ladies and gentlemen what's going on courage here with a much different video today but I think you guys are going to love it I've been asked to do this so many times react to my first-ever fortnight video now disclaimer I played fortnight for about a month leading up to what I uploaded this this was uploaded October 30th 2017 I made my account on the first day for a night was available September 26 2017 so I'd played on and off for about a month up until that point the addiction had set in you'll notice that I'm not even wearing a skin I believe this shop had it released yet or there weren't skins that I thought were worth buying it but I played when there was no shop at the game anything like that another quick note if you are watching this right now and you are not subscribed to the channel I ask you to please subscribe send me screenshots on you subbing on up let me know you know you know just show me proof on Twitter I go through the like a lot of people I draw people follow backs for that drop a like on this video every time I ask for likes the video gets like three times more likes than normal so maybe I should do that more I don't know but either way let's get into the video this is the most intense floor night game ever must watch myself called the D pro player apathy and too called any pro well called any professional coach TP and called any pro commentator murk first off right away you could see myself down there no beard we had 520 subs I believe that said now as of making this video just shy of 19,000 so it feels good man on that the courageous have I've gone nuts but I mean look at how old all of us is already already the old Pleasant the old mats everything there was no minis at this time it's not mistaken there was no minis and you could hear our comms we're talking about how many people are there look at the old inventory oh god the old inventory no Murch knocked already why be not farming everything farm the wood farm the furniture oh I still have the bean bro I just beamed that kid kill this guy pop through the gray pomp look at the gray pomp or the blue TAC oh my God look at how big and ugly the health bars are on the top left it you don't notice they never have once adjusted the top coordinates thing they look big it looks the exact same every other text is different but this is completely unique the old wood the way built I don't need 47 mats but I just don't care remember there's no there was no first shot accuracy there was no first shot accuracy at this point either so so so you couldn't like plan this out and build accordingly to Lucas Lloyd build oh my god oh my god I'm getting call out some TP I'm looking to look at me no skin no nothing there was no back legs at this point there was none of that dude I have to I have 27 Matty oh there's still 80 people left in the game there's still 80 people typically at this point what 50 50 maybe 55 80 people left still okay how I had to look down to Bill bro bro you want you want to feel sick right now you want to feel sick those are my build keys f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 oh my god I still use the F keys that's the nade trail see what the nade trail looked like this I played at a higher sensitivity then - dude I've 17 mats all I'm doing is using like natural cover dudes look at how hard it wants to hit shots because of no first shot accuracy what a great update they did with first shot accuracy and this is what I streamed and blocked the kill feed so sorry you can't see the kill feed because I used to lock it with my webcam I got yelled at so many times the viewers all do the old Pleasant look at the hill back there oh my god look at the old nail the old maid image oh my god there's a guy out here somewhere alright let's skip forward a bit Wow look at how dark to the game got I'm getting out of my video make your money grab a frill look at how dark the game got get at night dude odor burger and greasy we're by greasy there's still 50 people left this is like a scrim Lobby but the trash version wait so we're okay so this is can you guys tell where I am right now can you guys tell where I am right now this is shifty chefs this is shifty look these are the two houses obviously they've renovated this one but this is where shifty is in fortnight how crazy yeah two limbs I got to beam oh no I guess I'm bolting from zone nice knock I look at my chair Boober does kicking my legs and right now that's what the storm logo looks like with the storms pushing down by the map like up here up here but that's not what it looks like now so the storm isn't moving at the moment in-game dude dude the old bleed-out time you used to be able to bleed out for twice as long there's two ball they killed apathy I had a total of 260 mats I would throw up if I had that many he found out does he even build to pick me up oh my god he did not even build to pick me up bro the original pumpkin launcher they're shooting at him there was no Middies there was no slurps I don't think there was just bandages and big shields and med kits if I'm not mistaken okay there was a slurp juice but oh so this is they had just added slurp juices slurp juices you could use while running you can use slurps while running so you'd pop it while walking and and start to gain back I was like