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hello Jimmy Jimmy there see the mic Jimbo Big Jim you got a mic Oh hola hola como esta Oh hola move your microphone closer to your face I'm not gonna translate translate well give gun good gun please it's fun you're shot gun shot e boom ba boom bang ha speak Spanish shotgun shotgun I'm getting killed ed s Cappetta s cabeza es cabeza no way Lydia no way ESCA better ESCO better for four more yes porfavor oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah boom bah s Cappetta back here gracias Bogey's enemies hostiles good good bien bien Oh big big building bad guys hostiles pushing be careful stay down oui bien let me go and this guy said you're a god you're a god do you have kids uh ER ar mo spent my last paycheck on some mo Oh God eres un Dios adios did you just call me Mira I'm Mira munition munition munition sound like all the girls that I talk to at the bar Gaja tell me to shut up you Koya t know what I said hit or miss I bet they never miss yet you got a boyfriend I bet he doesn't kiss yeah that's what I just said let's go we got out of that microphone dude come come come come fire then Ben Ben Ben Benja Venga aqui é o mo Clemente that was Italian Jack that was even close to Spanish dude I just spoke Italian oh they said boy oh that's chicken I know that a vo a beyond abiona Dianna beyond here icky icky icky icky icky band and then a key bien plain plain plain lifeline please help their bad you're a god you're a God couldn't fight oh my god oh my god dude like why was that already more stressful than any I've ever encountered in my entire life hey how are you decent okay I like that you're being honest appreciate that what's your name old old tag I'm Kate oh okay it's like a college if you think it was like you're dead hmm oh my god sorry if one likes bad I'm playing my mom's laptop all right why'd you laugh it's hurtful if you find no one sec okay oh god cuz why I need to make a second account okay sorry someone was talking to me oh you're fine I get that a lot you seem like your name would be like Michael Michael these are cross the street from us guess I could hand over their other guys one shot absolute brusha brusha mushroom you got it 25 health just shoot him once toodles proud of you job Michael proud of you Big Mike oh yeah I learn to sweat ease and I have 20 I'm dead oh the guys weak you got this yeah we're getting shot at nice I try there is yeah try the rest of them oh yeah try the res their boss built like two walls and I don't have Matt I don't there's this water right there all right run away listener their BOTS are so bad yeah hang on here come to me come to me run to me when you're done get around this corner all you need to just get the scoring recipe right there go stick it I want you to keep an eye on the quarter I got ya you're my dad come on you got this they coming nope you're good you're good there's their total BOTS they are the worst players you've ever seen my wife good sir oh hi I don't have any mats don't waste sit right here I'll handle this watch this listen Michael I'm proud of you okay so wait what do your friends call you je g je all right all right Mike yeah after hearing the name jag I might just stick with Mike chat with him just of all right no I I like I like the name Jake but I had a bad running once with a guy named Jake I just can't I got a scar for you there you know trying to make a move on me but I'm taking I got a girlfriend homie wait one sec you stalking me right now what babe stop okay babe after this game she wants to kiss me dude I've had some that's been plaguing my mind for a while it's just like just something what like what we asked you what are your thoughts on the global economic differences between triple a powerhouse countries and their established growing GDP s and those less fortunate third-world countries who are struggling to get a product out there that can not only match the quality and and growth potential of the triple a powerhouse countries but also provide new avenues of growth for their struggling economies yes interesting thought I like that actually I never thought it that way all right golden star you listen dude I'm telling you I have a girlfriend already oh wait that's even worse why like good help there Oh who's that in the background that I hear going on over there it's Jerry Oh what's up tell her it's all her stuff what's up girl she's she's she's raging about something it doesn't sound good there's a plane wow yeah she sounds really angry okay let's not knock doors let's avoid that for now I'm gonna flip this plane and I'm definitely taking damage all right be safe be safe Oh Oh almost are you okay did you said free doughnuts that really go that sparked my interest yeah I don't I kind of jumped in mid-story yeah yeah this is tough ask her ask her if she's ever heard about twitch crime Jack do you know at which primates what'd she say she doesn't oh well tell her it's as simple as its linking your Amazon Prime account to touch Chicago to eat one piece of your it's fine it's fine let me talk louder does she spell her name like jaq wait behind us yeah plain is no help we gotta go go oh just fly straight up in the air oh I got I got I got I got it how many how many wins you have are you kidding me yes jump out jump out give any minis no I just saw stood only one yeah they run something are you hacking I wait for real are you hacking are you a hacker for real tell me right now ha no that's good click made of your hacker I'm just that good tell your sister that courage had to calm down it's my two wins yeah wait till you win tell your sister that Kurtz had to calm down all right okay turn it up just say Jacquelyn courage has calmed down Jacquelyn but no is it a good story or a bad story which what'd she say get it you know for real get her on the mic I'll fight her right now hand ahead combat let's know I'm gonna win this game by myself I did it I need to settle this difference with Jacqueline right now oh wait is she Rose Tobias is she roasted me try to have courage but it didn't work okay Jacqueline I see you okay they just double sight me at once they're terrible players just sick at Sikich tickets tickets tickets tickets tickets tickets tickets tickets you're good you're good yeah they're gonna be here stick it stick it stick it stick it stick it stick it stick it stick it got 100 papa minis first what just happened I don't read shit are they yelling at me no I don't know I need is your sister done talkin trash Oh cuz that kind of was hurtful Michael I it's all good shit wait who's that you let me know I don't know come on I just wanna play it's a whole family thing going on right now listen you guys sound like fun that come over I mean how far are you you're like oh I see where they are they see what that they're out there on the plateau 330 points give us heals that is tough dude oh wait lots people throughout to the right southeast we're gonna sit right here they have to come to us come on yo Gigi's man okay I miss you I'm gonna miss you uh-huh No I got a scarf for you there I got it listen Michael I'm proud of you okay tickets tickets you're good you're good yeah they're gonna be here stick it stick it stick it stick it stick it stick it stick it you're my dad come on you got this all right start I'm telling you I have a girlfriend already listen you guys sound like fun to come over all right so listen okay tell me I didn't know you were the actual courage that's crazy who's the actual courage I just searched up twitch what's up bro how you doing jack oh she's back hey throw on the mic