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dr. Lupo fucking Jack Hill fucking shit you poor you pour an entire bowl of soup over here and your naked body and send me pictures right now you fuck again yes sir week in a row jack yes but I demand oh yeah you got dick hijacks chat put your fingers in your ass tonight cuz could be a rough night for somebody in it don't want to be you let's ready up did ya eat dad thanks for hanging out shad fuck dude Jessie's you have a child the boat yeah fucking annihilate admite to make it how do you think children colors earth oh holy shit are you going oh you're gonna play re I'm gonna fuck I'm gonna fuck up there it's where did you go I don't know you the button and I hit the button too and I panicked and I drop tilted there's 87 motherfuckers here and I have my eyes closed I'm panicking oh my god are you hitting me on the way I'm on the way wait are you actually on Durrell you're a fuckin legend dude he's topping nuke just trying to phone me but he shit shit fucking shit jack [Music] kid milk my nipples dog oh yeah wait more enemies wait wait wait wait their soccer skins he's got a gold pop ice above me to soccer skin you're not fucking dead don't play me oh oh oh Marcel hey do you want to play do you want to have a sword fight and the bad the fuck you know what looking for night you in a sort of I did she wants or fighted up 12 smackers I smacked swords together didn't see wins I'm just gonna look to look me in the eyes and make eye contact for a prolonged amount of time a sword fight squads dude how you name it sword fight ever you know your digs [Music] I hit a motherfucker off of hoverboard oh yeah sorry I'm also happy I'm also halfway across the map I don't figure it out usually ball have a campfire for you here I love you boys get to me I love you but knock BAM five by five minutes literal father I need you to put that jug so far inside me alright that we're married son you shouldn't do that sadly are you shooting it nerds in the air what are you shooting at they're all the debate knocked one I'm dead don't worry don't worry boys and girls a buzz here versus s I didn't thirst him I got it now they're all their dads okay okay so oh yeah see for my ramesses and above you and above you right here thirsty thirsty thirsty thirsty cars thing you don't know always come back to you one shot Jackson out to HP in a dream are you spamming the fucking Marcel stop or so please moving you're moving there it is dude one down Marcel picking it up brother help your boy courage out just get it doesn't mean it's the fucking god I haven't seen a sword yet what even is this mode this boat is the swords mode but I haven't seen a sword fuck the sword drew my real life is a sword mode ruptured welcome every time I wake up in the morning get in the shower boom the sword dude hmm I don't know what that really means did my dick is sharp all right you see my nickname in high school Jack sharp peen Dunlop no sharp big sup man how you doing hey what's up time you poked that girl's eyes out yeah yeah what I know I was there I can't see out of my right yeah across your chest yeah yeah drizzle sriracha on it oh god yeah spicy I eat it with a soup ladle yeah how much how much eye contact would you make you're married man I wouldn't make any suppose be sexual no perfect I want you to treat me like like I'm like you're paying me that's exactly what I want put two cucumber slices ovaries no I can't Abraham I love you better in fact can you yell at me if I do look at you that'd be great hey why why is Bert the big hurt in this game wait what I thanked the bus driver bro we gotta kill them Bert Bert I love you but fuck off Chaz you know if you say his name three times shows up midgets hyper ninjas hyper nervous Judy is real did you say what the fuck you say to me you little shit you kiss your mother with that fucking mouth what died just now fuck you I bounced off of you what's just happened I just double get it these bitches what I'm sat down and hit the top of your head and fell I'm so confused right now oh that kid just gave you the dick in there so smoothly that you didn't know side to you until it was too late uncle bogeyman let me defend myself or so I think no matter how you phrase it gonna be kind of one of those let's not talk about why don't we get the worst two possible guns so I just get fucking boogie bumped to get a style murthy garage there's three little joshy's but to give you the spicy PP bumps over cow that was weak I beat her down earlier heavy shotgun dude this real fuck you shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit you did I'm a god dude get off me get off me I'm a fucking legend per hour do you not know who I am Northrup oh yeah you got a full clip okay judge me that's how you take 14 faulty so when you guys wanna play you know I'm not doing anything I think I'm doing so just just tell me dude I think I'm playing card with Connor and ogla I think we're gonna need one okay good okay what Connor though can you spit can he spit 100 tier threes to be honest could probably afford it yeah you bought himself a pair of a B partner stuff like a $400 pair of Yeezys wait what oh yeah he's got a supporter creator code everything used to be wait let's discuss something very for right now while they're all sleeping go on while the UK people are asleep chat can we all clown the fact that they think that that breakfast is good dog what the hell is that breakfast dog in the other room I do not want to die please wake up dog British people really go to go really wake up and say I can't wait to eat this for breakfast I can't like have some pig's blood sixteen hundred's we got twelve now Jim holy Sh chata says stay in your lane Jack yeah that's those fake British people Oh what are you lazy I hit him with a 392 sword dude by the way Jack Simone called you of an uncultured swine sure she did ask her how the American Revolution went even though jack is crashing UK breakfast you know he's still went back for seconds I definitely back recycle and the hotel we don't we say that when a London had fire eggs so yeah those eggs and soldiers dog and soldiers you didn't even know is that like a car Marcel please educate this man before I literally flank on him it's like it's like you take an egg but you don't cook it like