Hey yes okay yes I see that whoa whoa whoa whoa what's that my two fastest [Music] like this took scissors hours bro box box there's some spawns you guys your BOTS chat let me handle this let me handle this okay there's no chillers here where are their chillers don't give up go get the killer need to give up good go get the rhythm I thought you said that was bad way what wait my get up off this dude there we go there we go jump over this oh that's that that's meant to be like this I've got to get up there that's where I got to get to okay okay okay I'm overthinking this yeah I'm overthinking this okay we're ho by five dolla highjack supposed to avoid the sentries they can shoot you oh good to know that's how it's probably gotta be please I need to get out of this jailed fight re re why are you so fat another level dau baby let's let's which one should we do what should we do oh I just hit myself in the nuts oh wait this looks promising wait it's like an optical illusion it's an optical illusion Chan you see that wait this is there's no way this is me right there's no way you can make this jump yeah that's not right that's not the right way we're breaking free was so red fly-in there's not a star in heaven that we can read it but try again Oh a breaking free Oh breaking free [Music] creating space between us there's it different than true II but this is a give me Drake strength to bleep with walkie I'm not gonna read chat I don't want spoilers you're yelling down an empty color go like this do that go it's College do this good going wait it's like Africa was you fat and you do it going baby wait shut your ass up Chad not reading you dawg Oh what what Chad give me some courage gases you're in a mode only mode right now we'll make a law you guys can't even defend yourselves could it be me the whole floor is hidden traps like I'm one shotting to sound like I'm a beast dude this is the one yes okay now let's look Jack I think I have to hop right the hop around this whole room see that over there looks something like something I need ah ha ha there's no way you've to hop around the whole room there's just no way it's just a maze oh my god is this a maze this is a maze oh my god bro this is brilliant yo oh it's a maze and it's a bang off this oh my god that course is sick give me some pogs take it out of emote only give me some pogs [Music] give me a dance can you do a dance I beat a level all I already need to look at this this is a dead end because that all leads to this this this all leads to this is all a dead end alright so there's some sort of secret thing hone your senses I activate the mind your 200 IQ for a reason I saw vision I saw different Wow it's a fault it's a false wall BIM BIM that's stupid a spot I'm a young Michael Scofield was prison break right I'm breaking out of prison man I don't want to run this hallway god damn what's this I've come through the cutter ages oh I knew spawner freedoms right there suavo is my chance playing the epic music what the hell was that is that a visual bug with but I am there's no way behold in it Oh a breather I mean chicken alright that doesn't work we know for a fact there's no way that works we know for a fact the top play is not working wait this is what I'm trying to get to wait be another level being another level chat ooh progress progress progress get it Oh Parker's hog POG errs oh I'm a free man there we are did I win I beat it right is the game over No Ariana's out there dude where is she maybe she can hear me re can you hear me shut up [Music] guys this is not possible drop down it problems that easy singing never done Jesus Christ rap holy shit go don't look at me don't look at me don't look at me don't look at me don't look at me don't look at me don't look at me Oh christ almighty this just leads to this just leads to do okay great this is door I made it whoa baby go for it [Music] someday barn and rain is falling nope is it possible this is impossible this is so easy BOTS this course is so easy to do lots o okay I think that I get to kill guards at this point dude hey the fight back I get the flight back chat fighting back for my people breaking us out of here Oh baby I'm breaking us out of your chat and no one could stop me no no not on that we don't got to fight better gonna fight we don't gonna fight check boy getting out of this place Haryana needs me chat asked me up for the final stretch of this course I believe it has been intense a bit nerve-wracking okay this guy's beating me oh whoa Nelly whoa God dang it courage like a hairy thumb Oh Oh what's up now what's up now what's up now boys and girls what's up now what's up now what's up now that what's up Ted what's up Ted what's up Ted are you good what's up Ted chat a chat what's up dead please at the end is that the end is just the end right here [Music] just yet [Music] re re yes I won [Music] [Music]