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hop on the back here quad at a paper second please don't can be killed I'm gonna kill him are you putting me wait we have a team myth isn't tilted Oh where'd you guys go I do not a BMO for this bro okay courage here's what you do okay you shoot right through that wooden for you dart through the wooden floor trust really wait wait this stairs one shot back I try to go down like a pyramid and I am just got pyramid tactics chat cats this up I wanted your whatever shooter watching right now I want you to send a compliment in the chat call meet you mrs. cute Noah is friendly Jack is warm myth don't worry about that how much lunch if I've got a green pistol I'm here mister he's got four health good for HP oh all right I'll get here no we get it HP big moment Noah everyone old Oh watch out season seven coming season sevens coming be careful [Music] oh my god you don't oh my god wait yeah you there the glider buff wait on the hill good job wait so long you know what ya be down my [Music] get out know what that was sick hey that was actually dope hey you knocked me there is a guy underneath you he's gonna beat me to the guns I am cramp to you jack break oh he's only got other go for it sending it wait you're snoop you didn't tell me there's two million I know what recipe we're getting rush from the streets tickets tickets tickets tickets ticket I need their gun how did not one of those they're in the walls misery loves company oh my god no way you're gonna hit yourself Wow kind of cool to make you take damage of course oh oh that's weird you do not owe me hello I'll never forget he told me at the party dude but that you were hella Katie yes oh yeah more my heart no wait what did I actually tell you and I walked up the stairs line ha it's good it's good yeah way too much sex appeal [Laughter] let's go boys we know how many kills you have - dad we got like 15 so far has made that up you look like 12 I'm contributing you know what else you're handsome YouTube rewind memes they're still hot I think they're still pretty hot please still saw him pretty well huh oh yeah they're so I'm holding on those stocks a little bit longer for seldom long as youtubers are making and its first-quarter so we're definitely cash guesses up right now sniff no matter what happened - I love you brother look still we're not afraid of you can you die can you die and you die what was that bro oh my gosh damn I thought what do you guys give me away my new girlfriend first thing you know I almost thought that was in chat I'm actually a dude would be the first time it's happened to me okay pushing another one the other with it - in their myth I got one laughs he's weak he's weak 19 more inside he's one shot too three Boston alright no casual Stacy I love it if it would hop on the back here quad at a pay for a sec alright please don't get me killed I'm Jeremy you wanna kill me semadar if he comes back and time or not [Music] how did I pick on it [Music] where are you guys man get here no effect zone zone zone no heating company corn I have to get to a quadrille quick a little bit oh my god I'm actually dead dude this is talk this was toxic this was actually toxic I'm reporting you to know I'm so close wait why are you guys down man does he try to kill me there's all die benefits happy diamond we die I mean it's debatable really sort of political in the way quad launchers are vehicles that have tendencies to strive toward water heard that and I've heard it I want their aquatic animals a lot of people don't know this and sometimes these aquatic animals they can't if like turtles they can't be on land all the time they got a good chat tell me not to say it tell me not to say it I don't want to say it but I really do feel toxic right now I'm gonna say it myth you're a dumb idiot head you cost me say it dude I did not want to say that [Music] well I may be a dumb idiot had been at least I'm in the Illuminati he's got a point what's this he and myself into the aluminum get the sacrifice one streamers life in a virtual game already oh my god he's so mad no one is styling on kids this is the Noah I once knew in love before you upload of zombies videos Oh baby not because we're friends and we've met each other in real life drink it slurp you know you know fine maybe do it again let's have the party of the night on your your shoes did it match your off with that well my shoes match my outfit that night I didn't mean jack oh no don't do not even don't even get to say it is it about me is it about me eating for chick-fil-a sandwiches maybe a big hug for you guys get it off your chest bro right after you finish that pork sandwich and you asked if it made you fat I said no big joke for you Jack over here you know what I'm gonna go one step further oh no miss Shay quad is a better hair line than you no stop wait you may have a trap you may have a trap I do not I know this this spot we sat here the other day and did this for like two hours you can put a trap right here oh my god now where do we go oh I'm fine ah damn it I make shut up I'm actually fine myth how much fall damage Jews take oh my god come here Oh play nur playing so this is my plane scrub yaii job Joe [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] that's thing about I say about the popcorn with me myth writer you know when you do it you know yourself with the salt and the butter course that top layer is just nothing but salt and butter than everything underneath it it's just basically popcorn you know there's no butters no salt mm-hmm like poured a little bit out you know to give it some shake room you know what layer after layer got it nice and perfect turned around drop it all the lady was like I could refill that if you want it I was like okay though I got my friend Smith Noah and Marcel they aren't crazy no that's a recording of me guys oh that was so sad you think that's me saying that each time that was you guys thought that was me that whole time saying it no that wasn't me don't think you're cool there stream next mmm next next fire beat yo listen dropping in yo yo yo came to drop it in ready yup miss I'm trying to go and say kids out ain't it a pip pip pip what spit mean I don't know oh my god adventure that's it's a hoe yo Noah J 4 5 6 you look at kind of cute man let me suck [Laughter] I'm sorry he said what he said that he wanted to suck you yeah don't breathe that's cold it's no courage for night Friday dog it's cold he's gonna be right here taking the high ground wait do you guys not a pterodactyl screech tell him I should be able to talk about you but alright let's do that ever again [Music]