all the way so it's like in between solid or runny they'll run in the middle yeah and then you dip toast into egg and then you just eat it oh it's that actually is delicious the spirit now this kid is literally writing a book right now on how to do long wall the places that no and wall ownership and this is like a fucking master okay to the how did the Americans we don't Simone asked I wasn't alive ask Lupo how it went super big oh yeah Wow me great damn Robocop Superman get me Jack Jackie and automate as me when I do that solder ball I lead to the left a great day no you tell Simone I said that have you ever seen have you ever seen a dick dick been a dick dick yeah okay what the fuck yeah yeah okay it's the cutest animal in the world I'm going to Google right now but I'm not going to go and Google dik-dik addicting it's the cutest animal literally in the world I want one it's like a tiny fucking deer what is this I told you bro it's adorable don't puke bro bro literally I saw dick dick what's the real life I was like oh my god I want that dick dick in my hands no no you did not oh my god I want to shake my hand no no way you've seen someone of the grab did they take I want to give it all sorts of kisses and stuff but the fortunately dick dick was a wild animal he really instant walk that Jackie that was gut fly Jackie wait that was like gun fly like optic gun fly who used to be on optic well we got in this mode find I told you I'd dial heck up dude i attack nice job doc told him that you were talking shit and now he say so he said optics he said the boys out dude he said optics player that got that when they he's no longer part of optic you know yeah fucking he's like you want your spot back go fuck jack hey Jack what color the dick dicks coming uh well here's think dick dicks comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes but my favorite picnic is one that is just fun light-hearted and full of energy and just pulsing you know ya never seen a baby pigeon they don't exist say what pigeons are government burrs wait what during the government shutdown turn the government shutdown did you did you see a single pigeon no I did exactly exactly pigeons are our government engineered spycams yep have you ever seen a baby pigeon they don't exist bro bro bro this is the bucket tinfoil hat shit that I don't know if I can have right now they hang out at popular places malls yeah okay streets we get some get your thinking emojis out chat go on so easily trained to carry things like letters and espionage secret note okay okay you can't just teach a bird that kind of felt I heard another one of this but I don't think it's racist well let chat and also twitch admin side go on I don't think it's racist this is the other what the other one was have you ever have you ever seen a pregnant asian woman I mean I just with the a what the other one was I have I have I have I mean I don't know I got better with that one bro your bill probably she's probably trashed dude look he was shit okay mate okay I'm here I'm here and his teammates are shit and his name is little champ 2:42 he just got back from his baseball game I was eating a popsicle and just want to play for a night and that your that your pounding your chest my big moments my big moment chat what's up push me okay okay okay holy shit about the montage you nerd c'mere you just don't everything [Music] wait the sweat isn't it oh yeah you kill Lou boom guess what booty hey hold up hold up listen Rock seemed a bit dance Marcel you think I can kill these guys absolutely thereby Oh oh my god Lee shit about the montage come here you just gonna lose like [Music] clothesline hold me that was some WWE type skin if you're not in inside my house right now we have a problem like they were you like fall up like a scooter oh he's got played like a fiddle buddy get clotheslined Oh God it's get it you bet clothes got tear what's going on word thing worth it are you work but watches sandwiches you some even attica mom on there but what wait what chat what when your father doesn't shoot a Hey when you pump my - hey hey wait you ever see in your basement gentlemen repeat you have motherfuckers repeat these motherfuckers in the basement my fucking baby fuckers in the basement ten-four Roger gang that's a 150 136 that's the 150 guy you're definitely just gotta make a hero play impulse this guy kill the guy ballooning pour that fly the fuck away you're eco dr. Lupo now left in e1 versus 18th we are here for the grand finals of the fortnight well tough as he could see pull through the swords on the map close the pit bow and arrows now engaging here with blokes he looks like cloaks he's gonna go ahead and try to box him up to see happen the team dr. Lupo moving forwards now we impulse play the lead there's a VM from dr. Lupo now just 11 enemies remaining dr. Lupo he is absolutely hammered right now folks he's up to but lights what's he gonna do as he continues to try to push on forward Lupo dropping down he hears swords all over the place is surviving him the Winter Royale you see here only enough mass the middle two versions of the Taj Mahal the build-up Allen has players just above them one dropper 88 enemies left look at these bills oh my goodness deputy derp two six Infinity Blade kills erased half the dam lobby people pushing forward gifted subs coming on in multiple people and shadows beginning to pants and realize that their QuickTime sub is now available who are they going to use it on the question remains if Lupo wins it imagine the sub train that's gonna happen now on the high ground dr. Lupo shoots at a ball I don't know he is tickling miss Dublin's balls right now oh dear God folks there's the bow and arrow again looking like fatness Everdeen waist that's me and Tim back towards the chest is gonna open this up slurp juice will drop on the ground no siree as dr. Lupo [Music] Oh Oh bro fucking nerf the sword and you think give me the dick again give me the fucking dick bro give me the fucking dick bro fucking dick give me the MTG team give me the fucking dick bro wow that's gonna come up in perfect times holy hell I'm so glad I'm so good I have to you give me the fucking dick Superman oh yeah what me great damn rowboat go Superman get wobbly young jockey and automate as me when I do that soldier boy I'll lead