she just walked that like them so I'm just gonna meet my mic city and I just have a few kids of my own what you want to drop oh you picked sorry you pick on my floor at 3 o'clock and then I moved her to the couch it's not happy with this woman oh when I can yeah what do you like about it I did not say any minute Connell I like this place be honest sometimes people of confidence put it somewhere I see them inside this thing I'm terrible so there's my daughter all right I had to do this I'm scared eh I don't see him yeah shotgun in here [Music] yeah I hit him for forty two shields job on the back [Music] only one pumps me to the head must add eagled man but they miss account I just started somebody's coming in on me or is it you know there's two people going to our old video thank you I hit the one guy for forty to shield you think we should push them right now okay hit him again for I think I passed there we go I'm right over here behind you I'm gonna light on this guy boy I miss I miss okay I knocked them yep happening out here helping my older daughter screaming upstairs so that means somebody just killed her she's playing fair he's playing for nice this is the nicest woman I've ever managed everything so nice that you was that you finish just run along are you ready rushing out holy cow happening Oh out here I need help right up here her old bill again there's people fighting in our own I mean it's gonna go [Laughter] yeah I know who you are [Laughter] we got a win now watch your back he's right there in the house yard that's great thank you so much for playing with Gigi you're good I was like oh the boys changer so my voice was deeper that's why that's great why it was very nice to meet you tell your daughter I said hello and good luck in fortnight thanks for being so great oh shoot it so much I'll definitely support your as a creator thank you so much hogs smiles great first game Moo dice ladies and gentlemen my County TV YouTube IG supported creator Facebook is undefeated [Music]