yeah [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] well you guys are iord so hard you broke your headset help ed in the superior gamer dude oh my god I'm dead alright I'm not but you're not going stop that cheating first dicks coming in did Nick oh my god I'm your dad kid I got your bet don't worry someone's gliding above me yeah that's the guy just shot at yeah wait these guys are cranky 90s when we shot in the back right now from there he missed the shot but I didn't do 22 those children I'm sorry what was that you want to get the chills right now I thought you just asked me if I wanted to have a Gilbert look I'm not even kidding oh that too also yeah what's up dude Oh team on him team on him I can't show you that where you want polar peak oh Christ why not to go up there quick hold on I'm gonna read a comment I'm gonna read a comment from your chat the first thing I saw and pulled the channel up courage the lupa both suck at the game Kurt should stay talking to the actual good players and lubos should go back to parenting fear is the only decent one here shout that guy sync sy and you underscore beep check hey yo hey yo sync holy water anam a sick here's that attention you order Dawg listen up homie I swear right now see me in creative dawg my NZXT gaming PC I get so many frames that I see the future oh me you wish your 90s worst fastest me you wish you'd be done soon chicken parm like me Dawg you sit down there right now with negative 3 follows because guess what you wish you had this skill homie I'll see you with a skirmish dog and guess what I'll be above looking down spraying buy a cake see keep talking that tracks online and you wouldn't say that to me at land cuz I hang out with the hottest dudes chew up the fanciest restaurants and where the dope is closed watchin since I get chills ready Wow he's cranking them look at this I'm above you dog what's your name was like it same sink something whoa oh is this is a sink huh watch this hit him with it hit him with a dude boogies nineties jet flying flying dude flying every pot himself but it's all good well there is three serious hello Timmy nice to see you I think Ben's alright Benny take a second wait go ahead I just put this vitamin C tablet in this water because I think I might be getting a little cold coming on and you know that was taste bad can you tell me it won't taste bad jack just close your eyes and open your mouth and it'll taste oh this what you said the last time we were alone yeah how was it how are you doing over there Jack was good for you what's going on I didn't last that long Wow do I need to put the dark mode thing up real quick or what's uh wait wait this guy's inventory I'm just down I'm down I'm down I'm down Oh number ninety they go on four versus four casts it Jack let's go ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the fortnight World Cup eight hundred seventy four million dollars on the line here courage fear and self and Lupo up against mr. savage M mongrel cloak CMT fou the bill battles in the mountain just above courage already cranky nineties this man is a madman remember stay tuned folks ariana grande's post tournament performance starts in just 30 minutes courage now building up distracting to evening Adam gets knocked down for a second Lupo on the build up dirt and fear to follow Lou's boat building up towards the high ground shots coming in there's the snipe from 12 meters and it's an all-out war folks Dwayne the rock Johnson ready to commentate this game as he's gonna build up towards the high ground one player panic grips this is for all the marbles folks remember whoever wins this game takes control of Epic Games fear self dropping in is true players their fear he hasn't been a mainstay in London since halo 3 in 2007 now Bert dropping in as well I got a chopper in the car Oh Rick Ross from up abhava courage gets the wall the edits come in he fails it his fingers are too fat it's a sign of things to come probably provide move now their birth fear itself building he's got the out of control now goes one courage flanks the other Oh Timmy later not ladies gentlemen tune on is right now courage JD going for the noscope the slight whip there doesn't matter he's trying to pull up behind his opponent get some tags and shoot him literally through the build WOWY fall jam you know that players just smash this keyboard Jack do them do it do it good lord I wish I wish my lucidity right now I'm begging some opportunity right now bro I'm crack I'm begging dude you know what fine requesting a pterodactyl screech you push this player play [Music] Oh Oh go back to the x-games dog whoa [Music] just celebrate this victory Royale I'm gonna go ahead and read closely stream title right now oh here we go slimmer faster better-looking version of courage JD cyberbullying me chat wait cloak is a new one they said that cloak is their new mom Jamie nugget 700 bit cheer said tell courage she's fat and Telmex for me please that sounds like a desk slam to me no thank you oh my god I got a hospital be good immature at 5:45 oh Jesus turret target target I can't see him the smell oh my god let's go oh you hit you hit him oh yeah no shield you got it GG and I said Gee Gee Gee Bert's the big hurt first the big hurt Bert the big team inside Vivat Vivat what how did you go over there I'm a big red Bob dad oh I'm actually dead I'm dead devil hunch punch ah yeah yeah I do I did med kits did you what oh my god oh man poor Jax go sebas from bought up Oh timing I can't make this up I'm just cracking now dude do you see my god wait Dennis gonna show you what I've been working on no for a sec look look you're insane yo oh here here here's the mini I think I can finally ask you are you a partner oh yeah I don't know how I just lost 70 helps anyone ever get tagged me in a medkit I have to that was an awkward fight I got my ground where they look there's a medkit down here all the way yes guys I haven't seen you guys yeah I don't know where these guys are just three that's three today click this chat clip this please that's not what I wanted me to get outside more guy like alright hey it's good yeah you said you with a rocket launcher yeah Tim is this him that we're playing with yeah I 10 kills most of the team and I felt my depth seven times yeah we felt bad for you so you want to pad your meters oh my god I took I took 1800 damage that I've never seen that in my life of playing this game well see this yeah my bloom is sick what upstairs put my fruit away beer me got a shotgun do I stab him in the face yes where do I go for it what courage do oh wait you did have you done that what [Applause] shot at me oh yeah out here out here one not oh my god courage I had to undo just for that please soccer scans and everything I've been reading boy [Music]