accidentally doing a good build here by putting the ramps above me but I had no idea that I was doing that come on am I gonna cost us about the clutches is that a god rocket are these God Rockets am i the rocket god oh my god oh I still took fall damage listen it yo do you hear everyone exhaling did you hear everyone exhaling like that was the experience of fortnight when it first started and how intense this felt and how just it was the games like obviously the games are still intense but this feeling and the reason why fortnight became a phenomenon these are a pro called 2d guys these guys all played professional call today the biggest of stages listen to them exhale right here will be killable we're like they're like nervous giggling because of how intense this was purple TAC the old zappers that all tactical SMG what does my loadout what the flake Jack bra bra bra what am i doing dude eight bullet scope they are a bolt sniper which they did a heavy sniper at this point there was no hunting rifle at this point purple tech shotgun four grenades at a zero rocket RPG Oh tell me I get seven better here there we go good job wait I didn't pick anything up I didn't pick it up god damn it jack zones pushing so fast alright so now we just start to sprint to the zone wait where's the map oh my god so greasy Pleasant anarchy loot Lake tomato town wailing lonely lodge dusty Depot retail row salty springs flush factory fatal fields moisty here was prison the depot was still the thing there's old factories oh my god they were dude look at this whole side of the map nothing nothing no tilted this was all just nothing no snobby Shores no villain lair no castle no junk Junction no racetrack Jesus Christ there was no movement things it was just you and your feet I think there was launch pass at this point so we just started sprinting oh what a new level remember that I'm gonna new double throwback to a few months ago still look I don't build look everything in old fort night like this was all like look at her health you had no help anywhere look at the old inventory was so bad that's not a bounce pad i have traps used to be rare like listen to even the guys that are dead like listen to us i'll try to brainstorm and we can do this look at how long and singing of a drop she would be 30 HP come on man no chug-chug nothing like that in the game at this point there wasn't campfires when i say that were so little to heal with it was absurd it was actually absurd did I remember how intense was that was in my old New York City apartment my old New York apartment I love that lion mural I actually want to find that I think it's dope man you see it down there you can barely see it but it's fire oh my god I forget how this game ends obviously if I uploaded it I'm a guessing I won but I don't know I know like look dude look at us not building look we didn't build at this point build up and fight look oh yeah Jack Oh whoo oh yeah Jack Wow Oh No how many Rockets am i burning what fell down the scoped why is my only gun at this point we knocked him we gotta go we gotta go oh my god yeah yes of course got high ground listen to me click each one really good help jack really really good help drops it takes 26 fall damage kill there's a guy right there kill him oh my god Gold scar don't tell me I keep a scope they are over a gold star oh my god I for help I've legit for health I don't have any are oh my god for HP at a dream we probably had if I had to guess we probably had a hundred viewers during this not to be kidding we probably had like a hundred 250 viewers during this game live go go go go they're fighting go go go go go the end of the game right here look at these builds come on No nice apex 901 is down oh oh oh three piece Oh No look hide the bush nice build steep does he build around me hey already improvements to on too easy to get me tickets No what a good teammate TPS bro why I met yoi get like nervous right now watching this bro I feel like we pop off if we win this game I feel like we're gonna go crazy kind of make it my god why did I use the port I know the zones pushing all the tax shot e7 it did seven damage to one one oh my god storm's pushing to get in the zone no all right four I had seven let's pop off right there man I named it the most intense fortnight game ever must watch like look at the old victory warehouse screen dude oh man throwback Thursday this video was uploaded October 30th 2017 and it was seriously the love that I have there for the game is the love I still feel now let me know if you guys want to see more types of videos like this obviously me reacting to my first ever fortnight game that I are a video that I uploaded is is cool I'm sure he'd get other ones like when I first got rated by ninja or my first ever cast I don't know if we come up with stuff but uh but if you guys enjoyed this again please I asked us back a like on it that was really fun to look back and watch I swear I haven't watch this game and I mean I did like one little look through four and I like back in March but I haven't watched its March and now obviously it's late December about to be the new year so thank you guys so much for watching again daily content every single daily content is called a that daily uploads see it the next one thanks for watching please [Music]