now that we're business baby just like the old times [Applause] Santos bellows here bitches oh hey hey watch the paint job I'm burned a pancake here live on scene with lo Santos you know that guy in that black car that guy in the black car trying to kidnap me please hey I got you I got you don't worry Christ Jesus Christ Bello yep Oh God how do I control this cat with no I have no mouse okay how do we get out of the screen oh oh are you kidding me fuck happen to my hair on that flight my head fuck am I the Joker right look funny to you we need to say to me yeah you piece of shit fuck you hey dawn hey doing Wayne I just I just got into town here and you don't ready to pick up see you soon all right [Music] just notice your bumper there what happened there a man just from out east just get out of prison recently you know I'm gonna get started out here on the west coast [Music] not a big million to be honest I'm not a big music guy right now I'm kind of kind of little overwhelmed like by how different this place is from home you know I just got out of the joint you see my fucking hair I don't know what the hell happened to me I'll definitely didn't do it on purpose they fuck with it in there you know I got caught up with the wrong people I caught up with the wrong people I can't even begin to tell you some of the things I saw I can tell you only hang out with good people right yeah honey you got any kids pull out that bitch you fit yeah I got seven kids hey you want to end up like a Libra hey where's word I like that name nice to meet you there we go there we go feeling much better now now that were business baby just like the old times [Applause] hallo Santos bellows here bitches oh hey hey watch the paint job hey door question for you and just throw this I just wanted it down I'll be honest with you my pockets they're a little light I'm looking for work I spent all my money on that right there yes sir thank you thank you yes sir watch the Pete watch whoa watch the paint watch the Pete the 450 supercharged really all right this is the 450 oh the supercharged I do I do boy dabble a little bit in there you know all right we get you out of what's your name again this dude looks like that he looks like that movie from that movie collateral you look at Tom Cruise man from collateral your Shamu who him him down the suit no no be yeah you ever seen collateral kids there's great hair he's a hitman kills everybody it's time for you to become a hitman brother go again I'm alright right now thank you though okay you always go up to strangest and tell would become hitman or what I mean did once it looked like Tom Cruise from collateral yeah you're the first one so far I'll keep it up though you said your name again was what Chang absolutely let me go ahead and get my phone out here I find my phone number damn that phone number though I'm gonna give you dick pics later wait oh god I said it out loud didn't I yep you don't fucked up I'm saying you dumb little I got a little penis so you'll know it's me alright hey looks like we got some of the common why is the big one hey nothing wrong with it hey I like you already I mean there is something wrong with it but you know you could still make it work the name is belloby e ll o Galentine OG a double l a and p ino looking for work i'll do basically anything i like to work with my hands job said it alright alright hey amen to that Hey amen to that young man excuse me are you River are you river Styx take a seat try the chair my friend good afternoon my name is River Styx I am a producer and world-renowned investigator new years ago there was a young woman who medic grisly an untimely demise due to a jilted lover and my friend I am going to uncover the mystery of her death but beyond that I am also going to meet this poor poor haunted soul and free her from her eternal bonds keeping her in this realm for she has trapped the spirit form you see what I need from you my friend is just a steady hand and the steely resolve for you are going to face the undead and all I ask of you is you hold the camera steady and you do not shirk when she rears her hideous face as I approached her and release her in do you believe you can do this friend $4000 this excursion will take place just before dawn for that is when they met on that fateful night on the cliffside very miss your friends should you join me not only will you be $1,000 richer but you will also peer into the abyss but beware my friend or the abyss shall peer back at you now look first and foremost you have a very large fucking spider you're oh Jesus almost I'm gonna tell you this right now okay you give me full pay upfront 750 upfront mr. Bello 750 upfront and I want 750 when the job's done absolutely and you know what I may even cut you in on a percentage of the Internet take as it were each download is absolute gold my friend absolute gold I like that I like that so do we have a deal mr. 750 upfront 750 after and some royalties on the sales after but Stuart I would go with beautiful put her there my friend Oh who's that hey what the hell's going on let's go what's going on that black heart that guy in the black horse trying to kidnap me please oh hey it's a fuck out of here huh get out of here you I got you I got you don't worry Christ Jesus Christ hey fuck dad what don't you understand you were trying to kidnap her yellow pages where you could see me away I know I know brother I got so into the moment for God listen we met I forgot so at the moment I thought it was I thought you were kidnapping her all right I'm sorry about that you going up some talkies no sorry about that you want me to get this I mean I might have something for you it doesn't look like it doesn't look like what this is uh hey shaking my head man hey uh Brenda are you Brenda oh yeah what's like to double-cross people huh that guy's driving that car that was my buddy my buddy Wayne hold on I'm getting a