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Hey are you there yeah I'm here let's go a pleasant house how's life been yeah you know can I admit something to you Aladdin I'm off from work today for a Martin Luther King Day but uh I work at a bank I've been stealing 50 cents a day for the last four and a half years that I've been working there okay I'm worried what like do you think I think they even notice or what oh well I'm actually being dead serious dude bro that's that's not a good first impression no it only gets worse for me oh no no no no come on Kyle adora I like your name you sound like a World of Warcraft character pilot or sweater those Republican wait so it's Kyle a door like a badass and in the show or what oh yeah can I tell you something sure I think Star Wars is the most overrated movie franchise of all time I did you did oh my god I could tell he liked you already here come take these you deserve them so what's up them you got a you're off from school or what Oh today Monday no I don't have college till tomorrow oh nice are you in this building Jenna shotty I'm dynamite hangin with my buddy Oh upset and I go over there huh yeah my being honest might grow up my girlfriend and I play a lot yeah put your pushing towards this watch out I'm Dana I'm pretty bad this game I got it this month yo bro that's what it's all about though you gotta yet you gotta get better you know I love fortnight favorite games I've played since the first day it came out so I hope I'd be pretty good you know it's pretty good though huh after Dan like all those like videos yeah I think the big thing is like they're just young you know full took my golden lump I mean let me pull this up my gold fuck okay you'll take that mini right there make that mini shield right there and then use those bandages go ahead and I'm gonna swap this with mini shield I'm soft that means good mini shields right here my girlfriend is the same thing hope she's here what's up hey babe oh [Music] sorry she's real you got a girlfriend no smart have you ever won before twice hey wasn't me that one like one get my garlic I think for five elimination it's pretty good see Mike you seem like a smart kid thank you can I ask you it seemed like real good oh thank you okay come ask you a something bank related but something that I always like to ask him just hear people slots on I don't know it's a pretty simple question it's uh you know what are your thoughts on the global economic differences between triple a powerhouse countries and they're growing established GDPs and the less-fortunate third world country so we're struggling to get out and evil footed product that cannot only grow and build out into a flourishing product in the industry but also be something sustainable throughout the 2030 to 2040 decades okay I never played rip I did play World of Warcraft and you know played it once or twice but I will be honest Deus my blood elf rogue was a mythic level Raider and a top-tier dps on my Rhian my realm you know I do like to go outside from time to time and get my fresh air but for the most part I do spend it gaming you want to hear my pterodactyl screech yes thank you thank you yeah I spend an hour and a half every morning in front of my mirror perfecting it you ready to rift yeah fall down towards this house is all the way out landing there don't worry we're teammates dude we got to stick together okay brother good through death say I loved you do you love me pretty John yes see this is a listen we now we are a packed by blood we are blood brothers image people say that I sing like the male version of Beyonce I've never heard Beyonce but I'm sure that's a big compliment you've never heard Beyonce no I'm sorry do you have functioning Internet yeah I do have you ever heard of never heard of ariana grande I've heard of her I've never heard her I very people talk about I've never listened to the music have you ever heard of country Greg who's that have you ever heard of Drake I've heard of Drake syrop right I think that guy reps I think that guy wraps I think oh my yeah I'm chug chugging yeah you're so what music do you listen to basically watch a movie and I like the song in it I'll listen to it you know or Viner like a song I like a dance video or something where it really anything let's go let's go yeah a lot of people do that yeah I like the Aquaman and head like ocean ocean and I listen to that everyone hates it though cuz it was like a ripoff of Koto's left arranging hmm that's cool here eat these okay listen here I love Drake I love Ariana Grande love Beyonce I even ever you know yeah yeah for sure post Malone great marshmallow you boy marshmallow I listen to Mars no yeah there you go marshmallows a cool dude right yeah yeah super cool with that DJ stuff mm-hmm has anyone ever seen his face though like did he do read it well have you ever have you ever seen I never heard of Timbit at man oh I've seen like I think I saw him in a YouTube video on like ninja or something yeah yeah so Tim the tap man is secretly marshmallow oh my god yeah it makes sense now yep happy Oh I'll ask you this have you ever seen Tim the tap man in marshmallow