I want to do the cactus challenge where's Marcel one I need him huh shaking my hand my hey I need to put on T pose by Jack we are going to try to win a game as a cactus okay you need the zone saw the llama saw the llama electric it's ooh I'm a cactus does he know it's me like you did they could tell do you they can tell them a cactus and then the cactus strikes they didn't realize those a cactus Omega law [Laughter] oh yeah oh my god oh my god gonna be cactus I will win this game as a campus the cactus my cactus [Laughter] [Music] focus I've got a witness game as a cactus I'm gonna win this game as a cactus bro if you're enjoying this check cactus challenge and you're watching on YouTube make sure to hit that subscribe and like fun whoa [Music] I'm a cactus I'm a cactus cactus air strike cactus air strike oh my god model think it's too late here you doing Dustin but you got school and they get a homework or something cactus attack I'm right here ooh where the hell was he shooting run wait for real where was the shooting from the cactus cactus what on earth what on earth what on earth dog is he invisible does he have inves are you kidding me are you kidding me what see what were you guys think he's pulling up what's he doing how many levels deep is the stream site right now to stream cyphers in a row okay okay Jack okay okay I spent a witness oughta win a game is a cactus lady's cactus in zone it's good happen chat wait fella cactus it's working it's actually working fuckin soon oh my god I got someone on my top 13 right now how my top 13 right now pretending to be a cactus on top 11 III better on top 10 oh I better please do god I'm nine I'm in ninth place please let me win this game is a cactus I'll never ask anything of you again epic slide again there's so many people oh they're behind me a Kinsey I'm terrified I'm gonna get Heaviside didn't turn down my game sound I'm gonna get any second of nowhere bro there's a ball right next to us the ball didn't see us didn't see us top sex he's cone he's cone edit peeking he's cone edit peeking he's got a heavy sniper he just killed someone he just saved a guy got its own know what its own how before he just got to leave that build did he shot it so once down there once there once behind me I know where every enemy is holy shit oh my god I wanna throw up I actually want to throw up it's going back to the cactus area this final zone is somehow going back to the cactus area [Music] I just what a game as a cactus oh my god paint a win pay to win my heart is racing my heart is racing I just won a game of fortnight as a cactus yes as a cactus dude yes bro if you have not already drop a sub to the YouTube channel after that if you're not something YouTube channel after that bro I just I I have to deserve that sub bro if you're not something YouTube channel right now I have to deserve that sub bro [Music]