phone call now my service hey where'd you go you see I see a little skinny skinny girl run away from you yes you went you ran off some way I don't know when I got fuck all right well thank you hey I wasn't done talking to you Brenda listen to me that guy the taxi driver you ran away from it's my buddy Wayne you told me who's trying to kidnap you she looks sophisticated man I don't think she's I swear I mean I just moved here but I swear this is her I just moved here okay and I'd really appreciate not being accused of false just I just thought you just know hey you can tell she know you can tell she's honest cuz she's drinking coffee very slowly all I know is this Brenda I've got my eye on you all right listen hey I don't want to start off on a bad foot I just moved here it's my first day I'm a little stressed out right now you know what I mean listen I need your help okay you're short on cash I need to find out what the best way to make money on this town is yeah oh yeah like I like that one I like that one what do you guys do well I have an idea of what you could do you like making films not really a film expert yeah oh it's listen I'm a news reporter you what what did you think I was talking about you need a you need a news anchor Brenda pink Santos news oh wait that again how's that do one more time I'm Brenda pancake here live on scene with lo Santos news I mean tonight I got something going on but right I can I actually we might need you for future jobs hey I want this how do I give you my number in case anything comes up done - Brenda a local hottie whoa you know news anchor this is strictly this is a strictly business can you type her number in chat please bellow get oh god oh god oh my god I'm so sorry friend I'm so sorry I did not mean to do that I swear I ran I'm so I I'm so sorry Brenda I just got out of prison I just got out of prison and I saw some shit and I got a little scared like I got defensive I'm sorry Brenda let me make it up to you let me make it up to you please Renda don't look at my feet Brenda I'm never gonna become a news anchor yes you will look at my face you see that no I got her number do you want it so you can call her you want to call her [Music] hey you want to write it down hello hello hey Brenda hey it's Belle oh yes hi okay it was I told you so mister I want to make it up to you please let me make it up to you actually you know what how about this I'll come to you being meet me out front there alright I'm in front right now bellow okay bye bye listen visor I know a lot happens so far today and it's just a beautiful night and I just want to show you my favorite spot in the city what's going on just just just just say it you're acting weird you running around we're in a freaking alley right now for no reason Brenda we have to have a chat where's my money yet what's going on what's going on I don't know I have no idea what you're talking about sir oh so you act like okay hey hey hey hey hey I work too goddamn hard for you to just run off and I pay okay I got kids I'm on child support okay third-straight ain't got time to play no damn games I want my money right now Brenda if you run them be up in your ass okay listen just bad it's gonna be deeply class it might not allowed to take a call from my mother oh no hell no you know why because you ran off and then pay me shit so you're really gonna pay up Brenda that's what we gonna do is we gonna do bread no game I'm gonna count to three money I'm gonna be up in your ass okay hold on hold on hold on I'm working sock how much money you need all I wanted was 100 but now I want 200 I don't have 201 wheat wheat wheat wheat wait - wait wait wait wait hold on wait a second wait a second I saw your car you're not a taxi driver I know you are you are you accusing him of something listed can you have some patience please so I'm gonna do better you hear me what I'm saying right now yeah I'm listening I'm gonna give you I'm let you slide right but you gonna give me three wishes okay three wishes are three in a bottle three wish yeah you are yeah whatever I say I want three things and you better do them thank okay yeah is that a yes or no better I gotta put would be what being working with things what things no what things whatever I want no you found me oh hey what's up min how you doing are you are you prepared absolutely tell me Bello and it is good to share at a moment like this tell me of those that you love what is what is it that you hold most dear Bello my kids of all seven of them you have children Bella absolutely yeah there is nothing more beautiful than the sparkle in the eyes of a child as they gaze upon their father and mother lovingly for there is no bond stronger in this world Bello for it is a bond that I know truly madly and deeply if we're looking forward to many more years with my kids you know who's this guy on our ass oh I'm sure it's just somebody who is eager this is uh pretty far out uh they can sense weakness in your heart I believe we will have to finish on foot come over here Bello yeah we will get shot with the lighthouse in the background are you ready for the intro yes ladies and gentlemen I have brought you to the side of Mount chiliad underneath a rising half moon and a beautiful clear night they set a that a poor child rot with anger and frustration came up here one evening what are you doing Bello sorry she entered the mountainside upset that her lover had left her only to find her lover oh my goodness what are you doing both oh my god I'm so sorry do this do not I didn't mean to do anything I know I didn't mean to do anything pull the camera out Bello this Bello is the very same night that took the life of the spurned lover and now it's for things such as love and hope these things have been taken from me motherfucker I will take them [Applause] you know bellow that I wasn't lying about the spirits of that poor girl up here but now she has come you