on the same place no no no I mean oh you like my skin Thanks Ali's pretty cool wait you want to some really cool c'mere c'mere come inside this box okay take me there okay be careful we're taught almost top-ten dude we got to focus up now stop stop stop it flirtin with me okay I'm taking I have a girlfriend sorry hold on give me a second I gotta hide my girlfriend wants more kisses mmm I love you and you're so surreal no no got him don't worry oh my god we gotta go we gotta stay down stay down you're really weak I will okay I know bro we're gonna do this - if we're gonna do this - stay positive I see I see where says oh they're right here oh there's so swales bro there's such a let's bro good try would you save me a kill by hand what do you what are your thoughts on switch dreamers sounds like a fun job right what if I told you I'm a switch dreamer here I'm gonna add you okay hello Kyle adorn welcome back alright see so you said you don't believe I'm a twitch streamer I don't know man I met one they don't seem to be like very cool people and you seem like a cool person alright listen Kyle a door you have a phone or a computer near you I do yes I need you to go on Twitch okay okay I'm going on to it so type slash twitch up to B slash courage okay courage JD my same in-game name how do your gun Oh No okay yeah a lot of viewers do you see me am i there I'm singing in oh yeah that's cuz you know you know you're not sub to me but it's alright hey everybody listen they're big fans of yours bro oh my gosh you're huge streamer oh thank you you think I'm you think I'm cooler than the other twitch streamers you bet yeah a lot cooler tech yeah alright you want to get a win together now yeah Thursday oh I asked them to tell you Kyle adore I think you're about to get exposed do you think my girlfriend's real or not no I'm sorry then rather girlfriend do to the forever love I bear you it's tough out here for gents like us you know we just we just see that we just need a thick mama to hold us down dog we don't got nothing man it's us again it's us against the world homie okay we'll find our queen one day oh god we got enemies here dude all I'm is a crossbow the worst got ever to try to enforce this will be my third one alright can I tell you something sure I have two thousand one hundred seventy two wins how long you been playing since day one I made my account September 26 2017 which was the day that fortnight Battle Royale came out you know wait a second this means you don't work at a bank he just realized yeah yeah I definitely don't work at a bank nope got any tips wow I can get a girlfriend yes I do okay just stay inside all day okay okay and pretend no one else exists and you'll get one right that got dark pretty quick what I've been trying as of late is just I just I just kind of go to the bar like I'll go to the bar by myself and I'll just like go to order a drink and just leave my grant page open and hopes that like one of the girls will see like my Instagram account and be like oh this guy's cool you know is that probably not smart well you think they'll be in it for the wrong reasons that huh whoa dude woo just sprayed through everything bro hmm that's how dude all right Kyle a door I need you I need your energy bro can you give me like a pterodactyl screech I got it earlier no dude come on help me out here so a little one sit nice dude let's go notice you're missing four you sure you're beautiful you're beautiful you're beautiful it's true I saw your face in a crowded place and I did not know what to do I will never be really well eight out of ten to the ten I'll take that yeah every time I sing my ex-girlfriend would throw up so that's good that's good that you said that yeah she said my singing voice was so bad it would physically make her ill so do you know jay-z yeah I don't know what he does but I know it's name city you just don't really follow much pop culture then limit saying the SUBSCRIBE so now I respected and I respected pretty much just only watch the office oh good show here 116 yeah how many times have you watched the office oh man it's definitely one of my favorite comedy shows of all time for sure might be my favorite show of all time hey you got good taste Gabe you go with your very character I would say Jim Jim or Dwight I just love how much Jim trolls like drunk master thank you Mike said welcome he's my filthy oh god I mean yeah he's got to be - all right brother listen we've got a lot on the line in this game and we've been we've been throwing out talking about it's the office but now we got to focus up you get nervous when you get like the top ten we're gonna fight these guys - um I hit 11.1 let's go from good job good job bro good knock let's get it you got another one shoot its to be one bro he's right here he's right down your brother Freddie dropping me three two one drop jumped up a couple we got him let's go Congrats good teamwork though how many kills you have oh let's go man it's a ten bomb right there yeah let's go dude proud of it proud of you bro oh how excited he is that's what it's all about of it I love it I love it I love it I love it dude I love that [Music]