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Xbox is like the piping Pookie's over here [Music] dai do you like the sexy moves yo look at the banana skin Noah look at the banana skin I'm dead of dead bro it's kind of dope what's new pirate cannon you can launch yourself you like to see if thieves yike she watches trailer now there's a fucking fuck new locations there's a volcano there's a fuck alright so that'll pass overview adventure awaits in a sea no way that's what it looks like he's an eight battle pass in a season eight battle pass the battle past features over 100 unique cosmetics to earn as you level it up damn we're gonna have a hell of a friend waving when you first buy the pass you'll instantly unlock two brand new progressive outfits black heart and hybrid plus if you opt in for the battle bundle you'll instantly get Sidewinder as well sup girl there are 100 tiers in over 100 awards to earn to new rep what what what is this tears over 100 award look at these wraps Stern voice emotes more and more new and this season till all players is the party assist feature before a match you can pick a Dale hardens weekly challenge and your friends can help be completed the season that's a new type replayed rifts 950 B bucks a new adventure awaits in season 8 we'll see you in-game let's see Pheebs [Music] the ice king he sees it yo this is crazy bro [Music] [Music] wait on the lap I got the map look at the man oh oh they moved the block the block ins got straight up lazy look good I'm tweeting it right now I'm tweeting it yes wait no is that old factories stop ah got your bitches oh my god no one holy shit swords points at my chat look at the bananas fucking love epic dude the banana skin starts off right green and decays what's up you bots wild cat what's up ugh what up daddy I was going wildcatting tada I'm gonna tell you right now brother Marcel it's gonna be here he's gonna be the fourth that's fine I just want to let you know run away but his bitch asses that wake up T of people dip dude what are you are you raging about the bad news lurking somewhere row alright so we want to buy I want to buy up to 25 we get next item next item Blackheart hybrid that skin is so sick it's like the links of this season right yo that back turn music got to hear that the serpents are so sick man look at it woodsey Oh clover there's the lucky letting leg master portal unlock the mystery wait do you see that back bling bro which one it's so sick master portal change-of-basis no Jesse oh man that's so sick so sick bro wait you see the Sidewinder skin I love it logging in I love that one there's a bouncy ball one [Music] oh my god there's so much new the challenges screen is completely new bro what is this check their styles okay hello bro the lava contrails once those are so dope dude how many stages does this guy have Jordan look at the amount of stages this too has be the first pirate he's got eight stages yo this skin is so doing that bananas 47 did you see pili no I've looked at and style this bro he's got like around him you put armor on him dude they're really changing up how you can do these things bro dude you got it look at 71 when you get a chance dude that's cool that's my favorite in the whole collection okay it's coming through there's pili yeah yeah ripens and changes color over the course of match that makes sense the lava trails - lets go hey that's a DoCoMo brother they added Naruto they got nerds over here wait which one ember is sick that is so dope dude the hands of the flame it's peanut butter janitor masterkey is 87 that guy looks dope to hula hoop and then Lux 20 part of the 24 karat said she looks badass damn bro I'm ready boys trying to see what I want to wrap this first game yo you guys are both bananas how do you headshots a banana guy anywhere like chest up first do the banana doing the fricking football sport I think I've ever seen my god oh my god on this battle pass they did they Loki did huh what yes look at the trees bro if you double tap it you can like enemy wait what's what's the double tap for anything you just just double tap your ping button I don't know what my ping button is jumping hot first straight into the volcano system this they snap snap they snap boys boys I the volcano just shoots you right back out try to kill me instantly that guy's not our friend I don't know where to go I'm just floating around I'm just floating around is this risky reals that that map was wrong risky reals isn't back it was a fake map way for real not there it's just like I'm not there dude risky risky isn't back what the hell it was all today's we jump on the love it's actually fun it's hurting you know wha I know but it's fun one it's okay wait did I not get mats from that guy wait what did they remove mats on a limb you got health right I got HP but I didn't get any mats off him drop him no I think they removed mats on a limb did the new audience with shotguns crazy the new audiences run insane drum there's no mats on a limb what if it's a bug it could be to be honest the AR sounds crazy that sounds so loud it's so cool maybe you feel so powerful shooting it's why they are so good no come over you Souths kill them here let me down - oh it's like a shopping cart I can push this whole bad boy mmm are you moving me around yeah it's a shopping cart oh my god get out of here please no you go so far you go so far yo and good dude you can move while doing this emo - oh my gosh which one the conga what oh my god yo we follow you know my pony on three two one [Music] we wanted to keep oh my god what's happening die do you like the sexy moves Carrie [Music] bring you senior Ethan over here no come here [Laughter] [Music] that's how idiom wait was it a fight that was it a fight oh boy I'm on the way Noah I'm dropping not like this no oh we've got candidates hold on 31st nice God he's dead okay dude that sounds into the shotgun sounds so like scary bro wait what he just doubled one fuck thing watch yourself brother get out of there yo hit it with the Sandshrew one bait when basis she's home alone yeah why oh cool so we've had two heart yeah he's definitely pro player you're facing heart for me 11 yeah that's him you took what did you take the L don't worries 11 heart I have more earnings that I ate a snap like that it's miss 20 imagery shots you know jack sums up my whole fucking life falling short do you take fall damage in the lava yeah until you bounced you're using a public restroom [Laughter] [Music]