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hello I um you want to go in here yeah okay oh my god here we go again I'm I keep getting by like super like sweaty like players today are you like a really good player I'm no I'm okay oh wait to see if any machine is even a machine nobody I'll meet you there okay okay Oh got a cold silence sniper yes you play with a keyboard or controller I play with a controller nice the other name from controller to the keyboard and I like it a lot yeah are you two kills ready oh my goodness you're nuts you like do you like ariana grande um yeah he's my favorite some people say it's not like her when I sing can you sing [Music] yeah you kind of do actually win this how many wins you have I don't know like oh wait I think I have 16 oh you can have like playing that big tournament thing with the prize money now why not it's just too hard I agree I know I have like cheer practice like three days a week and then I play my softball team sounds like okay I need to like even though it'd be fun to like try to play out oh yes Emily have a voice changer I mean I definitely have a higher pitched voice than most girls there's like people sales they just broke a tree oh they're running away I don't wait your courage Judy I knew it no it's not I'm not my god I'm not in it there's no way I'm shaking so bad I'm not crostini stop stop Sam courage I'm not extreme oh my god now if you know me are you too early yeah well now we got a win bro come on wait Moe's my girl voice not convincing no it's kind of like clicky gosh darn it hello hello hello hi hey oh my god oh my god oh my god and you would not believe it I went down to like I went down to my favorite nail star right and they were painting my nails and I said give me a krill agreen and next thing you know I looked at its birthday party blue and I was like are you kidding me birthday party we don't wear them was my birthday yeah there ttv sweats hey but good try bro good try Minh yeah nice to meet you buddy you're a cool kid Thanks you'll probably be on my youtube channel so keep an eye out for the video all right okay all right see bud so much hey GG second cool kid guys coolkid cool kid how's your day I kind of like land somewhere safe I'm kind of scared oh my god that's my favorite please are you are you just pumped up my voice changer well what sorry my brother was in here are you like like is you looking at plan [Music] [Music] okay sorry I messed it up again oh yeah it's definitely me courage what's up bro I'm not joking [Laughter] did you just get told it would you just tell that so they said to kill me no talk about they saw like you were another enemy oh well sorry man I gotta go I know I'm kidding you want to go win here take a picture get a picture of us ready take a picture oh yeah yeah your phone or something yeah take a picture oh my gosh hey that's smart your respect yeah it's very respectful thank you for not assuming that I'm a girl or not crazy day huh only thing before well look you get to brag all your friends huh he said he's gonna flex on his friends chat oh right behind us be careful you hope to be able to walk with seven seconds keep hugging Walt he pulled the wall three seconds hold the wall the wall yes Oh can I add you into the kids can I add you I almost got him on the trap huh I don't really add people on this account but sure I'll add you but I'm gonna keep playing random duo's all right bro sorry bro I'm not on that one right now but hey yo loser is nice to meet you GG bud goodbye I [Laughter] yeah what do you want go where do you want to go Mike you okay dusty does he do it uh yeah when did you stop playing me yeah Oh season six like at the end of season six how about you I started playing Oh season one not even serious yep and you're using a voice changer how do you know I know I know a voice changer when I hear one really oh my god fine you got me where are you active by playing tell me when did you guys start play season one oh Jesus you thought you were stuck with that voice changer yeah I did now I'm just sad when did you start wearing season 4 season 1 oh sorry and you wear skinny but you have purple skull trooper yep I'm pretty sure I bet I'm better than you really do this I bet I'm better than you good watch this you think you're better than me watch this is that like where you go fast yep make you do it edits they're super fast let me show you okay let me get on top of it hmm I keep messing up because I'm trying a new edit there's a bad guy here I think he's like I'm I with Eagles really yes how do we I think it's C you're 90 you're due to the nineties every time you see someone just Craig 390s I saw you shooting my 90 you know how to do it so it's like this right edit the pyramid yep like this they'll say somebody has high gun on you right yeah like you do this and then you like you put a pyramid and then you edit through it and then you do creative mode stuff a lot like this make sure you put a stair under your floor okay here under your floor and then crank it by you doing left or right I don't right oh god someone's shooting at me I got a fall down I uh dredges ouch I took damage I think that way I uh come follow me continue that way because we're we I um let's go get the ax thing okay come on man cuz they have healed and everything ah stumpy winner Russians curse Thank You Jamie man Russia's crank three 90s okay okay Wells Fargo thank you to 2500 they're flying - flying what's so funny maybe did you oh ok BRB yep don't like you I want to try to add on I can't get him at it yeah did you know but guys that auto decline on Mel stream landing on a Content cannon and praying hello hi what do you wanna go home um gonna go a hot couple okay okay we'll go I'm gonna go football or soccer yeah that works yes you're playing on base service thanks Ron California service but from your right yeah it's where I go out to chill you go to chill here yeah everyone's pretty chill are you like really Oh August night done all the book trying to finish they liked a lot of foreign aid or what yeah ready fun again my fin you got all your pretty good thank you we just took his bowl so mad right now did you know there's an instant reset does that mean like when you scroll wheel down may resets the building instead of like so use like the scroll wheel to like edit fast yeah to reset your build so once you've registered you can scroll wheel in the cool box wow that's a pretty smart thing to do I guess hello Ashima Oh guys I think I was Symphony made my favorite foreign extremer at the minute it's hard to decide to push rimas they're ready fleet or not I'm one of them ninja oh gosh darn it well GG in the everyone's courage and yeah I just use my I'll switch from ninja and courage which ransom is every month imagined [Music]