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sure react to the first time you met Connor this is the first time we met Connor it's almost been a full year it's almost been a full year since we met Connor we're gonna react to it alright it 4400 subs on switch whoa if ever he didn't talk you never won a game he had never won a game yeah sure can you hear me yes we're gonna hopefully sound bathroom let's go - you want to go - tomato town oh okay we're gonna win we're gonna win together okay I promise we're gonna do it we see it be good teamwork we're already really good teammates to each other and you're super polite man you've very good manners your parents raised you well is that really how loud my lawyer used to be is that really how loud my alert used to be dog you guys heard that that much during the stream hmm I want a new level at 7,000 times we get a look at O'Connor's play look it up Connors playing look I got a boat wait the pump killed wife at the pump just killed the green boat out of both the pump killed like that I gotta go fat sloppy juicy long thick hamburger right now oh my bad dude I actually took them there you go no problem do you don't worry I know we have to stick together I like your skin dude folks did you buy that yourself pork yeah when I was your age I used to work a lot too I did I used to mow lawns I did oh the secret wait there's a secret hole here he didn't sprint remember way about that wait don't drink that yet drink these first he literally did YouTube dude he just said YouTube he didn't have a youtube channel man now he's almost yeah it comes out my birthday week so I think my mom and dad are gonna bring me there see it that's awesome thanks awesome dude he only replied in like two words ever you know I want to buy more skins importantly yeah yeah that's it he was like a sound board Connor was like a sound board ring oh the old factories [Music] miss Peck get your gravy nice to people you treat people well you don't you don't pull the others you draw your best and stuff and you're a good spot he likes one more favorite TV show I think maybe daredevil dare isn't that sure like scary you seem like a tough kid so that makes sense okay George take the four or five I'm starting getting nervous I don't know if anybody landed here chest I hear chest dude I don't think Connor built the whole game I don't think Connor built once the whole game you're nice and full I'm still trying to catch up in peace I miss some pulse grenades I miss impulse grenades I'll say it hand can attack us if you like so what do you want to be when you grow up MLB player he just said MLB player wait that was when the slurp only get only gave 25 shield I was wondering why I wasn't full shield members in the slurp only gave 25 shields of 25 HP the slurp was trash bro the slurp was trash bro Blue Jays stink they're good they're a good rivalry for the Yankees I'm a big big Yankees fan though both as a fan of their team and just because I'm fat dude he was like it was like talking to a brick wall sometimes tough crowd tough crowd is what I called him Jeffery cuz I don't I don't want the kids have to give me the real name they don't want you I don't want any for example Conor you know maybe I should face revealed I want him to be as protected as possible no.not don't even worry about it sorry I can't so don't worry you don't have to apologize here come down knows what needs to try to build with floors instead of pyramids drop oh nice he's literally doesn't try to you double-double shadi oh my god Doug a shotgun nice I'm not actually only 18 I'm 23 but people say I'm too old to be playing this game all the intense music music fuck ass lasered look at that blue laser another come here top 16 Connors first ever win [Applause] up top be careful Connor at a whole 0m bow-bow we got him only 14 left yes papi your editor your editing was aspect what was I paying you mm mats I could build for days but I didn't build that yeah help me thanks dude I feel like you're really mature for your age and other people are just mean to me Oh guys try to keep us alive write them big bases we got to keep running dude be careful get down here buy me a little Fat Boys if it's our trucks of all Chester 12 scenario 12 wait this is what fatal field used to look like I don't even remember fatal looking like this what the corn feels like this when did fatal get the good corn fields more flights over there I think I think we see all the teams I think we should just hide in here for a sec come on hide here stay here don't peek your head out so this is called this is called 3p a third person 3p am teaching about a three feet crouch down here and we can look over the edge but they can't shoot us that's called using third person so you can like crouch here they can't see us but I can look over there I'm gonna get up here well see anything stay down stay to half crouched nice we're gonna move forward just a little bit so in the next zone come on vodka s over here top ten Jeffrey yes yes you'd hear how nervous he is dude look at how slow I build this one by one I don't even build a roof here come to where I am funny building a roof and then jump up what am i doing sit down stay down Connor my gosh top dude hear them fighting dude yeah me too dude listen if we win this game you better get the picture ready to show any friends at school bro they're gonna be jealous you know pause oh I see them fighting I might push up top eight good tags cuz when the result first shot accuracy chat there was no first shot accuracy their baby taking the form on sped single to five months thank you Rick preciate that buddy come on you follow me follow me we're winning this game stick together didn't end it didn't do Oh God oh whoops sorry come on follow me follow me dude we can do this Geoffrey are you still with me yes yes oh my god oh my god go knock dad I have seven kills - what - me too III still Rover the sega's yes get him Geoffrey I got him one shot it's not like I stopped you - my god you've got the kill take a picture get the picture - we did I told you we get that win for you dude yeah we did it oh my gosh we don't lose time do you want to know something crazy dude pardon all right you want to know something cool yeah so I do I do I make videos and do live streams and right there 6000 people just watch you win your first game dude and they're super happy for you and they think you're awesome yeah I think you're super awesome dude do you want to say hi yeah sure just say just say what's up guys Connor then versus Connor now he's already spoken more in this most recent videos in the entire first game look at our Connor was that and look at us at the end of us now watch hitter for 150 150 got the roof build battle spraying the arrow winds to 650 got'em Jack I told her with another limb bathtub Conner look at a building get the high ground editing building their bill battle each other last scenes there oh no oh no playing great Connor keep it up bud they're fighting right in here Connor we had eight a limbs chat I think we have height yeah we do look at the edits [Music] and no maths could come honored with another nap ah beautiful waterfall good shots hundred plus damage [Applause] [Music] from zero sub it kills that afro scrim dude the road then to now bro a full year a whole freaking year dude wow it's crazy to look back on dude now he's got his own support of creator code able to pay for his own school field trips he bought himself a pair of Yeezys dude and now look to today zero subs to 433,000 544 543 super proud of event super proud of them [Music]