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oh look at all the recruits oh yeah yes gonna be a really good game I think the bus driver tear-offs remote Wow yeah oh yeah balls of steel you know what I had to tell you that was delicious that I've never had before guys crimewave tuna salad oh boy tuna so good luck bro I'm Ellie that's like yo no it's point no one hey people are landing with you guys Nolan poor I'm coming polar filet top branch off cool polar branch off football okay yes sir yes sir yes captain cloak whatever +2 I might be there scarf it is so good every morning I eat a tuna sandwich are you know or like what uh thank Lunger no that's like screening face with some celery in it and tomato and light and never leave this building uh toys really this woman about I never lose yeah psychopaths and probably foaming at the mouth when they realize we didn't go there Geoffrey said they always go here so chance Sudha Steve what the fuck do you know cerebro this awesome they turn around alright let's just look at the plate yeah Larry Joe that's it I want you guys to understand that I just heard it I'm a player a rift on top of me okay what the fuck is that okay so most of my West shitting me completely yeah one beam one beam yes I am wait wait what's going on have it at one oh no this one time it's two of undertale yeah you too I got one wait that girl okay okay yeah don't me to status it but slurps you already use it you want to carry these drops I'll give me nothing I can't carry man just you're carrying bandages over this yeah I got ten bandages three full pots oh okay I mean you can give me the same fuck all right go ahead yeah pretty good start I might go to the plains fun if it's not there I apologize and I'm gonna do you pick up I playing blew up actually all right there's no planes there we're walking boys I like this one there's one that's just rendered in okay I love you yeah there's team hammer leaving you know I at real-life mountain too good dude that's why you eat one every day top of tree of life building up he's not thinking about a minute they build battling up there yeah they're fighting oh god I didn't drop I'm dead so that happened maybe nothing courage can beat the time when I was in a plane and game and I drove into the storm was gonna buy my way back it's tough it's tough moment right there nothing you're gonna be that's why you guys can hear the screams from I don't know why kind of one-up me right now but I pop a slurp right now probably honest I should catch the main gist language oh my god - I got I got some passports - boys they just came out of 32 shielded by gun David heavy Simon back those to wipe these guys you're loading think on that I thought I hit for shield white damage I'll get close you guys have a chug chug now there's that full you can't right yeah I'm gonna get the full of what I have here wait yeah I have a slurp advantages anyone else Caracas rockets hi Baracus a to launch pad still we have to go home we have no plane we have to go far we should be able out no we can't run this we need to go to the quality wait no we have launched I say we launched you play good Quad Squad squats why is your plane here look at his own weight shut up a drop here what my two pads probably to be honest I'd rather just pad no I'm gonna fly we don't do that sir can you go check out the plane spawns for us yeah good actually wait courage come to I'll come up here because it is a quad up to over here Jeff it was in fact planes here muffled on your door has arrived folks wait put the office 7171 play i feel mad five mad seconds for you we should make you go to their farm no we got 25 seconds go go high go sighs oh hi go hi senator Tyson very healthy there's 71 left oh yeah I'm about to get shot at I already know it I'm diving I'm diving bridge baby should I tagged out of the plane or what you guys gonna go bridge or what right here guys that don't good I don't even have the map that he'll throw my fridge Oh [Music] Kagami wait watch president eat my dear I'm fine white damage on them okay I might need help bro okay send our boom box yes my son my boomers get out of there boys another he's going to more dynamite dr. bass I don't know where I kind of feel bad just heads up I have no healing right now I'm not counting any what do you mean you feel bad they were under the bridge hiding and they just jumped on me okay well I don't feel that bad I feel like slightly bad I feel bad right and then they just jump out it will bridge the whole time did yeah she's a pain gotta respect the presence trying to be now how much ammo you guys awesome forty-three shield back up there 24 steel tagging one more shell pack in the best wine never game Jovan by the plane look up look up he's trying to take I got clothes on slow by slow God the other diving firm I think the diamond from the diamond from taxes should be Debbie old he's got two words to go he's got her to go shuffle deadly back does this is stacked already be careful I need me I'm just gonna come to you I don't have any shield I'm gonna fall I got a noble this shit out of me did oh yes sir I would like one W if you would like to give me one yeah popping all this we know really gonna live damage my bad yeah I'm done thinking sorry the guy lasered my tits off alright listen I'm gonna edit a window 300 and we're gonna shoot this guy you ready yeah we need to try our hardest not to take damage yeah nobody wants you but uh you know on four we go back I'm sorry baby balls please going up to your base are basically like gone well I'm down to put 70 health of total one over here make some innings when it goes if I am 70 to go flying about one minute absolutely thank you sir ain't that it always good it's so laggy oh my god like you can live for did die before ever heard you shove a launch pad correct yeah dude we got clean up clean up in the other rift right yeah get rid of that plate goodbye every soft wash what the fuck are you guys doing stop please edit thank you very laggy very laggy and I want a knock one nice in the build over there southwest nice alright throw that all that on that does it will go yeah yeah I think we should all just go over that we should all go over there order it I'll go over there reporter give us a deal here - what's the deal bro I just I just did it again with the the heavy sniper arrest rings I ran the risk side of a one-story up where that everybody can hold a boom box we're gonna go we go I don't have a rocket ball - anymore yeah one guy hard-on yes yeah yeah yeah dev I'm laying on a million Rhino golini today I'm many high a thousand percent I'm use the big of using the big I got to I got two more best guys oh my god I slowed my Launchpad shit boys more matches you're not mad oh my god if you're not back Bobby's insane fucking sickest lobby ever returns to us our chose to help rip just back for wrist godmother to back for its that perhaps up kids go go down we're going down we're going down yeah you want to land porta fortress or just float for now Laidback landed this total guys so a guy once one shot once one shot 3 1 to N 1 and so we grow little boxes coming down we got I'm gonna risk a white cloak yo you gotta be in shop got goats hit markers on one ripped wood sealed off big-time once waiting on me right now waiting behind behind them to drop the doctor drop to the tub tank we're good we're good we're good keep the petite branch you keep reaching got one one shot dead Jimmy is on high ground I got hang on a moment-to-moment above us right now told ya the bad guys off the top the top filter chi bubble talk to the guy on me pump 480 480 these doors close down couple end of he's down he's down got him dog no no no I'm coming up right now trying a fake name themcallens pull up pull up I'm hundred hundred pump rodent brain inflate them let's go boys 23 31 31 Yami their squad are we to duty that was that game was that Lobby it was nuts dude ro I wait how many assists you guys have I'd 12 view match stats right there i ten bro we were were team that like our comms right there like beaming everyone together was perfect bro good job boys now is probably one of the best ping scores I've seen no wait you guys know why though you guys know why though I mean I want to say it's my first time playing it so you know I was lucky I said it even before we popped off that's how you know I'm not just saying that we won you know like this is a little one appreciate that midway through that shit Turner just goes I'm really the lobby so laggy you're like I live for this shit I love that that's so much fun the bathroom yeah yeah courage don't forget the celebratory helicopter [Music]