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wacky's things ever between the whatever their hell the zone was welcome the fortnight with the people floating around so as this video starts right now we're gonna react to mr. beast and mini mentor and a $70,000 donation all right we're gonna watch us but just just just - just - all right so just a quick note when this happened we were about to play in the summer skirmish in one of the more the skirmish weeks and I get a DM on Twitter right after this donation because I was like this isn't real this isn't real and he's like yes it's real hey DM me on Twitter what did I just read mr. beast just donated mr. beast just donated $24 and said if you win next game me and Simon will donate seventy thousand dollars stop seventy five thousand dollars bro my heart is racing right now oh my god you're lying you're actually like you're actually lying my heart is my heart is racing right now my heart is racing don't I die in this warm up gamers remember the heart is racing dude's Papa killed this edit row' swapper killed that edit did all - at this point we turned off the delay I'm shaking I'm actually shaking I'm actually shaking all right I just got DM from Simon and and mr. beast saying that they will donate me seventy thousand dollars if I win this next game a fortnight I am shaking right now yeah I was shaking mr. beast is quit this time don't lose thanks to quit we all love quit we love quit we love quit and landed Motel event something I wanted to land far away for everyone else calm down calm down win the tournament go gold p90 and minis bro I got some best spawn loot ever dawg this should be illegal drug on the drum gun was inflated you're putting me good I'm aging a year every every eliminate everyone spam in the Dorito so my loadout yo look at my loadout green AR gold p90 green pump hunting rifle seven minis go back to making go back to making oh my god oh I can't even think of a joke bro you know I'm trying hard act that I'm leaving impulses behind shows how serious I'm less impulses behind chat that's how hard I was trying a soccer challenge let me do a 1v1 shootout vs. Simon I played freshman soccer but I played an average of three minutes a game I was actually our least active player that was a lie I didn't play an average of 3 minutes a game I played an average of 2 minutes a game I literally was the least active player home team people had a lot of a lot of hoping me to go far in my career bro legit I was so horrified I think of everything goodbye with $70,000 mr. B stop dude you're not helping my heads are already shaking it up it was donate so they were donate on me they were doing as the game was going on like taunting me bro tough to focus but there's this much pressure give me that yes oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh okay you're good jacket little you're soaked if I get sniped right now I swear I swear I swear I swear it's paw Patrol hey quit if you see this even if I lose this quit hey bro do some mini brandy holes chat I was trying to think up I was trying to think of brand deals bro hit my line quit hey quit it I could put llama oh it's a sign my my kick I'm literally kicking my feet oh my god oh my god 200 IQ edit some swapper but why my hunting rifle kid how was I playing this I was playing this like such a bot dude why was I into taking these fights and all I was so no meaning third party I choked that how do I choke that bro I was so nervous bro I remember literally I've never felt more pressure ever in my life I'm not kidding I missed that too how bad was I in this game I was a bot back then back then my god I'm squirming in real life let's go let's go baby not done yet hey yo quit I'll lick the PayPal baby oh wait click the PayPal quit come on quit oh alright might be done now these builds though these builds Oh give me that high ground not done yet quit oh no I've got to go so far if I lose this game to the zone if I lose this game to the zone quit seriously by either zone quit can we cut it like 50/50 mr. beefy Simon so I'm really trying to like you know a room Oh sounds good this time of year bouncers like that no bouncers dude there's very cute bouncers bro this is a sign why is it just a random launch pad in the middle the sky what are the odds of this why is this here why is this here dude why was I doing this cuz I'm so far from the frigging zone no imagine if I got sucked out of the sky right there whose kid could build to this kid could build to Oh that clean pump this one a said oh that's what I used to turn ramps around I used to rotate my ramp instead of water falling where the hell was that even from like where you even shoot me trim right now man holy hell my heart is racing so fast 70 grand jack oh the pyramid edit don't stop the pyramid at athos doctorate psych you cry legit went up here and just sat in this box and then I rotated this is where this is where my whole life flash before my eyes bro this is where my whole life flashed before my eyes chat I don't know if I've ever felt more pressure during this ever like I joke about the SATs I was never more nervous about anything in my life then up to this moment this I can confidently say was the craziest ever and I'm gonna break it down why it was so insane but watch this three enemies left you were at the point of moving zones this isn't this is old this isn't this is six seven months old no one made it to moving zones at that point dude why was this Lobby insane so for some reason for some reason to my little pea-brain I thought that hitting him 486 yield I should have gone got ham for him and Here I am on the build battle choke my wall Harry Potter myself it instantly hit first seventy by the star headshot that near comes the minigun look at my maths 13 walls 12 walls ten walls nine was a wall seven six five four three two can't build anymore 35 health 16 health and watch this I can't build a single wall iodide a1 mini gun shot what a minigun shot one minigun shot kills me right here look at this start spraying right now hot finishes as by wall breaks and he instantly starts shredding me again that was nineteen damaged I would have died nineteen damaged I would have died popped another big I can't build a single wall I look at this and go I'm just gonna hide in this build I build two walls and I friggin go for I just run start shooting block I'm in the house and right there right here is where this all changed watch right this moment right here I owe this person money I think sprang at me bang Rose team leader Rose team leader snipe the person whoever that Rose team leader is have you seen us thank you you made me seventy thousand dollars richer and I love you I do I love you this edit from Swapna still gives me the chills bro when he edited this dude I love this breathe breathe deep breathe duper be brief I literally breathe in practice you know what to do hundreds and hundreds of times come on Jack you know what to do I start farm in the house I know what I need to do bro I need mats and you farm the building I'm safe look at the zone I've got it's the worst know what I could possibly have but I've got a move bro I'm just farming every wall is another chance at life dude that was what was going through my mind and in my head I was like they need to fight each other they need to fight each other they need to fight each other please they need to fight each other and oh god I've got to go out the door I see them panic panic panic bouncer one and then here right here they start fighting they start fighting and I'm like oh my god Rose team leader get steel in Rose team leader flocked into the zone Oh baby [Music] Oh $70,000 bro look at how freaking nervous I was your watch look at I'm nervous look at mine look at my aim I'm like this what we might look found a bill I fail my I fail my bounced pad imagine if I'd add this on right here watch I don't I I fail my first attempt at place in the bounce pad watch look look at my mini Minter has just made it rain $35,000 bro that was like pure shock my mom did answer fake hey can we get a fake skin exposed to the chat dad there are these two very popular youtubers one is named mr. beast the other one is named mini mentor from the Seidman mr. beast does YouTube videos where he gets sponsored by great companies like kwid where you can get all your favorite stickers for your favorite youtubers in comments la videos they go and make challenge will donate you a hunky Trevor hog mid they just joined my streaming so ever you handsome beast that's what a gift seventy thousand dollars but the I remember I'll never get my dad going what human what 70 thousand dollars from Simon and mr. beast 35 thousand fortnight they come into your stream and they do all these videos online you got up look look up mr. beast he's basically like the mind of a five-year-old in the body of an adult that are very nice friends like how many how many fans does it take to blow this how is that not a great way to describe mr. me say thanks quick thanks quid when I put you here we go alright go ahead mister beasts has just made it rain fifteen thousand dollars to light seven months beloved quid we really do huh is that one of the Cree that's got to be that's got to be the craziest thing that's ever happened to me on stream huh that's got to be the crazy [Music]